Solstice Energies & the Ongoing Expansion


Hi Beautiful ,

How are you doing? Writing to share some observations about what’s happening energetically, in terms of the evolution of consciousness, the invite to align with higher will, the Solstice and a new channeled message that came through today.

Think of this as a collage — ideas to see what you resonate with, what might validate or confirm your experience. Sometimes clarity comes through knowing what we’re not feeling, too. Use anything that speaks to you here, and let the rest flow.

The recent Eclipse cycle (which already feels like a long time ago), was very strong, but the coming Solstice and the time from now until August feels both deliciously beautiful, and VERY clarifying (aka, big streams of higher light coming in).

If you can tune in, deeply, you can find the Infinite Stillness underneath it all. But sometimes, the energy just feels mixed, and fast moving. In your own life you may feel seemingly conflicting impulses/energies — inspiring, make stuff happen, moving energy and the energy of clearing/upgrading/clarifying, all going on simultaneously. If you feel excited to create new things, tired and wired, like you want to rethink everything and run with it, even though it’s not yet clear, you’re not alone. Add in anger, sadness, disappointment, trauma fatigue, etc.

You’re not alone. I’m hearing this from a lot of folks.
What’s helping me is regular quiet time and taking time each day to write down and focus on what matters most to me, and how I want to live. I do it along with making a gratitude list, each morning and evening. It’s simple, but very effective.

I want to mention, too, that there are also a significant number of decensions of Spirit going on. A decension of Spirit is like a higher dimensional aspect of Self coming in, one that has may have identity, may want a new name! May feel like a “different” self, but which isn’t a walk-in, but a higher version of All That You Are. So if something like that happens, I’m here if I can help. But just know that our sense of IDENTITY is expanding a lot and can change as that happens. And the Solstice is going to just amplify that expansion. Not saying decensions are happening to all, some are simply expanding and embodying increasingly full spectrum soul-energy. But decensions are happening more lately. And the remembering of them, if they happened in the last couple of years, may also be opening up. Sometimes these things are not immediately obvious. If you have a significant shift, you’ll know. And you’ll know what you need to know and be led to that which will support the integration of this, if you ask and listen to your inner guidance.

My sense is there is A LOT OF JUICY GOOD STUFF COMING IN over the next week. I’ll be opening to channel, regularly and share what I receive.

Here’s the new channeled message I received this afternoon:





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