Ascension Notes ~ June 14, 2022


Hi Beautiful ,

What I am feeling now, is to encourage you…to
Begin now.

Live as you want to live.

As you mean to live.

Step into it. Claim it by being it. Assume you’ll be supported.

Support and abundance belong to us all. Open to it. Create ways to receive.

Receive by being and doing the Life that wants to be expressed, that wants to flow through you.

There is support for you being you.

Do your beliefs allow you to be supported when you’re doing and being what you want? If they don’t maybe you want to upgrade your mindset, raise your standards for what you’re aligning with and available for.

You’re free to choose.

In this moment you can orient inward and feel what is flowing, what wants to move in you, and align with that, join in that, engage and participate as a that— a conscious field of wholeness. Living wholeheartedly. Being true.

Allow it.
Open to the flow of Life as you! Becoming the higher light expressed here! Radiant. Free. Truth, embodied. Activating, acknowledging that same light in All.

You’re also free to choose doubt, fear, limitation and lack.

That choice creates inner conflict; it tamps down your resonance with who you truly are, so you then feel less— less clear, less sure, less powerful, less capable, less enthusiastic, less drive or will to move with what is flowing in, as you.

You’re free and One with everything.
What now? It’s up to you.

. . .

We’re at a choice point in our collective evolutionary unfolding. How we live indicates our choices. If we say we want to ascend, to live in higher consciousness, yet repeatedly deny our inner knowing, our truth, what message are we communicating to Life Itself about the path we’re choosing? Now, more than ever, inner resonance, coherence, harmony with our Truth, matters.

Take some time today to consider your own relationship to honoring your truth. Where, in what parts of your life do you tend to diminish yourself, habitually? Where, and in what ways can you be more self-honoring? More authentic and true?

Give yourself permission to BE YOURSELF, to LIVE AS YOU WANT TO LIFE. Trust in that. Dare to believe that it not only matters, but it can and will work for you, and that in doing so, you bless everything that is with the gift of your presence — coherent and radiant.


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