Expand into greater love, health, and joy! Free Inner Guidance & Healing Summit!


Hi All,

I was recently invited to participate in the Inner Guidance and Healing Summit – a free broadcast of interviews with over twenty healers, coaches, and guides. Y

You’ll learn about different modalities as each person shares their wisdom, techniques, and stories to help you live more joyfully, vitally, and in connection with your higher self. Broadcasts including an opening and closing ceremony will be done June 13 through the 27th.

You can sign up to listen for free here.  You’ll receive a confirmation email with more details. Several speakers have free gifts, and there is a Facebook page that provides you access to the listening community. Enjoy. Dawn Pollack who is conducing the Summit is a lovely soul – an artist, lover of nature, Reiki practitioner, and earth-angel herself.  These days anything that raises your vibe is worth listening to, so enjoy the offerings!

The formal Ad and photos are below!

Visions Of Heaven

Are you ready to expand to the next level? I’ve joined forces with 21 other spiritual leaders and energy workers to create something special just for you! We are sharing our behind the scenes stories as well as actionable tips and modalities to deepen your inner work to help you to access higher and happier levels of consciousness.

I invite you to join us for the Inner Guidance and Healing Summit.  As a collective we want to support you in attuning your body, emotions, and spirit to the frequency of love to be joyful, healthy, happy and free.

You can register for free here.  Talks include topics such as:
– Inner child work and healing
– Ancestral traumas and guidance
– Discovering your authentic voice and purpose
– Working with angels, and
– A variety of modalities and guidance to live your full potential.

If you wants to break through physical and energetic blocks to access your full power then this event will serve you on your path.

The summit beings on June 13th!  Please feel free to share the free registration link for the Inner Guidance and Healing Summit  with friends, family, and community if you know others wanting free access to some really wonderful individuals, interviews, tools, tips, stories, and techniques for living in love, health, and joy!

Have a blessed & beautiful week 🙂
♥ Ann


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