Messages from Ann & the Angels – 04/16/2022 • Receiving love to. give it


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe. Relax for a moment and simply intend to open to our love. For a few minutes, shut your eyes, imagine opening your heart, and intend to receive the steady stream of love and energy we are always flowing to you. If you like, place your palms upward in a comfortable position and imagine that as light and love flow into you, it also streams outward from you into your world, and to all who are in need.

The more you open to receiving, the more love that will flow to you and through you. In your receiving you give. In your giving you receive.

The single best thing you can do for yourselves and your world at this time is to maintain your experience of connection with the Source, through prayer, meditation, attention placed upon what is good and beautiful, acts of kindness, enjoying your lives, laughing, singing, doing what you love, and through the seemingly simple act of breathing and receiving our love.

There are many who are, at this time, experiencing so much pain that they cannot easily find this sense of connection to love. Can you do it on their behalf? For every choice you make affects the whole. Every thought you think empowers a vibration that ripples throughout all of humanity. Ultimately, each soul has the sole responsibility to attune themselves to the vibration of choice, but as you empower the vibrations of love it becomes easier for others to be loving and much more difficult for them to choose hate.

Your every act of kindness empowers the vibrations of kindness, making it easier for others to be kind. Your every act of compassion empowers the vibrations of compassion, making it easier for others to be compassionate. Your every prayer for those lost in darkness, creates a stronger light, that will, eventually illuminate their souls – whether in this life or after it.

Your light may be the turning point for a soul lost in darkness. Your kindness to a stranger may be the thing that keeps them from injuring someone in a traffic accident later that day. Your prayer for someone lost in hatred and darkness may be the ray of light that finally reaches their heart and causes them to burst into a puddle of tears and want to do better. Your compassion for someone you see on the news may be the soothing stream of energy that helps them feel worthy of love and assistance.

Every time you give up a grievance in order to be happy, you elevate yourself and the collective a little higher above the vibration of battle.

Every time you avoid engaging with someone who wants to argue, you elevate yourself and the collective a little higher above the vibrations of battle.

Every time you avoid belittling, second-guessing, or criticizing your own choices you elevate yourself and the collective a little higher above the vibrations of battle.

Each time you stop seeing life as a struggle and simply handle what is at hand, you elevate yourself above the vibrations of battle.

There are countless small, loving, choices you can make throughout the day to be of service to humanity, to support peace, kindness, compassion, and love, and to elevate yourself above the chaotic vibrations that are currently very strong upon your planet earth.

Dear friends, be kind to yourselves. Accept yourselves as you are and then reach for better. Focus as much as possible on things, thoughts, people, and situations, that uplift you. There is much pain, hatred, and suffering in the world, but there is also love, compassion, kindness, and the more you focus on that the more you empower it.

No matter what you witness in the world dear ones, resolve to stay connected to love. When you fall from it, get back up again and focus on something, something, or some thought you can love.

The world needs you now. You are making a difference. Don’t give up on love. It is streaming to you at all times. The moment you open to it in any form –  be it appreciation for the song of a bird, the blue sky, or the meal you are eating – you also open and allow it to flow through you into the collective world vibration. You are changing your world, one loving moment at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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