Opening to the New Energy Potentials


April 13, 2022 | Current Energy Potentials
by Ailia Mira

Hello Beautiful Being of Light~!

It is a beautiful day here in the City of Angels. I am writing to share a short update about some of the newest energy potentials and attunements to support you in this great time of evolution and revelation!

There is tremendous acceleration occurring right now. The light within us is increasing in amplitude and generating a more complete expression of the harmonics of our non-physical wholeness. It’s very beneficial to go within, open and invite energy and support from the non-physical allies you have affinity with. This could include your higher self, the Angelic, the ET’s — any non-physical energies or fields of Light you respond to, know, channel, are moved by. You could also invoke broadly, calling forth All of Life, All that Is, etc.

The more you do this, the more you open and align with the higher potentials for your Life and to the higher potentials for our planetary field and all of humanity. The more you allow this, the more you will be lifted from, within. You’ll naturally feel and embody the flow of the ascending energy, this higher frequency, broader spectrum of consciousness and light that is available, increasingly, in our world.

The feel of this vaster energy is amazing! I personally had a wonderful experience of it recently. While holding in my awareness all the difficulties in our world, I experienced a vast inner opening, an increase in my capacity to be in awareness of the Truth of our Oneness while looking at the world with so much love and also trust in what is unfolding — it was so good! I felt radiant joy and a deep knowing of our capacity to evolve. I felt supported and held. I feel immense love and tenderness toward everything. I was aware that the knowing of our True Self, the Oneness that is All, is potent and important. How recognizing and claiming our innate divinity is everything. We are ALL Divine Beings of Light.

. . .

Choosing to deliberately open and welcome the energies coming in, is what we came here for, now — to embody them and let them support us in evolving. To deliberately choose to be a presence of love and wholeness in the world and to express this willingness, inviting the non-physical support to help us embody all that we are.

Only we can choose to align our free will with divine will, by opening to All That Is, and Inviting Life to lead, to guide us, to show us the way and to change us, energetically, so we can embody All That We Are.

I encourage you … to believe in Oneness and lean into it.
Dare to feel and know that the vastness of your being is constantly working with you to assist you and support you. You are deeply loved, and held, and known and valued. You are not alone. We are here in Oneness and the non-physical is working with us in this time of evolution and revelation.

The screen shot/text below is what I shared when I had this breakthrough recently.

The writing of it was a transmission of sorts, giving you a feel the energy. An expression of my experience of the energy of trust and support and abundance and well-being.

Read it, and if you’re inclined, let it wash over you. Letting yourself fall into resonance with it and opening to feel and receive the immense love and support that is here for you!

We are meant to live our lives in this awareness of love, joy, connection and the immense support here for us. All of Life is rooting for us and with us, assisting us as we evolve, together.

I hope you feel how precious and loved you are.

In Joy + With love,


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