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“Fear is Exhausting” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestryCreations.com.

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Dear Ones,

You likely have a need for something new and exciting. You feel you are missing something, even though you have difficulties knowing what that something is. So some days you pine for a celebration, other days for a vacation, and still others for financial or romantic rewards. But if those items appeared, they would not hold your interest for long.

You are between needs. The needs of yesterday no longer fulfill you, and the needs of new you have yet to arrive. You are in a personal void.

Even though this void will end within days, it may seem like an eternity.

You want to feel as if you are part of the earth, perhaps like you did before Covid changed much in your world. Yet, those pre-Covid activities seem flat. In truth, you feel flat. Nothing or very little sparks your interest but much disturbs you.

So you will likely try returning to pre-Covid activities hoping they will spark your interest. Unfortunately, very little does, including food. Nothing seems right, and almost everything seems wrong.

Where is your joy? Where is your laughter?

Such will not last long. In a sense, this personal void is your pre-birth time. The time shortly before birth when not much joy seems available – but instead, pain and fear.

Of course, even reading these words makes you angry. For you want everything to be sunshine and sparkles NOW. Not tomorrow or soon, but NOW. So it is you know your birth time has arrived. The difference is that this birth is internal. You are a new being ready to birth yourself into the outer world. And because you are so close to your new you external world birth, you are irritable, cranky, and just plain unpleasant to be around.

Your laughter and joy will return but in a different form than was true before you completed this new you birth. Just as rattles no longer fascinate Kindergarteners so it is for you now. You have evolved beyond 3D/outer-directed joys. And outer-directed fears seem overwhelming, just as is true on a hot day in the last days of pregnancy. It is all too much because your focus is birthing new you into the outer world – despite not necessarily understanding you are doing so.

Perhaps you wonder why you do not understand this birthing process. Such is so because you have no earth history to help you comprehend what is happening to you.

Your outer world is disturbing and exhausting because your energy is focused on your inner birth.

Even though this is not an easy time for you, it will be short-lived. Once you complete this birth process, you will forget how uncomfortable you were for the joys following will more than compensate for your current discomfort.

When will you give birth? Even though you can do so whenever you wish, it is likely that your birth will occur near the observances of Easter, Passover, Ramadan, and similar love gatherings. Not because of any religious significance but because so much energy is focused on those days supporting all who are ready to birth.

Of course, many of you have questions about current wars or COVID. We, of the Universes, remind you that such is so because worrying allows you to ignore your discomfort – something you have done for eons in your outer-directed world.

Using world events or events outside you to ignore yourself.

So it is you are wishing for something outside yourself, not because you necessarily care, but because it allows you to ignore your inner needs once again. Such will shift shortly, likely near the Easter/Passover/Ramadan observances. The love focus of so many earth inhabitants will provide the additional push you need to birth new you into this new world.

You now wonder what will happen if you do not birth during the Easter/Passover/Ramadan observances or if you do not have enough energy to birth new you for months? Such will not happen. Put that fear aside just as you once needed to put aside your fears that you would not be a good parent to your new bundle of joy. You are both the parent and that little bundle of joy. For you are birthing you. So be it. Amen.

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