Messages from Ann & the Angels – 04/01/2022 • Look for Love Emerging


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Your prayers are working. Your simple acts of kindness are rippling outward. You are changing history. As your earth experiences a chance to go backward into fear and conflict, or forwards into a brighter future, you – with your commitment to love, peace, prayer, and kindness – are part of a rising tide of love. Right now upon your earth, being loving and being at peace is a purpose beyond any personal purpose. It is more important than what you accomplish or whether you accomplish anything at all. Loving is your soul’s career!

This is your chance to shine. With your commitment to being the most loving beings you can be, you are strengthening the field of love around your planet. You are withdrawing energy from the vibrations of war. You are helping to keep the balance upon your earth.

Every time you refuse to be baited into an argument, you choose peace and refuse war. Every time you pray for someone who is spiteful, mean-spirited, or angry, you rise above the vibrations of war into the truth of your love. Every time you choose not to criticize yourselves, you form a peace treaty with your soul. You dear ones, are doing the light work you came to do. Your fifth-dimensional solution (emanating a peaceful and loving energy) is shifting the outcome of your very real 3rd-dimensional world challenges. You are making a difference.

Refuse to bully yourselves into doing things you don’t have the energy or motivation to do right now –  far better to nap in peace than labor under duress. Refuse to make war between the various factions within you. Stop arguing with yourself and instead listen to your heart. Sit with us and receive our love regularly, knowing that as you receive you become vibrational doorways for our love to flow into your 3rd-dimensional reality.

If you could see yourselves as we do, you would see “armies of angels,” courageously choosing peace, love, and harmony even while there are those who seek to inspire anger, war, and chaos. You would see your world coming together in an outpouring of compassion for total strangers caught in a conflict that is not one of their own choosing. If you could see yourselves as we do, you would see beautiful, light-filled beings, changing the course of your history.

Destiny is what you create with your vibration in the present moment, and as we read the predominant vibrations emanating from the human race, we see a peaceful, cooperative, and loving destiny for your planet.

Have patience, dear ones. Keep praying. Continue to choose love. Do what you are inspired to do, knowing that every act of kindness counts. You count. You matter. Your every thought, word, and deed sends vibrational ripples out into the cosmos, and together you are creating a much kinder future for yourselves and your earth than that which a sad few would have you believe in.

Your love is a blanket surrounding the lost, lonely, and scared who want to spread their pain. Your love is a warmth melting icy hearts. Your love is an inspiration to others, motivating them to be kinder in their own lives. Your loving actions catalyze others to stand up and do what they can. Your love is a more powerful force than any weapon upon your earth for in love you are channels for the power that creates worlds – and that creative, magnificent power is and always will create, only love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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