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Greetings, Amazing One!

Many thanks to all who watched the Collective’s latest videos, Shifting Thoughts & Emotions to a Higher Level: The Transmuting Power of Higher Light” and Beyond Feelings of Abandonment: Accepting Transformation.

Thanks to all who enjoyed the energy work there, and posted or emailed their beautiful comments! 

A huge part of what the Collective offer us, is support in accepting changes that feel strange, unnecessary, and sometimes very hard.

In their most recent video, they offer energy work to assist us in flowing with feelings of uncertainty life seems to be handing us now: 

Full transcript HERE

What is happening in the world right now can feel to be a bit much, in addition to our adjustment to the powerful energies flowing in.

One of the biggest things we can help ourselves right now, in addition to our everyday spiritual practices, is to be part of a community of supportive friends.

Even if it’s just via a Zoom call, we still need to connect, and to feel heard and seen, to realize we’re not alone in dealing with the pressures and changes we see happening now.

The Abundance Group started in 2017 as a way to increase the flow of Abundance in our lives, to remember we’re never alone, and to grow in spirit and awareness.

From the start, this has been a journey of realizing how loved we are, and that we can open up to receive the fullness, the beauty, the opulence of life, as our friend Jennifer Russell would put it.

Since 2017, I’ve seen so many TAG Members’ quality of life improve — in finances, well-being, relationships, work, inner growth, life purpose. 

The Collective point out in today’s video that many of us have memories of the end of a great civilization (or a not-great one), and that for many, those memories are surfacing now as we see the old, false Earth structures crumble.

Yet the sentient Light pouring in tells us we have the power to command forth our higher good, at ANY time.

As we heal old blockages and trauma, then by Universal law, our outer life must also improve.

We speak often in Abundance Group calls about how Transformation is a lot bigger than just fixing any one outer situation.

We’ve all spent centuries experiencing unworthiness, lack-and-struggle beliefs, losses, family and ancestral trauma. Yet that is not our true reality, and not Who we are.

When we allow the inner healing of energy work, we experience the power of a vibrational lift that reveals our powerful ability to consciously co-Create.

We then create new energetic pathways that help us create the life we’ve envisioned. We’re then free to:

  • Learn how to create the sums to pay off debts, and not accumulate new ones
  • Create work that is fulfilling and Abundant
  • Speak effectively with the energy of Money
  • Develop real self-Love, with a deep realization of our self-worth
  • Celebrate and give Thanks for our bank balance at all times, no matter what that amount is 
  • Release resistance to Life, peacefully accepting What Is 
  • Enjoy a positive stillness within—not squashed by life’s ups and downs, or holding our breath till things improve

This is why the Abundance Group exists, and why the Zoom calls we have every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month are free and open to everyone.

Because in this amazing time, we see how vital it is to claim our inner co-Creator power and presence.

Supportive community and Abundance teachings transformed my life from one of fear of lack, discouragement, and disempowerment to one of Abundance, fulfillment, and a much higher quality of life.

We’re at a place now in human history when the energies are Requiring that we experience that kind of growth.  

Enjoy this third video from the Collective, on YouTube, with full transcript of the Collective’s Message on the website.

And please do join our group Facebook page if you haven’t yet, and leave your comments below the post, or on YouTube

If you’d like to go further and receive personal assistance, support, and answers for your personal life issues, as well as ongoing encouragement, wisdom, and energy work from the Collective, then Gold or Silver membership in the Abundance Group can offer empowering support for you.

Watch for Video #4 in a few days, as the Collective continue this theme of feeling supported, encouraged, protected — even now.

We’ll be talking about a chance to make some huge changes, outwardly and energetically, for when you’re ready to accept Transformation on a whole new level.
That offer that will also have some wonderful bonuses attached that will only be available for five days.
So stay tuned, and stay joyful!

Your journey is only going to get more beautiful and exciting from here!

Huge blessings, and much Love and Light,


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