Messages from Ann & the Angels – 02/26/2022 • An easy way to play with your angels


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine yourself in a beautiful place in nature. Perhaps you are in a field of wildflowers with a vast expanse of blue sky overhead. Perhaps you’re taking a morning stroll along a forest path, serenaded by birdsong. Maybe you’re walking slowly along a beach at sunrise, soothed by the gentle, unceasing sounds of the surf and the whoosh of birds overhead. Maybe you’re lying on a picnic blanket under a favorite blossoming tree, or in a garden smelling the herbs and flowers. Perhaps you are standing barefoot in the grass in your yard or a nearby park.

In a moment, shut your eyes and intend to be in this beautiful place. See where you end up. Explore in your imagination. See, smell, sense, feel… imagine. What would the temperature be like? Is it dry, moist, humid, or raining? Is it night, day, sunrise, sunset, or at night with the stars beaming overhead? Explore this beautiful sanctuary in your inner world and allow yourself to feel its welcoming peace.

You might come back and say, “well that was nice, but it wasn’t real.” In real life, I have to pay the bills. In real life, I have to contend with contentious people. In real life, I have to figure out how to plan when the world’s plans are in a state of flux. This is nice, but what purpose does it serve?

In truth, dear ones, the scene exists in your imagination, but the vibration you experienced while imagining it and tuning into it was very real. For just a moment, you created and visited your own personal paradise. For just a few moments, you allowed yourself to experience a higher, peaceful vibration. For a few moments, you were intensely present, enjoying your inner world, and free from concerns. For just a few moments, you were not blocking the love, grace, and guidance that naturally, always want to flow into your life.

If you require some guidance, shut your eyes again and imagine meeting one of your angels in this place. It can be a relative you love and admire, a favorite pet, or you can intend to meet with one of your higher guides or guardian angels. You can ask for Jesus, Buddha, or any of the masters.

See who pops into your mind right now. Shut your eyes. Go to your inner sanctuary and ask this being your question. Wait patiently until they answer you. Don’t worry if you’re making it up or not. Your intent to connect will connect you with this being. Your intent to receive guidance will call forth a response from them. It will be an energetic transmission filtered through your mind and interpreted in words you understand, but it will be a response nonetheless. Try it. Play with it. Go inward now and ask for some guidance. See what you receive in return.

Working with your guides or loved ones in spirit can be this easy. It may take several tries before you relax enough to be playful about it. If you’re not visual in your meditations, then see what you hear, or know, or what words pop in your mind. Trust. Relax. Be easy with this. Your dear ones, guides, and angels are ever-present, and always in connection with you. Your intention to communicate pops in their minds as surely as an incoming text message would get your attention. They love to love you.

Your inner sanctuary is there whenever you need peace, healing, help, or guidance. While the place is in your “imagination” the energy of it is very real, and the rendezvous with your guides is very real. If you approach this very simple exercise playfully and with a spirit of adventure, you will feel our love, our guidance, and our constant presence more and more with each passing day.

We know your earth is turbulent and that you are all in need of extra love these days. We also know that our love, God’s love, is always there for you, always waiting for you to receive, and always stronger than the deepest, darkest, and most confusing moments in your lives. Love awaits dear ones, in every moment. Join us in this exercise and receive, receive, receive. If you only intend one thing, intend to receive our love, and in learning to receive, soon you will begin to believe.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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