Celia Fenn 22/02/22


Dear Friends

Tuesday 22/02/2022 or the 22nd February 2022 marks the day when the First Wave of New Earth Humans reaches the frequency of the Ascended Earth.
Wow! What an amazing day!
Of course, we have been working hard as the energy is really turbulent and unstable as so many different frequencies and narratives are in the same space at the same time.   It is so important that we maintain our balance and our center in the Heart, and that we are not distracted by what is going on in the “news”.  We have come so far in the last years, now we need to become energy holders for the New Earth frequency.
So it gives me great joy to be able to invite you to my friend Waxela Sananda’s 5th Season of the “Alchemy of Ascension” online summits. Her subject is exactly about the New Earth Human, and she has gathered a list of impressive speakers.
My conversation with her is about the way in which our DNA is facilitating our Ascension process by linking Body, Soul and Spirit so that we become able to access our Multi-dimensional self.
I did speak about this in the webinars, but there is more information in this conversation with Waxela.  Also the free gift is an online Activation that you can use (and reuse) to activate the original Human Angelic Template in the DNA as well as the New Earth Human Template that is being installed with these waves of Light Codes and Plasma Photon energy.

Here is the link to sign up:


I wish you a wonderful day on Tuesday 22nd.  It is indeed a time to celebrate!

Love and Blessings


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