the Deepening


Hello Beautiful !

You and I share a very dear thing —  a deep inner knowing in the vast potential for human consciousness to evolve. A sense that this is happening, despite all appearances, and that we can help to anchor new ways of being, in our world.

So in case no one told you yet this week, you’re doing great with this! Thank you!

And in case you need help remembering everything about the ONENESS that we truly are, in this midst of all this change, here’s the one tip I want to share with you, this week:

The light within you KNOWS how to do this.

Let yourself feel that. Let it be real to you, in some way, even if you’re not sure you trust it. You don’t have to believe in it, for it to be true.

The energy is pretty intense right now. There is a deep inner call to take care of ourselves, our deepest, truest, perhaps most wounded self.

Awakening fully, ascension… is really about divine embodiment. Opening fully to ourselves. And shifting our allegiance from identifying with our doubt, our weakness, our fear, our unworthiness and instead claiming our basic goodness, our DIVINITY, our innate significance. Embracing ourselves fully as we are. Realizing we are enough, already. We belong. We matter.

The way to higher consciousness is about staying with ourselves. It’s about kindness and gentleness, and healing and openness and LOVE. And it starts with deciding we will first and foremost stay with ourselves. Care for ourselves. Love ourselves. Accept ourselves, fully and completely, as we are.

Dare to do this.
Begin to open to a higher plan for yourself.

We’re at a crossroads. There are choices that we know benefit us. And those we know don’t serve us. Pay attention to yourself. Make choices with generosity and love for yourself.

And find peace and beauty where you can. Let it lift your heart and feed you.

I’m with you.

With love,

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