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Dear Ones,

Many of you noted unusual feelings the past few days, including exhaustion, anger, passivity, or foggy floating sensations. All indicators that the recent energy bursts were more potent than any you have experienced while of the earth.

The energies will again magnify in the next few days so that almost everyone now of the earth will note sensations that may lead to unusual actions. Before you move into your fear mode, please know that unusual no longer needs to be fear-based.

Many of you will do or say something you did not expect – as will be true for most beings now of the earth. Perhaps you will also note unusual pet or vegetation behaviors – an en masse world shift.

Many of you know you have been part of this en masse shift for a very long time. Such is true internally. Those internal shifts are beginning to be directed outward in word and deed – including in others you never expected to relay a specific stance or action.

Some of you felt little or nothing during the recent energy bursts. Such could be so for several reasons, not the least of which is that you already shifted.

Many of you contend you are of the light and yet, felt the sensations. Such merely means you delved deeper into new you – who you were two weeks ago is no longer.

The world is shifting more rapidly than you now believe, even though you are a major part of that shift.

It is as if we, of the Universes, must prove the shift to you. But we are not directing this earth sea change; you are. Despite our messages to the contrary, you continue to believe we are directing you. In truth, we, of the Universes, are your cheerleaders.

You are the change. We are the observers. A concept most have difficulties accepting for you do not yet believe you are and always have been powerful enough to change the world.

For eons, you challenged yourself to be prepared for this time.

Even though we, of the Universes, offered you love, support, and ideas, we were never more prepared than you throughout your preparations for this time. Perhaps you could think of us as senior corporate executives managing companies through difficult times even though we never experienced the times you are in now. We are advisors, not actors. This time is like no other. And without your preparations through eons of earth and non-earth experiences, you would not be of the earth now.

You no longer need us to lead you by the hand, for you outgrew our skill levels months ago. You are the light. We are your cheerleaders.

You know better than we, of the Universes, what is necessary for the earth at this time.

Some of you are upset with this message, for you want someone telling you what to do. You are that someone. No one, including friends, relatives, or your Universal angels and gatekeepers, know enough to give you specific advice now. You are the one informing us about what is happening within you.

Your secret action map is within you. What does your inner voice/heart tell you to do? Not your intellect, for your intelligence is knowledge accumulated before or during your transition. And no other being – including New Earth gurus – has more information about your role than you.

You are most definitely your guru.

The energy bursts of the past few days have moved you to the forefront of your personal shift. Follow your heart and inner voice, and you will know what you need and where you are going. Follow anyone else, including friends, relatives, Universal beings, or earthly gurus, and you will miss a few steps.

While it is true you cannot take the wrong path for long periods now that you have transitioned to this point, there is no need to miss your way at all. Follow your heart, and you will know what to do and when to do it. Follow anyone or anything else, and you will flounder longer than you wish for your focus continues to be shifting yourself and all beings of the earth.

You are your leader exceptional. Others can give you ideas – but those ideas need to be processed by you and only you.

You are focused on your new being and, therefore, the new earth. You are you in all your power in this wonderfully evolving, peaceful, and joyful new world. So be it. Amen.

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