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“New Earth is Humming Along Just Below the Surface” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestryCreations.com.

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Dear Ones,

You have been transitioning for eons for this moment – your final birth push of a new age.

But now, it seems impossible to push, to maintain your interest for one more second. It is too much. You are tired, angry, and disappointed. Even though you discussed this with thousands of entities before your preparations for this time in this life, it seems too much. You are ready to give up, to say, “That’s enough. I want to stop now.” But you cannot, any more than you can stop a birth from happening once the birthing process begins.

Many of you think that such words are merely another “come on.” That the new earth is some fantasy dreamed up by those who want to be more positive in this seemingly chaotic time. Such thoughts allow you to blame someone, anyone, for your upheaval and inner pain, for you are certain you would never have agreed to such emotional pain otherwise.

You are in the new earth birthing process, as unpleasant as that now seems.

Of course, many will respond that we, of the Universes, are teasing you one more time, that we do not exist – that all is your imagination. In your mind, such could be true given how many eons you pined for this time.

You moved mountains to be here, to experience these emotional pains.

This is your time and your place. So it is you are FINALLY birthing what you have discussed, hoped for, prayed for, and pined for eons.

Many wonder what the end-product will be as there is nothing physical to show for your troubles. The short-term effect will be a bit more chaos, as is true when a newborn arrives home. Perhaps some sleepless nights, concerns about care, and new routines – but the result of birthing this new era will be the love and gentleness you now pine for.

The days of hoping and praying are over. The birthing has begun.

Will your life be altered tomorrow? Yes, but not as you expect, for your new earth birthing process will be days instead of hours. The result of that birth will be a sense of calm and achievement.

No one will need to announce this new earth birth, for you will know in every fiber of your being. Just as a mother feels a sense of bliss when she connects with her newborn, so it will be for you.

Perhaps you wonder if everyone is birthing at the same time, and our response is yes. Even though you are on unique paths, those paths will be lit simultaneously. You cannot yet comprehend what we, of the Universes, are speaking of, for it is incomprehensible that the current chaos will shift as quickly as flipping a light switch.

Those who wish to remain in 3D chaos will. So even though some of the earth’s confusion will continue, that chaos will not impact you in any measurable way.

When you fall in 3D love, it seems as if the world is a lighter, brighter, and more exciting place. Day-to-day tasks that once seemed so important are no longer as you wait for messages and interactions with the one you love. So it will be for you within days – when your final new earth birth push has ended. Very little will seem more important than the joy you feel.

Perhaps you believe this message is again pushing you forward with little reward. We, of the Universes, respond that just as someone cannot tell a mother in intense labor that all will be over and joyful soon, so it is for you now. You are in the final labor push. Allow that to be.

Allow yourself to accept that no matter how frightened, angry, or chaotic you feel now, within days, those emotions will be replaced with a loving joy you have yet to experience while of the earth other than following the birth of your baby. So be it. Amen.

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