Sun into Aquarius – Celia Fenn


Dear Friends

This is just a quick email to celebrate the movement of the Sun into Aquarius, to remind you of our Webinar Series starting this week-end, and to invite you to view an informative interview I did this week.

So, firstly the Sun moves into the sign of Aquarius on Thursday.  Aquarius is an air sign that is associated with the “Golden Age” that is coming.  As such it will give us a “lift” and the energies will be lighter as we align with these beautiful incoming Golden Light Codes.

You are invited to open the “Gates of Paradise” with us on Sunday for our first webinar.  The image above is of the doors of the Baptistry of San Giovanni in Florence, Italy, a Renaissance masterpiece that directs our attention to the need to raise our consciousness and our frequency in order to pass into Paradise.  Please join us to learn more!

Then also I did this lovely and dynamic interview/conversation with my friend Joan Cerio who is an author and teacher in the USA.  You can access the interview here as we talk about the New Earth and the role of the Heart in the Ascension process:

Joan is also the author of the book “Heart-Wired for Heaven: Unlocking the Power of the Creative Heart”, for which I wrote the preface.  This is a beautifully written and informative book which I can only recommend!  You can find out more here:

I am looking forward  to meeting with you and our Community of Light on the week-end!

love and blessings


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