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Dear Ones,

You have exited 3D. Even so, many of you celebrated the holidays this year as usual. The difference is this year’s celebrations probably held little meaning for you. Perhaps you teared up interacting with certain friends or relatives, but the celebrations themselves felt empty. As if you were standing outside the celebratory circle observing but not participating.

Such holiday feelings might be difficult for some to acknowledge, for you are supposed to be giddy with joy, love, anger, or something. Yet, you felt little or nothing – as if it were a day or time like any other.

You have shifted beyond 3D needs and shoulds. By doing so, you became somewhat disconnected. “Shouldn’t I feel more, do more, or love more?” According to 3D shoulds, the answer is a resounding yes. In the past, if you did not feel as was expected or displayed by others, you felt guilty, sad, even humiliated.

We, of the Universes, will let you in on a little secret. The majority of 3D beings do not feel what the media, religions, community, and others project should be felt during a holiday.

ThreeD holiday celebrations are most often a con. A few random days for all to express love and joy. Days that are wonderful for those who manage to express the promoted feelings. But most humans do not or cannot – producing a sense of worthlessness, wrongness, even badness within them.

So it is depression is rampant during 3D holidays. ThreeD human days selected to honor religious deities, the changing seasons, military victories or defeats, earth births, conquered lands, and on and on. Nothing necessarily tied to individual needs or interests, but the result of decrees issued by those in power.

You are returning to a more natural state in which your special joy days result from your actions and interests instead of social shoulds.

Do you realize the efforts you exerted for generations to create feelings declared appropriate by someone outside yourself?

So it is false celebrations are ending for you.

Even though you likely enjoy some of the festivities and interactions, many celebrations have little emotional meaning for you, unlike what your movies and documentaries project.

Does that last statement mean you should not celebrate holidays? No. Celebrations will become more frequent, for they will lack social shoulds and instead create the loving experiences you so crave.

You do not yet quite understand what we, of the Universes, are speaking of, for you believe that either you enjoy the holidays created by those in power decades or hundreds of years ago, or you will be isolated from many earth joys.

Instead, you, en masse, will create new celebratory events, days, weeks, and months based on your interests and community, not global events implemented by those in 3D power to produce specific actions or feelings.

Your new celebrations will have meanings far beyond your current celebrations. Does that mean Christmas is no longer part of the celebratory year’s events? Instead, you will celebrate how, if, or when you wish. You might decide to have a Christmas-like celebration in June or not at all. And instead of gifts, food, arguments, shaming, and travel difficulties, you might create a holiday next year filled with items fresh from the garden, eaten by a tree with your special friends.

You are no longer required to feel or do this any day of any year. You are free of 3D shoulds.

As you fully exit your 3D lives, you will discover new and different joys, including holidays appropriate for you.

You are new, and so are your celebratory days and feelings. Allow that to be. And then create what you need, when you need it, based on your feelings instead of the dictates of others. So be it. Amen.

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