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etwixt and Between

Posted: 20 Dec 2021 06:42 AM PST

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry Creations.com.

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Dear Ones,

You are tired of prophecies relaying the joy and wonder of your new world – a world that has not yet arrived. Nor have you felt especially loving or accepting lately.

The 3D holiday season is here, and the preparations and celebrations you are supposed to enjoy just make you tired. You thought you would feel different because of the information provided by us of the Universes. You are betwixt and between – neither here nor there – just somewhere that defies description.

It is time to let go completely. What do you want to do? Who do you wish to be with? How do you want to experience your day? Perhaps simple questions for you earlier in this transition, but confusing now. One moment you wish to connect with someone, and the next, you need to be alone.

No longer can you confirm that this day or even this hour is the result of a transition symptom, as has been true in the past. You now feel different moment by moment – angry, sad, blissful, and back again. Everything and nothing is wrong.

We, of the Universes, have often used puberty as an analogy for your ongoing shifts. Such is no longer accurate. Your current shifts are so rapid and profound that puberty does not apply. This current energy burst is more like gripping a small wooden platform as you ride the huge waves of a violent storm. There are no givens that you will reach shore other than our promise that you will.

Your energy storm will be over by or near the new year. You will not drown or suffer injuries. You are merely closing out final 3D fear pieces you did not necessarily know existed.

So it is every twist and turn of this current energy burst feels like a bolt of lightning. This is not a gentle flow down the river. You are in the ocean hanging on for dear life as your small wooden board jumps up and down with every punishing wave.

And then…you are in the midst of the 3D holiday season in which the expectations of yourself and others are almost always exhausting. Gifts, decorations, food preparations, parties, get-togethers – shoulds, have tos, and musts, abound.

Your greatest difficulty is trying to ride two tremendous waves – one of the 3D expectations and the other of new you shifts. You are beyond exhausted and yet, exhilarated. For you must be alert to ride these two dramatic waves simultaneously.  Even so, at times, you cannot contain your fears or anger, surprising yourself and others with unexpected bursts like, “Leave me alone.” “Or, NO.” Inner cries and outer vocalizations that most do not understand, for they are either enmeshed in their new you ocean waves or 3D holiday musts.

You have discovered there is no need to describe to others why or what you are feeling, for they are not necessarily experiencing what you are or understanding what you are saying. Each of you has a unique path that is rapidly coming to the forefront as you delve deeper into your new you transition.

As has been true in other transition shifts, those of you at the forefront are entirely enmeshed in this intense energy burst. Those not at the forefront are experiencing similar feelings, but not enough to negate their holiday preparations. So it is they wonder about your dedication to the 3D expectations and joys during this holiday season, while you wonder how they have the energy or interest in maintaining 3D holiday traditions.

You are not wrong, and neither are those who feel differently. You are merely on different waves at different times. In the not-so-distant future, all will be in a similar place – a bit like 3D 30 year-olds are in a similar place. Even though each 30 year-old might actualize their individual 3D track, their needs for food, shelter, and companionship are relatively consistent.

Your future is bright despite this current storm. You are the forerunners – strong, capable, and hearty. Breaking the path for those following – leaving a breadcrumb trail.

Hail to the strength and tenacity of you forerunners – never deviating, stopping, or shifting your inner directive. You are you. Forerunners of this new world, changing your trajectories from fear to love, as well as any who wish to follow. So ride the wild waves knowing you cannot fail – you are a forerunner. So be it. Amen.

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