New Book, New Message! December 8, 2021 ¬†ūüĆü


Greetings, Gorgeous Way-Shower!

I’m excited to announce that¬†the¬†new book,¬†New Earth Journeys: The Collective Speak on Dealing with Personal and Global Crises, is¬†now¬†available for preorder on Kindle! (Print version coming soon!)‚Ä®

And so once again, we face¬†the age-old question of “But why preorder?”

Same answer as always, Beautiful Being!

When you preorder the book, you get special lower pricing and some really lovely giveaways, described below! 

Responses to the book have been amazing so far, even though it handles controversial subjects at a sensitive time, and some may not agree with all content. 

Yet¬†early readers are loving how clearly the Collective¬†address the current crises — personal and universal — while offering beautiful wisdom and energetic support to help us¬†navigate these¬†intense times¬†we’re in.

Scroll down to read an¬†excerpt from¬†Chapter 9 ‚Äď “On Collective Consciousness and Assisting Others on Their Path,”¬†which speaks to issues many are experiencing now.

And here’s a bit about the book . . .¬†


Now Available for Preorder

Channeled from the Collective, the fourth book in the Fifth Dimensional Life series, New Earth Journeys, answers crucial and timely questions sent in from Light Bringers all over the world. 

Offering the energies and wisdom of higher Love and reassurance, the Collective lend us the courage and clarity required in these times of great shift.

Each chapter begins with a powerfully pointed question, requesting guidance and higher insights.

The Collective then offer compassion, supportive energies, and practical guidance, leading us to view our current Earth life challenges from the calmer, wiser perspective of our higher selves.

With loving encouragement, this group of higher beings speak to immediate issues of concern, such as: 

  • Feeling numb during times of crisis and accelerated inner growth
  • Moving from fear to love
  • Waiting to hear the truth from the mainstream media
  • Viruses, jabs, and coming into your power
  • Staying in love, joy, and wonder
  • The power of your presence
  • Stepping up in a time of crisis
  • Collective consciousness and assisting others on their path
  • Galactic assistance with healing Lady Gaia
  • Raising children in tumultuous times
  • Respecting another‚Äôs path and staying calm around their energies


Dive into the higher guidance so needed now, and absorb the magic and healing of the higher realms

You are on a sacred journey, and you are never alone.



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