10th December 2021. Mike Quinsey.


10th December 2021. Mike Quinsey. 

The Pleiadians have undertaken to stop “horror and suffering” but not exactly when, but as we are preparing for an upliftment in the vibrations as part of our advancement, logically it cannot be very far away. Certainly the higher vibrations will overcome the negative energies to bring about harmony for all life forms. These will be necessary to get you onto the path that leads to fulfillment and Ascension. Much is lined up to be manifested as you rise up and experience an increase in your levels of consciousness. By comparison the Pleiadians are already on a much higher level.

Now they hope that you accept they have been your mentors having followed your progress for a very long time. You are reaching the end of your journey in the lower vibrations and they stand ready to help you to success as you travel the path that releases you from the lower vibrations. What joy will abound when others know of your success, and it will be quite an occasion that will echo around the Universe. When you recognise the depth of your achievements you will most likely be amazed to have come through your experiences unscathed.

You are being prepared to advance so quickly that you will develop skills and abilities that one would only expect from beings in the higher realms. Yet it is every soul’s opportunity to rise up and leave the lower levels behind. Your experiences have given you the strength to overcome whatever challenges you are still to face, and we have no doubts whatsoever that you will stand tall and achieve success. Many races have gone before you and been successful, so we know that as you follow in their footsteps you too should also be as successful.

These are times when you must concentrate on your own needs, knowing that every soul is getting help and every opportunity to rise up into the higher realms. There has never been such a time to make major progress and maintain it, and it will lead to Ascension, and already some of you are beginning to understand the bigger picture, although without help it is difficult to see very far ahead. Understand that you came into this time frame because it was the most likely one to offer an opportunity to ascend. There has never been such an opportunity in this cycle previously and you are being given every help to ensure you succeed.

Many souls have worked hard to achieve success, and be assured that we give every encouragement to keep you on the right track. Things are pretty chaotic right now on Earth but out of it shall come peaceful resolutions that will see the end to infighting and threats of war. We will have some input into such matters as it is time to lay down your weapons. It may be hard going to get a worldwide agreement but it has to start somewhere.

The more that people project an idea of world peace the sooner it is likely to come about. It is the old maxim that things will get worse before they get better, but they must improve because you cannot go on forever in such chaos, and a way out must be found. It will help when you have leaders who are dedicated to bringing about world peace, and be assured they are waiting for their opportunity to take charge. It is what you might call a waiting game to seize the opportunity to take over when one arises. So you will appreciate there is a plan to bring you peace and freedom and it will be played out and nothing will stop it manifesting.

The old ways of working do not cover your needs any longer and new ways are certain to be introduced. You already have people with the ability to bring the ideas to fruition so it will not take too long before they commence to be introduced. Many of your younger generations are also here to take part using their higher knowledge. So you can see that once the way is clear to go ahead, there is nothing to stop progress being made. Thinking back you will recall that Tesla had many new inventions patented although some of his work was kept from the public by the dark Ones. The pinnacle of them was his demonstration of free energy yet his knowledge was kept secret. Those with vested interests in keeping the “status quo” made sure that anything new that would affect their position and profit was shelved.

However, all secrets will be revealed in the course of time, and the benefits made available to all people because you are in a new Age of Revelations. Those of you who are well advanced and pass on before the secrets can be revealed, will likely be reborn quickly and active in bringing the new into people’s lives. You could say that everything is on the horizon waiting for the right opportunity to be introduced. So whatever happens you can be assured that you will benefit from all of the new inventions that are being held back, that will be released in the near future.

One of the most important things to bear in mind is that there is only one Human Race and all souls are equal in the eyes of God. Indeed all souls should be equal in your eyes as no one is any better or worse than another. The confusion comes from seeing souls in their different roles and believing that is all they are. For growth in your evolution you try different beliefs and modes of life, so that you can understand what motivates people and it gives you a greater understanding. People seem to focus on the differences between them without appreciating what they have in common.

Dear Ones, once you break down the barriers between people you will work in harmony and the world will be an altogether better place. All people seek a peaceful and fulfilling life but that will not be achievable until all accept the differences that exist between you. Religion is often a subject that rouses people who believe they are the only ones to hold the truth. All religions have an element of it within them but not one is really superior to another. Let people practise their beliefs as long as they do not try to impose them upon you, as in time all of them will gravitate to the truth. With God inside you can worship and pray in the privacy of your home, but there will still be people who like to get together and do it that way.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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