Celebrate with Me! Beyond Separation is now open.


I am so deeply happy !!

Let me explain:
My whole mission in Expect Wonderful has been to support us in remembering and reconnecting with who we truly are and living that truth.

I believe that if you’re reading this email you are just like me. You believe in Oneness, the potential to become a true clear expression of our Divine Self and our innate ability to open to the non-physical for guidance, support and collaboration.

Like I said when we first met, I am here to create opportunities to reclaim our inherent divinity and experience joy, peace, expansion, connection and to embody more of the light and consciousness of who we truly are. To become who we truly are here, and to do so, with joy, and fun, grace and ease.

And I live by this with making sure everything that comes from Expect Wonderful reflects those beliefs…reflects you. I open to channel and receive/create content that is expansive, loving, inspiring and helpful in our pursuits to consciously evolve and become more and more of who we truly are.

So unless you’re a completely new around here, you know that there have been some HUGE shifts this year and to support us relative to those, I am beyond happy to announce

Beyond Separation — the New Conscious Evolution Program.

This program is over-lit by Archangel Rapahael, which feels so perfect to me…You may know that Raphael is associated with travel and journeys! And it’s an 11 Week Journey full of powerful remote energy work, channeled transmissions and expansive perspectives to support us in being the way showers and leading edge beings we came here to be.

And like all our work, this too, is also supported by our non-physical friends — Archangel Michael and the Council of Radiant Light.

+ There is such great potential for working with the beginning Activating Transmission of this program and the Eclipse Energies, that I’m offering an early bird special for anyone who enrolls and pays in full, before 8 pm Sunday night.

Just click here to check it out!

I hope you’ll join us!

Much love,

PS. EARLY BIRD DETAILS: If you enroll in this program as an Early Bird — before 8 pm Sunday night… wow! How awesome would that make you? It would pretty much make us best friends for life….and also? You’ll get the early bird bonus which is a 60-Minute 1:1 Session with me, Archangel Raphael and the Council of Radiant Light. AND you’ll receive the activating transmission while the Eclipse Energies are still in play – amplifying the potential of this transmission.


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