December Eclipse and Holiday Season is here!


Dear Friends

It’s hard to believe that we stand on the threshold of December and the Holiday Season! So much has happened this year, and it seems as if the year has just flown by!
December will see some powerful energies, as we complete an Arc of Transformation that began in August with the Lions Gate.  On the 4th of December we have the Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.  This is a moment when we need to hold our vision and our focus as new Light Codes are “installed” to assist us to move into New Earth frequency.  We can expect, as we move towards the 4th of December, that we will feel the energy intensify and accelerate, once again!
Then on the 12th of December we have the 12/12 Portal, where we will be guided to manifest what we have been striving to create in this cycle. When we are aligned with Divine Light we will create Abundance and Love for the Holiday season!
On the 19th December, we will transit the Galactic Center at 27 Degrees of Sagittarius, and will once again receive powerful Light Codes for our Evolution as we segue into the December Solstice on the 21st December!  The Solstice will be the climax of this transformation process for 2021, and from there we will move towards Christmas/New Year and 2022!
I will be doing a Video about 2022  which will be available in mid December, so more information will be coming!
I will be available for Private Sessions again in December and January, so if you would like to book a session, please click here:

There will be 10 Private Sessions available in each month.  There are also spaces available in the Mentorship program for December and January, so please drop me a line if you are interested in working with me to level up and increase your reach as a Teacher or Therapist/Healer.

Then, you may be aware that my birthday is on the 8th of December!  Yes…another journey around the Sun is completed, and for this I am very grateful.  It is in this spirit that I chose to run  a Fundraiser for my birthday, and I would like to request that, if you feel moved to do so, that you make a donation.  You may also remember that my Beloved Cat, Pinky, crossed into Spirit in August at the Lions Gate.  In her memory, I am supporting a local Cat Rescue called “Sharon’s Foster Furries”.  They do great work in our community, and they also allowed me to adopt my present kitty, Hali, who is my new companion.  For those of you in the North who work in Dollars and Euros, please  know that because of the exchange rate, a small donation like 5 dollars can feed a cat for a week here in Cape Town. Please note also that while the fund is in South African Rands, there is a Currency Converter where you can donate in your own currency.  Thank you!

Here is the link to learn more and donate!

I wish you all a wonderful December and a Happy Holiday season!

with love and blessings


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