ReConnection, ReWilding and a Conversation…..


Dear Friends

We are just 4 days out from the 11/11 Gateway and a major shift in energy!  After the 11/11 we have a partial Solar Eclipse on the 19th November, and a Total Solar Eclipse on the 4th of December, and the Solstice on the 21st December.  The Galactic center sits at 27 degrees of Sagittarius, so we can expect some powerful energies to be coming in!
As I emphasised in my webinar last week, Archangel Michael teaches that we are in a process of Reconnection, where our Physical Being realigns with Soul and Spirit as we enter the New Earth.  The best we can do at this time is to avoid those pesky “Chaos Vortexes” that seek to pull us into chaos, and focus on staying in our Heart and being fully grounded so that we are not swept sideways by the powerful Light Codes that are coming in.
Now is definitely the time when we need to step into our Master energy and define who we are as Human Angels, or Divine Humans!
I am offering an online video Meditation/Activation that will help with this process, as it shows you how to align Heaven and Earth within as a part of reconnecting and re-wilding!.  It is the Free Gift in the Free Online Retreat called “Re-Wlding” which is being offered by Ilse Van Baalen, and which starts on the 11/11.
I have been on a break from summits and retreats in order to work on my website, but I could not resist Ilse’s Retreat, which is by South Africans and for South Africans. but we are inviting all our international friends to join as well.  Here is the sign up link:

I have also restarted the “Conversations with Celia” section of my website, and my first conversation in this new international series is with Dheepa Nedungat in New Zealand.  The Lightworker conversation has become Global, and Dheepa has some deep and interesting perceptions on what it means to be a Lightworker way down South!  Here is the link :

I wish you all a smooth and joyful transit through the 11/11 Portal.

with love and blessings


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