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Sweet Beings of Light-

TONITE at 5:00PM Pacific/8:00PM Eastern – Group Live Q&A with The Pleiadian High Council of Seven. Join The P’s and me for a Group Live Q&A event that you can participate in from the comfort of your couch. You’ll get to ask at least one question (two costs more), and you’ll get to hear the answers to everyone else’s questions. There will also be a brief intro on the current energies, and you will receive a high-frequency energy transmission from The Pleiadians. If you can’t be there live, you can still ask your question and get your answer! Just register on my site and then send an email with your question or fill out the form online. Join by phone or computer! There will be a recording, and you’ll receive it soon after the event. Register by clicking below…

TONITE at 5:00PM Pacific/8:00PM Eastern – Group Live Q&A

Register: Accessing & Developing Your Spiritual Gifts ∞3 Week Course – This 3-week course begins at 12:00pm Pacific/3:00pm Eastern on Tuesday, November 9th, and will also convene on the next two Tuesdays that follow (Nov. 16th & 23rd) at the same time.

In this 3 week course that you can attend via computer or phone, There will be plenty of opportunities for you to ask any and all questions that you have, no matter which way you choose to connect. Even if you cannot attend the classes live, you can listen to the recording of each one and submit questions via email or online form in between each class session.

I’ll teach you how to access and develop spiritual gifts such as: clairvoyance, psychic abilities, intuition, hands on healing, sound healing, channeling, speaking light languages, and animal communication. You will learn how to access these gifts through meditations, processes and exercises that I’ve created specifically for this course. Also, I’ll teach you how to practice applying your gifts so that you can help yourself and others. I’ll also be answering all of your questions about the development of your spiritual gifts, and you will benefit from hearing the answers to other people’s questions.

Towards the end of each class session, I will channel The Creators, The Arcturian Council, and The Pleiadian High Council of 7, and they will each speak on the topic of accessing and developing your spiritual gifts. They will lend their unique perspectives on how to get where you’re destined to go spiritually…but faster and with more skills and abilities than you’ve ever dreamt of for yourself in this lifetime. Joy! <3

It doesn’t matter what your current skill level is…you will still benefit from taking this course, even if you are brand new to the idea of accessing your spiritual gifts. And if you already have accessed some of your gifts but would like to go further with them, this is also the course for you. I’ve taught people of all different types of skill levels in my one-on-one lessons with clients, and I’ll bring all of that knowledge of how to reach everyone to this 3-week course. This course is like having a channeling course, healing course, psychic abilities course, and light languages course all rolled into one. And because you get to ask questions throughout, I can tailor the class to meet your unique needs. Join me for this life-altering course on accessing and developing your spiritual gifts…including your channeling and psychic abilities. Love! <3 – Register for the Accessing & Developing Your Spiritual Gifts Course Here

Light Language for Maximizing the Impact of the November 11th Portal Opening on You – November 11th. It’s a time when a very unique and specific portal will be opening for all of us, and it’s a wide and powerful portal that opens just once a year. But this year, we can be prepared for it. Maximizing the impact of these portal openings on ourselves is a key component to receiving the downloads, activations, upgrades, spiritual gifts and manifestations that we desire for ourselves and all of humankind. That’s why I channeled this 6-minute language of light. This light language contains the energy, vibration, and galactic light codes to open you up more than you ever have before to this 11/11 gateway so that you can receive all that is meant for you personally, and also so that you can ground in more of the energies on November 11th for the entire human collective. The 11/11 portal opening contains the potential for us to reach new heights of our spiritual awakening, and listening to this this light language in preparation for November 11th will ensure that you will. Love <3 – Light Language for Maximizing the Impact of the November 11th Portal Opening on You

Light Language for Summoning Ganesha to Remove Your Obstacles in Life – Ganesha. The Hindu god known for removing obstacles from our lives. It can often seem like we have more obstacles than flow points at times, and that’s why I wanted to channel this light language…and then did! This 6-minute language of light contains the energies, vibration, and galactic light codes that will summon Ganesha to you in order to remove those obstacles that sometimes feel like chains of limitation around our necks. I could feel myself connecting to Ganesha during the channeling of this one, as well as my lifetimes in India where I undoubtedly prayed to Ganesha on a regular basis. Of course, I now know that these beings are more than just fictional gods made up by desperate humans…they exist just as plainly as you and I do, and they are always available to help us when we call upon them. That’s what this light language is forEnjoy it! <3 – Light Language for Summoning Ganesha to Remove Your Obstacles in Life

Register for the All NEW Beginners Group Channeling Class – In this Beginners Group Channeling Class, I will teach you everything I have come to know about channeling, including many ways in which you can enhance the likelihood that you will in fact connect and channel your guides. You will be able to ask all the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask a channeler, and I will answer as many of those questions as I can, because we will also need to get to all the material I want to offer in the two hours we have together. There will also be several processes given during the class. They have been designed to get you to meet your guides, write for them, tone for them, and/or ultimately speak for them. 

The class will be around two hours in length with a break in between the two segments. You’ll be able to join via phone or computer (your choice). It will be recorded, and you will be sent a copy of the recording so that you can practice on your own.

The next class will be at 12:00 PM Pacific/3:00 PM Eastern on Saturday, November 13th, 2021. You can sign up for one class at a time or a class + a private lesson (at a discounted rate). – Register for the All NEW Beginners Group Channeling Class

Yeshua’s 40-Minute Daily Vibrational Upgrade, Emotional Clearing & Energy Reset – In this 40-minute recording, you’ll find everything you need to give yourself a vibrational upgrade, negative emotional clearing, and a full energy reset. Yeshua’s soothing words and tone of voice will allow you to slip into a higher-vibrational state, just by immersing yourself in his energy. This is a four-part process beginning with a light language healing transmission of energy through the crown chakra, which will result in the releasing of all negative emotions, trauma & lower vibrational thought forms. Next, you’ll be taken through a process for deep breathwork using high-frequency thought forms that Yeshua places in your field. Then you’ll receive 10 minutes of toning, while Yeshua indicates the intentions behind each tone, and you’ll be able to match the tones that Yeshua transmits. Finally, you will be lulled into a peaceful, deep state of bliss through a guided meditation. This is a wonderful way to start your dayJoy! <3

People often ask me when and how often to listen to the recordings offered on my site. With this one, it’s certainly most beneficial to do at the beginning of the day, but if you find that you don’t have the time to devote to it, you could just as easily benefit from listening at the end of your long day to help you release what no longer serves you and enter into a more peaceful state before drifting off to sleep. Love <3 – Yeshua’s 40-Minute Daily Vibrational Upgrade, Emotional Clearing & Energy Reset

October 2021 Advanced Group Channeling Class w/The 9D Arcturian Council ∞Audio Recording – This recording from the October 2021 Advanced Group Channeling Class with The 9D Arcturian Council is two hours in length and contains many process and exercises to get you into the channeling state. The Arcturians take us through these different techniques for channeling the following beings and collectives: your higher self, an ascended master, a Pleiadian or a Pleiadian collective, an inner Earth being (or collective), a physical e.t. from your oversoul, a dolphin or whale (or collectives of either), an Arcturian past life self, and the main guides you will be channeling as you move forward.

The two-hour channeling class was broken up into two segments. You will get a break in the middle of the recording, and after each exercise, there will be a five-minute period of silence to give you the opportunity to channel the higher-dimensional collectives and beings the Arcturians have prompted you to channel. You can always pause the recording during those five-minute intervals to give yourself as much time as you want or need to channel them. You can choose which of the processes are your favorites and go back to them again and again to practice. There are so many ways to use this recording, and I know you will find the way that is best for you and your channeling level of experience and comfort. Joy! <3 – October 2021 Advanced Group Channeling Class w/The 9D Arcturian Council ∞Audio Recording

Learn to Channel Master Course – 21 Recordings – Over 9 Hours of Content – This is a NEW offering – a Master Course on Learning to Channel. You get a 2-hour recording from myBeginners Group Channeling Class, a 2-hour recording from my Intermediate Group Channeling Class, and a 2-hour recording from my Advanced Group Channeling Class…PLUS you get 18 additional meditations, light language transmissions, sound healings, and other channeled recordings that will put you into the channeling state, and get you channeling higher-dimensional beings of light and love! Learn to Channel Master Course – 21 Recordings – Over 9 Hours of Content

July 2021 Beginners Group Channeling Class ∞Audio Recording – Throughout the course of the two hours I spent with the attendees of this July 2021 Beginners Group Channeling Class, I lectured on the art and craft of channeling, while also fielding questions from the group. I was able to cover a wide array of topics within the realm of channeling, and by the end of the first hour, I was confident that all in attendance had what they needed to proceed with the channeling exercises. I led the class through two exercises that were designed to get them into the channeling state and bring through higher-dimensional beings and collectives. The first exercise was aimed at accessing any being or collective from the higher realms, and the second one was specifically designed to get the attendees to channel Yeshua (Jesus Christ). By the comments people wrote in, I knew that the exercises were a success as some in attendance channeled verbally for the very first time. Joy! – July 2021 Beginners Group Channeling Class ∞Audio Recording

Master Course for Raising Your Vibration & Ascending to the 5th Dimension – Included in this Master Course are 22 individual recordings, totalling over 9 hours of listening time. My two 3-hour courses – Ascending to the 5th Dimension & High Vibration Master Class: How to Raise Your Vibration – are included, along with 16 other meditations, light languages, breathing exercises, sound healings, a course I taught with my lovely wife, and other recorded exercises. You can listen to these recordings in any order you like, and you can listen to the ones you LOVE over and over againAscending to the 5th Dimension and Raising Your Vibration go hand-in-hand. They are the keys to living the life of your dreams, and all the tools you need to live in a higher vibrational state and shift your consciousness to 5D are included in this master courseEnjoy! <3 – Master Course for Raising Your Vibration & Ascending to the 5th Dimension

Creating Your Reality & Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams ∞A Master Course – What Is Included in this Master Course on Manifesting & Creating the Life of Your Dreams? First off, I’ve included the audio recordings from two 3-week courses I’ve done in the past – Using the Power of Your Voice to Create Your Reality: Toning, Light Languages & Mantras & Manifest Your Desires: Law of Attraction/Law of Creation. Also included are two classes I taught with my wife, Maricris Dominique Dela Cruz-Scranton – Becoming Powerful Creators of Your Reality & Creating with the 5th Dimensional Energies: The Creators & Archangel Ariel. That’s a total of 11 hours of recordings. In addition to those two courses and two classes, you get a combination of 23 recordings of the following – sound healings, overtones, light languages, meditations, mantras and processes for creating your reality and manifesting the life of your dreams. This is an enormous master course, and as such, it can be done at your own pace, on your own time, and you can listen to the recordings in any order you wish. After doing this course, your wish, in fact, is the universe’s command. Joy! <3 – Creating Your Reality & Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams ∞A Master Course

My NEW paperback book is available on amazon & the ebook version is available on my website

I’ve been channeling The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council since the summer of 2016, and over the years I’ve brought through hundreds of timeless messages from the higher-dimensional collective that is for the purposes of assisting us in navigating these topsy turvy times of the shift in consciousness to the 5th dimension. This ebook contains 240 of those timeless messages in written format, with one message per page, making them easier to assimilate. One of the great aspects of an ebook is how easy they are to navigate. You can search for certain keywords or phrases, and the results will show you which pages in the ebook contain those points of interest of yours in the moment.

The 240 channeled transmissions in this ebook have been broken down into 7 chapters: Chapter 1) The Shift to the Fifth Dimension; Chapter 2) Creating Your Reality; Chapter 3) Processing Your Emotions & Raising Your Vibration; Chapter 4) Receiving Energy; Chapter 5) Your Galactic Connections; Chapter 6) Love & Service; Chapter 7) Your Spiritual Evolution. Having this ebook on your computer, or other device, gives you instant access to some of the most important information and wisdom from The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Councilchanneled by Daniel Scranton, and you won’t need to be online to access it. Joy! <3

Purchase my NEW ebook Here

Master Course for Accessing the Healer Within for Healing Yourself & Others – For this Master Course on Healing, I’ve included three sets of recordings from three of my courses that I know are related to healing yourself and others. The Intuitive Sound, Light Language & Hands-On Healing Academy is the most obvious choice, as all three of the modalities in the title were taught by me to those in attendance. The next course recordings included in this Master Course – Light Languages for Creating Your Reality, Healing & Channeling – contains even more instruction on light languages and how to utilize them for healing yourself and others. And the third course – High Vibration Master Class ∞How to Raise Your Vibration – is also all about healing, because in order to heal anyone or anything, you must be in a high enough vibration to receive and transmit healing energies. 

With the other 17 recordings that I chose for this course, there are light languages, sound healings, activations & meditations to bring your innate healing abilities to the surface of your consciousness, as well as offerings that are for providing the right vibrations and energies for healing yourself. As a healer, no matter what modality you utilize, you will always want to have faced all the wounds and traumas in yourself so that you can put your best foot forward in your service work of healing othersJoy! <3

Master Course for Accessing the Healer Within for Healing Yourself & Others

Personal Message from Your Spirit Guides ∞The Creators
– For this unique offering, I will channel the 12-dimensional collective known as The Creators, and together, we will produce a brief downloadable mp3 recording of a message from your spirit guides. In this recording, you will receive a message that The Creators will get from your own personal spirit guides and they’ll speak that message through me, Daniel. I know that some of you are going to want me to channel your guides directly, but that’s not how make these connections with your guides. I need to work with your spirit guides through the beings I channel and have channeled for so long in order to feel confident about receiving and accurately translating the message your guides want you to know. This will be a short message from your spirit guides, but it will also be powerful and exactly what you need to hear. Nothing more. Nothing less. Love <3 – Personal Message from Your Spirit Guides ∞The Creators

Connecting to Your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, E.T.s & Other Beings of Light & Love ∞Master Course – This first offering in themaster course bundle of recordings consists of five hours of recordings from a 5-week course I taught a while back, and this course was in fact a journey that will leave you feeling more connected than ever to your spirit guides, higher self, oversoul, and any other high frequency beings (such as: angels, e.t.s, faeries, archangels, and ascended masters) that you want to connect with. Each week, I lectured on how to connect with these beings, and through the recordings, you will be guided through meditations, exercises and processes to get you feeling fully connected to these beings of love and light who want to support you on your journey. Everyone wants to have an open dialogue with their spirit guides, higher self, oversoul, and all of the other high frequency beings that are out there in the universe. This is your chance to give yourself that experience.The remainder of the downloadable recordings included in this Master Course (which you can look through below) were channeled by me, Daniel, over the past 5 years. Each mp3 file is between 6 and 16 minutes in length
Connecting to Your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, E.T.s & Other Beings of Light & Love ∞Master Course

Perfect Health & Ideal Body Weight Master Course – Included with this Brand NEW Master Course are a myriad of courses, classes, sound healings, light languages, mantras, meditations, and other recordings. Now, if you’re wondering why I’ve included recordings from my Toning Class, Breathwork Class, and Meditation Class, along with the Mastering Your Physical Body Course recordings with the this master course, it’s simply because I believe with all of my heart that these three practices are the keys to maintaining a healthy body and being at your ideal body weight. There are over 10 hours of recordings included with this package and 28 downloadable files <3

Perfect Health & Ideal Body Weight Master Course

Master Course on Accessing Your Spiritual Gifts & Abilities and Starting a Spiritual Business. Over 11 Hours of content, including two full courses & one class, plus 23 bonus recordingsTotal Value: Over $450. This master course will grant you access to all of your spiritual gifts and then show you how to develop them into a spiritual business. The 23 bonus recordings include: meditations, light language transmissions, mantras, breathing exercises, and sound healings to open you up to receiving and activating all of your spiritual gifts. In the spiritual business course, I teach you everything I know about growing a business with your gifts from scratch…like I did. Check out the full list of courses, recordings, and the class I taught with my wife Maricris here: Master Course on Accessing Your Spiritual Gifts & Abilities and Starting a Spiritual Business

Creating Abundance, Manifesting Wealth & Allowing Money In ∞A 10-Hour Master Course – I’ve been teaching a Money Mastery Course for several years, and after teaching the same course over and over, I decided to do a Brand New version of the Money Mastery Course earlier this year (2020). This bundle of recordings includes the original Money Mastery Course, which I taught for the last time in September and October of 2019, as well as the recordings of the NEW Money Mastery Course I taught in February and March of 2020. That’s six full hours of teachings, meditations, and channeled messages from the collectives I channel, complete with questions and answers from the attendees. You’ll benefit from hearing the answers I gave to those questions, as I’m sure you’ll find you had the same questions yourself! In addition to those six hours of recorded class sessions, you’ll receive 16 recordings, that I’ve created over the past 5 years, including one of the very first downloads I created with Archangel Michael, titled: Manifesting Abundance. Also included in these additional 16 recordings is a workshop on Manifesting Abundance with Ease & Joy I did with my wife, Maricris Dela Cruz-Scranton that is over 2.5 hours long. Altogether, the total run time for the recordings included in this Master Course is over 10 hours. Below, you will see the list and descriptions of all the other recordings included with this offer…

Creating Abundance, Manifesting Wealth & Allowing Money In ∞A 10-Hour Master Course

When you purchase this Personalized Mantra, you’ll then be able to send me an email to indicate which being or collective or being you want me to channel it from. Here’s a list of the beings/collectives I channel: The Creators, The Arcturian Council, The Hathors, The Pleiadian High Council of 7, Quan Yin, St. Germain, Mother Mary, Ophelia the Faerie, The Founders, Archangel Michael & Archangel Gabriel. I’ll go into the channeling state, and I will bring through a brief, powerful mantra that will be customized, just for you! Then, you can use your mantra in any way that you would like. You can meditate with it. You can repeat it while you’re doing something mundane, like washing the dishes or brushing your teeth, and in so doing, you’ll be able to stay more mindful and present with whatever you’re doing in the moment. This mantra will be yours and yours alone, and you will feel the resonance with it. Love! <3

Get Your Personalized Mantra

These Channeled Bedtime Stories from the Archangels, Ascended Masters and other High Frequency Beings are appropriate for people of all ages!

This is a FREE downloadable audiobook with Bedtime Stories that I channeled. The higher frequency beings and collectives included in this 5-hour recording include: The Buddha, Archangel Gabriel, Yeshua, Archangel Michael, Ophelia the Faerie, The Creators & The Founders. Several of these stories brought me to tears as I channeled them!

EnjoyShare with your friends, and prepare yourselves for more. There will be a volume 2 of the Bedtime Stories series. Love! <3

Get the FREE Audiobook Here

Check out the NEW Page on my website that contains all the information you’ll need to become a member of danielscranton.com…at any level you choose.

All the Membership Programs/Packages in One PlaceThanks! I love you <3



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