Own The Power of Your Yes

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Own The Power of Your Yes
-Being A Conscious Change Agent-
by Selacia
We live in a rare time of mega change as outdated structures and ways of being dissolve under their own weight. This is on both personal and collective levels. Key to navigating this in the highest way is owning the power of your ‘yes.’ Continue reading to better understand what this means on both practical and spiritual levels.
An ongoing constant in our lives is the dynamic of choice. We are always at choice, whether or not we feel we have a choice.
How can this be? Choice is deciding how we will respond to what shows up in our life and what we decide we want to create or do.
If there’s an intention we are passionate about creating into something, we can consciously say ‘yes.’ We have chosen the ‘yes.’ As we continue consciously saying ‘yes’ to our intention, backing it up with actions, we begin a powerful process of manifesting.
We could, however, say ‘no’ – by either being neutral and applying fantasy thinking to our manifestation, or by letting our fear of failure stop us from consciously saying ‘yes’ to our intention and taking actions to manifest it. This happens on quite subtle levels, so unless we are conscious to the whole process, we may convince ourselves that our goal is out of reach or currently not worth our time and energy. This is where we can get stuck.
Own The Power of Your Yes
When you own the power of your ‘yes’ you are connecting with a quantum energy field of limitless potentials. This is where your true power to create shows up.
Owning it means you take it seriously, acknowledging to yourself that you are in the driver’s seat of your own change. When you do this consciously on a regular basis, your life moves into an elevated level of creation and transformation.
As part of that process, over time you become increasingly comfortable taking risks and saying ‘yes’ to new directions and new things you want to manifest. Comfort comes from: (A) experience (B) practice (C) repetition (D) recognizing that in quantum all change is incremental over time – each piece building upon past pieces.
Consider that last point, building upon past pieces. This is a vital element to grasp. Over time during this life – and even in past lives – you have been developing skills and interests quite relevant to now!
What does this mean in practical terms?
Let’s say you intend to write a specific kind of book or support a particular cause like climate change. Roots of your interest in such things may go back to your early life, even to lifetimes hundreds of years ago. Our present is always a culmination of energy stemming from our past.
“Each day you are making choices and setting in motion a cascade of events that will determine your future.”
Considering this, why not become conscious to the process and take an active role?
Owning your ‘yes’ is all about this. It means you are conscious to your decisions, even the tiny ones like whether or not to attend an event where you might meet a business partner or a soul mate. This doesn’t mean saying ‘yes’ to everything, obviously. It means that you are consciously knowing that your decision is the right one for you in that moment.
Saying Yes to Yourself as a Soul
Think of it as you saying ‘yes’ to yourself as a soul – consciously knowing you chose and that you will stay present to your guidance as you navigate your next options. The cumulative power of your ‘yes’ gets reflected in your consciously saying ‘yes’ to life as it reveals itself.
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