Messages from Ann & the Angels – 10/02/2021 • Be the love of your own life

Message from the Angels
Messages from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine that you are with the love of your life, whether you are or not. It might be a partner, a child, a beloved pet, or anyone – real or imagined – that you can bring to mind in this instant. Imagine now how you would treat this individual. How would you greet them every morning? What would you love to do for them? How would you encourage them? How would you soothe them when they were feeling down?

Can you treat yourselves this way?

For just a day imagine you are the love of your life. Get up and greet yourself as you would greet one you love. Talk to yourself all day as you would talk to the one you love. Soothe yourself when you are upset or down like you would soothe a dear one or a beloved child. Be kind to yourself. Do the little things for yourself that you would want to do for another.

Rather than focusing on what others would do for you, focus on what you would do for others, and then challenge yourself to do that for yourself. Every day, challenge yourself to do just one thing that you would easily and joyfully do for another. It can be a compliment. It can be setting a nice plate out for your breakfast. It can be treating yourself to a little pampering as if you were going on a date and wanted to be at your best. It can be sitting down with a warm blanket wrapped around you while you cry and telling yourself, “It’s OK honey. God loves you. It’s going to be OK.”

If you could treat yourselves for even an hour like the love of your life then you – dear beloved Divine soul –  would be making a vibrational statement to the universe that says, “I am worthy of love! I am worthy of being treated kindly! I am worthy of respect, nurturing, pampering, soothing, and uplifting! I am worthy because I exist.”

Your words might say this now. You might say vehemently, “OF course I’m worthy!” and indeed we agree! You are. But do you believe it? Can you treat yourself this way? Can you bask in the beauty of a compliment with total delight? Can you do something for your own joy without having to share it with another? Of course, we love when you share your joy with others, but for some of you, this exercise would be just the thing to expand the envelope of your own vibration of worthiness.

We want for you all that you want for you. We are always sending you love. We are always guiding you along the easiest and most joyful path. We are always vibrationally beckoning you towards that which you seek. In a vibration of loving self and treating yourself kindly, you will hear us more clearly, you will believe you are worthy of the opportunities that come your way, and you won’t waste your time on those that treat you unkindly. You’ll feel too good to drain your own by getting upset.

With just a few days of treating yourself like the love of your life, you’d start to feel worthy of more love. You wouldn’t have to chase it, demand it, or earn it. You’d be treating yourself the way you want to be treated and you’d get a kinder echo back from the world. You don’t need to defend your right to receive love. You don’t need to demand it. You don’t need to earn it. You simply need to start loving yourselves a bit more consistently – without guilt, without criteria, without any reason whatsoever except for one… You exist. Therefore you are worthy of love… starting with your own.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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