A Tell-all after Three Years of Silence – David Wilcock


I like calling Ben “The Tesla of our generation.” And I think it’s going to stick…

He’s humble, kind, and he wants the best for our planet. 

And in case this one goes to hell, the Hawaii Planet is only seven light-years away. There are apparently lots of cool people to hang out with there, who are on a much higher level than most Earth humans… 

If we behave ourselves, they will probably be happy to let us hang!

Ben and I have been friends for twelve years. We’ve both heard countless hours of Pete Peterson’s eye-opening stories.  

Over the last three years, Ben and I have quietly built up a company that will produce paradigm-shattering technology. 

In fact, my own title is Director of Advanced Technology.

One of my main job descriptions is to identify and develop new technologies that, ahem, “may become available” as we are allowed to peer into various, formerly-classified boxes.  

We have climbed hills at this point, but mountains still lie ahead. You are among the first group of people to know what we’re doing!

With the help of the higher forces, and more than a little generosity from kind-hearted folks like yourself, we have accepted this ‘dangerous’ and ‘impossible’ mission… and made it a reality! 

Until very recently, this company had no operating capital except for what Elizabeth and I could personally raise from doing these courses for you. 

Ben and I have fastidiously and completely rejected any potential investments that reeked of swamp gas… or other such stand-ins for real UFOs. 

I am literally not kidding when I say that we have turned down gigantic investment offers. Not a few times, but dozens of times. For THREE YEARS! 

If it isn’t clean, we know we are screwed anyway — so we just say no thank you.

We can’t tell these stories due to confidentiality and NDAs, but you would be amazed. We have had the “Right Numbers” waved in front of our faces for a long, long time.

We have also had to sort through a disturbingly vast number of different “investment opportunities” that proved to be absolutely fraudulent, no matter how believable they seemed. 

Usually they just want money up front for “Due Diligence Fees” to “help process your loan,” which then never happens. 

It goes down like this, “You only want six percent interest? Wow! That’s great…” 

Nope, he just wants your money. He takes the money. There is no loan. It’s a scam. AAA HA HAHAHAHAHAA!

Or, if it’s not charlatans, many people tell us they have their own private funds, only to later reveal, when they think we are weak, that they are only a broker for someone else. 

After sorting through many dozens of scams, set-ups and unacceptable offers for three straight years, each with dense legal documents to review and digest, we finally found ethical, clean investors who can perform. 

Thank God!

Now, just as everything is coming to a head in the global sense, we have been able to acquire our second facility, which is large enough to go right into mass production. 

It is truly amazing that we pulled this off. It was incredibly scary. I have had to work to avoid becoming a nervous wreck for weeks and weeks. 

Now we know we’ve got it… and at the same time, we are about to drop The Disclosure, which will suddenly make this entire project crystallize into 4D, right in front of your eyes!

We are holding off on specific details for as long as possible, but they will be forthcoming. I strongly expect that you will be impressed!

How many people could have put this much money into something, for three long years, and NEVER posted a single text, photo or video of anything that is going on? 

Instead, due to the threats involved, I didn’t want to come forward with any of this until we were in a position of strength. Now is that time! We’re there! 

In “The Disclosure,” you will gain a much better idea of what’s been cooking in the Wilcock kitchen these last three years. 

And, the good news is,  it floats!

The faster you join me on this journey, the faster we can co-create our Star Trek future together! 

We do want to mass-produce affordable vehicles as quickly as possible. 

Learn more about The Disclosure: come to understand what hovercars, the ascension into 4D, and assists from the beings along the way have to do with you! Check out what new and declassified information is fueling the new world’s technology to come to pass.

Gratitude & Light,


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