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You are not going to want to miss today’s show! It starts in 60 mins, right here.

We will begin with an awe-inspiring demonstration of proof that telepathy is happening all the time in nature.

Then we will show how our own body of telepathic data from 1999 has predicted the future, beautifully summarizing the global events of such concern right now!

Dr. Cleve Backster pioneered the polygraph “lie detector” testing methods we use today.

When he connected the polygraph to a common house plant, he found a surprisingly complex, human-like electrical signal emanating from it.

You will see the graph of what happened to the plant’s electrical activity the moment Cleve got the idea to go grab a match, strike it, and burn one of the leaves.

Your social conditioning will tell you nothing should happen to the plant.

What you are going to see will shatter that conditioning!

Cleve then found similar effects involving all different types of natural life interacting with one another — using an unseen, non-electromagnetic energy field of some kind.

Backster even proved the same effect is occurring with human cells.

When NASA astronaut Dr. Brian O’Leary  left his cells in Backster’s San Diego lab and then flew back to Phoenix, every time something upsetting happened to him, his cells “screamed.”

…In San Diego.

I was able to interview Dr. O’Leary about this firsthand in 2009, and gained additional details about the experiment.

Distance does not seem to pose any problem for this effect, as other scientists have demonstrated.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell even conducted successful telepathy experiments from the Moon’s surface.

In short, you will come away from the first half of this show being absolutely convinced that you are in constant telepathic interaction with all of nature — whether you realize it or not.

This is that lovely land where Science and Spirit meet, have coffee and get to know each other.

We see signs of this every day, in the small moments. You might have already anticipated what someone was going to say before it was ever spoken…

The science reveals that all of us are experiencing this ability. The key is to train ourselves on how to perceive “what is mine and what is someone else’s.”

In David’s second major body of “time loop” prophecies, we will see how the events we are going through today will work out for the positive.

In fact, we will see that our current Global Dark Night of the Soul is carefully watched over, and is a critical aspect of our ascension into “fourth density.”

The Earth is already in fourth-density vibration at this time. Things are changing fast. The solar cycles assure us this pace will continue through the end of next year.

Tonight’s class will be at 3:00pm PT.

We start in an hour!

And if you want to have a portal where you can access the replays and special free material, you can register for our full free series, right here.

I look forward to seeing you in 60 minutes!


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