Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



One of the prevalent traits of the transformational energies you are currently in is the opportunity to come to a place of peace with past trauma.

There is a persistent belief system in many human beings that you cannot heal beyond trauma, that once you have experienced it you are forever scarred or broken. What we wish for you to understand is you absolutely can move into a space of reintegration and wholeness.

In fact, the fact that you have a challenge indicates you also have the full potential to heal it. You simply would not choose to come into the body with a theme to explore without also holding the potential to master that theme. To have one without the other would serve no purpose.

This doesn’t mean you will forget about where you’ve been. Your experiences are part of the mosaic of who you are. But what we are saying is that you absolutely can come to a place of acceptance and peace with it as part of your story and the past will no longer control your future.

Please understand that trauma memories may come up for you during this time. This is not in any way proof that you are forever broken. Far from it! The trauma memories appear because fragments that occurred at that time are ready and waiting to be loved into wholeness.

You are your safe place, your healer, your nurturing parent, your soother, your comforter, and your open-armed welcoming committee that is so excited to reconnect with those innocent parts of yourself that have been waiting to come Home to you. How glorious that you have evolved into the knowing that you are absolutely capable of being that love for yourself. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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