A Message to Lightworkers – June 4, 2021by Caroline Oceana Ryan


A Message to Lightworkers – June 4, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this opportunity to speak with you again today.

Let us walk together for a moment amidst the beauty of your favorite scene.

That may be the seaside, walking on a sandy beach next to gentle waves.

Or a beautiful green forest, full of quiet Nature sounds and gentle breezes.

Or it may be a desert, or a mountaintop.

Choose a place on Lady Gaia that is meaningful to you, even if it is a special place you travel to inwardly in Inner Earth, as you meditate.

We will join you there.

And in this place of beauty, there is a sense of Oneness, of the completion and perfection of all things.

If you have placed yourself out in space somewhere, flying amongst the planets and the stars, do you see the symmetry of movement—the interchange amidst each planetary being, as they move along their elliptical or trajectory?

See if you can hear the music of the spheres, subtle yet growing more distinct and more colorful in its harmonies . . .

See if you can feel the Light flowing to planet Earth now, and the shifts of consciousness of all living beings there . . .

Be aware that as you sit or move quietly in any of these or other Peaceful scenes, you are resonating beautifully with the vibration of that place.

You may wonder, How do I shift my current life and its challenges, which have only increased over the past year or more, by simply thinking or feeling to be elsewhere?

Isn’t it best to just sit in whatever situation I am in, and accept it without trying to escape inwardly?

And we would say, most assuredly, accepting “What Is” holds its own amazing presence and power.

We encourage all to accept the Present Moment without struggle or resistance, as resistance only more fully embeds the energies of what you push against.

What we image all of you doing, is connecting inwardly with images and experiences that offer you the immediacy of Peace and Well-Being.

From there, you can approach the circumstances of your life (and the world) with a renewed sense of calm, with your energetic “sensor” registering at a frequency that is centered and tranquil.

From this place of reassurance, you then look upon whatever feels burdensome to you as you move through your day, and realize that this outer condition really has no power over you.

Of course, you may feel that the unanswered questions, the uncertain future, the current struggles to understand what is happening, let alone solve it—that all of this has very real power to influence how you feel at any moment.

And this would be so, yet it stands a far smaller chance of taking you out of your center if you first establish Peacefulness as your dominant vibration.

One that is part of Who you are, and therefore natural to you.

The more often you spend actual physical time in Nature, with your heart-mind quieted, taking in the calm scenes around you, and the more time you meditate on calm scenes where there is a steady and unbroken sense of Well-Being, the more that vibration becomes natural to you.

That then becomes your norm, your default position, and not the tumultuous vibration of the shadow world.

We do not view the world as being in shadow, but like you, we are aware of a shadow world.

And what we mean by that, is that version of the world, demonstrated in some of its current situations, that transmits the vibration of fear, uncertainty, loss, shame, and other forms of density.

These images and emotions cannot carry you to experience your higher good; they may even cause you even to doubt its existence some days.

That is their function—to carry you away from a vibration of solidity and calm, and into a broken and dissonant vibration.

In those moments, you are not who you truly are, but a being who has momentarily lost their center and been taken in by outer appearance and the energies it projects.

That is the shadow world—the representation of Earth life that is not an ongoing presentation of open possibilities, each moving higher than the last in its expression, but a representation of life as an ongoing struggle that slowly but surely spirals downward.

You may be thinking that that is the world you see as you watch or read about the daily news, or watch certain videos on the internet, regardless of whether they come from the old established channels of information or some of the newer ones, many of which promise to be the only truthful ones.

We would be extremely careful at this time, regarding what information you allow yourself to take in, for this is not simply information, but an energy stream.

Some of it will connect you directly to the shadow world, which is a tool and resource used for the purposes of lowering your vibration and bringing you to an emotional and psychological state that lowers your overall etheric vibration, and therefore the trajectory of your inner and outer path.

These tolls were created for the purposes of gathering humanity’s energies, to further a far darker agenda than you would ever support were you to understand fully what you were partaking in.

Be aware that these news programs and information outlets do not come in any special color or have any identifying marks, except for their vibration.

Most have the appearance of respectability, and present information in ways you have been trained to accept without question, yet offer much that is not trustworthy.

The only distinguishing mark is their vibration, as it registers with you as you watch or listen.

And so we encourage you to turn off that which pulls your energy down or seems to be pulling your energy into it.

It is possible to be basically aware of what is happening in the world, and to send Light to all difficult situations occurring now, without dwelling on details to where you feel hopeless or sad, or where you must run from one internet spiritual message to another for reassurance that all is not lost.

As you protect and honor your vibration, you listen more to those messages and realization that bring you feelings of Peacefulness, not distress.

These are messages that tend to come from within, not without.

Photo by Harry van Grieken

Take those quiet moments each morning, whether in meditation or out in Nature or both, where you will center yourself in the Well-Being that is naturally yours.

Note that the presence of your beautiful, resilient spirit desires to become stronger now than you have ever experienced it.

How can that be, you ask, when the world feels to be in a more precarious place than ever? When my own life holds so many questions and What Ifs?

And we would say, you have never been a collection of ideas, or information, or outer situations.

These are holographic projections, and not your true life.

You have only ever been a bundle of powerful Light and Love, with visions of an Ascended Earth, and an Ascended humanity.

You are intrinsically a great Sun that pours out a living vibration to all around it.

There is much that your rays touch and give life to, that you are not even fully aware of yet.

Leave the old training behind, dear ones, for it cannot serve you any longer.

Decide now what constitutes Joy and Peaceful reality to you—the Love that sustains within all situations, and rely on that alone.

For this you came.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.


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