Moving into Zero Point by Jenny Schiltz | Jun 13, 2021


Moving into Zero Point

The intensity is building. Many were knocked flat with the solar eclipse and we are heading to a very powerful Solstice on June 21st. There feels to be a push to connect deep within, to our ancestors, to our truth, and our Galactic origins. What you are wanting to connect with is also wanting to connect with you.

I sat outside in the sun and felt the presence of the Council of Elders. I first connected with them during a near-death experience years ago, a few times during my journey, and now they have become much more active in my life. I asked them if they had a message for us and this is what I received:

“The most important task right now is embodiment. We know that so many of you worry. You worry about the world, your place in the world, how you are seen and portrayed, and even if you are doing enough. Be assured that you are doing enough for others, for the world… your focus now needs to be on your inner working.

There is a collapse within that is desperately needed. It is the collapse of doubt, fear, and not feeling worthy. It is these very things that keep you from your full embodiment and embracing all that you are. What must be understood is that it is the full surrender and trust in yourself and Source that will lead you to the space of All that you are and All that is.

There are many distractions about you; organic and inorganic things that want your attention. Particularly now when what is needed is the pulling back of energy from every last thing so that you may come into the place of zero point within.

You may feel that all around you is conspiring against you by pulling your attention, your focus, and you’re very creative abilities. Yet, there is also much conspiring to open you, strip you bare, and provide a spotlight on your deepest truth, your magnificence.

In choosing you, you choose the All. Choosing not to get lost in the chaos, you become the shelter in the storm. While this shelter you provide will most certainly assist others, it is for yourself that it should be created.

It is within the shelter that you will come to zero point.

Zero-point is the All and the nothing. It is the void of stillness and space before creation bursts forth. It is the silence and the peace that so many crave. It is the space of pure potential, of understanding and knowing yourself in your vast fullness. It is the state of being that helps one pull to themselves and align with all that is needed. It is a space of pure trust and understanding. It is the yin and the yang, the feminine and the masculine, the in and the out. It is the end and the beginning.

Zero-point is crucial for full embodiment, otherwise, your opening to self will be fragmented. The ability to access and eventually stay in zero point is a necessary component of the ascension journey. It is not the checking out of reality but checking into self.

There is only one way to this space, to zero point, and it is through the open ONE heart. (One heart is where the higher heart thymus and heart chakra work together). Explore the hidden doorways within, so that nothing remains hidden. It is through the embracing of all that you are, that wholeness of your experience that you will be set free. In this space, you will find enormous peace, love, and the deep knowing that everything is going to be all right.

As you know there has been an acceleration in the ascension trajectory. This will be difficult physically, mentally, and emotionally for all that still hold resistance within to their totality, their fullness.

Zero-point is the goal and the cure for much of the difficulties of this process.

Drop into your consciousness, bring your attention into your heart space. Command your heart space to expand and include the higher heart. Feel the bridge that is created. Call forth the heart of your highest self. Feel the vastness, the opening to the All and the Nothing. Look for doorways that need to be opened, where truth has been denied or aspects have been segregated. Open the doors, allow the light of your soul into those nooks and crannies.

Everything is forgiven, understood, and loved through the light of your Soul.

Feel the peace, feel the quiet, feel your truth, feel your knowing. Feel how solid this space is, particularly in your rapidly changing world.

Your ONE heart is the path to Zero-point, to All that You Are.”

At the end of the message, I felt them pulling away and I sent them gratitude for the guidance. I hope this message finds you well, exploring yourself and integrating all the energies, plasma, and codes coming in. Thank you to all that support and share this work, it is greatly appreciated.  If you would like to join the 2x weekly Aura Cleansing click HERE


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