Sundeelia: Matetation in the Pleiades and BeyondPosted on May 23, 2021 by Eliza Ayres

of Lady Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe Mathdis. My complexion is darker, my violet-blue eyes larger, knee-length wavy dark brown hair

Sundeelia: Matetation in the Pleiades and Beyond

Note to Readers: You can regard this article as a story. It is a part of my story as I was mated (married) a year ago in Earth time. And about a month ago, my mate (husband) and I celebrated the birth of two beautiful twin boys, Raimundo and Adario Mathdis. This is a story of two soul mates, whose lives have been intertwined in loving oneness through the ages… in service to our people and to our own soul evolution. One of my readers wanted me to write about a matetation (marriage ceremony) and I finally remembered that I had written this essay over a year ago. This is only one example of a mating (marriage) ceremony. Customs do vary from Isle to Isle and culture to culture in the Pleiades, even as they do on Terra. Yet, since my Light lineage extends from Sirius, the Pleiades, and Venus, you can see this particular ceremony representative for those who come from highly evolved Families of Light.

Now, let Sundeelia tell her story in her own words:

Although I generally consider myself a Pleiadian, by birth I am a blended being, half Venusian and half Pleiadian.  While I was born on Venus, at age three I was fostered in the Pleiades on the Isle of Medina by my father’s Family, the VaCoupes.  I was in the Pleiades to begin my schooling and prepare for my career in the Command. Today, I am about to become the mate of a fine man for the first time in my three lives as a female.

As is traditional in starting a ceremony, in both the Pleiades and Sirius, two men raise up conch shells and blow them to announce the beginning of the ceremony.

The ceremony is being held in one of the huge audience chambers.  It is part of the ancient palace of the Kumaras.  In the Sirian tradition, there is of gold inlay and leaf on the walls, along with colorful murals of ancient events.  Crystal chandeliers catch the light, magnifying the glittering array of costumes and uniforms in the seated crowd. There are members of my Venusian Kumaran Family, Sirian Family, and several serving members of our Family from the Galactic Federation of Light (Pleiadian/Sirian/Ashtarian). 

It is difficult to convey just how large my extended families are… with several generations of beautiful lighted individuals present.  Included (short list) are Pleiadians: Lord Adrigon VaCoupe, Commander Arronn VaCoupe, Commander Thymious, members of my former Line Communications team, Lord Jychondria and his mate, Joveena Diaz VaCoupe, Feline Lord and Commander Lyonell of the Suriya System/Outer Pleiades; Ashtarians: Lord and Commander Benjamin Diaz, Commander Strabo Diaz, Research and Development, Elexa/Isle of Medina; Sirians, Commander Kavioush, Lord Krishna (Ginger Gia), Lord Chananda Gia, Lady Isis, Lady Kristeya Gia.  Of course, there are many others, but too many to name all…

There are several gods and goddesses present some in Light Body, archangels, including my Higher Self, Lady Hope and her Divine Complement.  My own Twin Flame, Tomás Monteras of Morova, is included in the crowd and seated near Eagle Commander Jychondria.  My Eagle escort are lined up near the end of the chamber and include: Feline Eagles Milo and Loki; BerWarian Eagle Gareth Vanderis Dino; Ashtarian Eagle Felipe Diaz; Eagle Paul Dominguez from Alfaedus; Eagle Garry Onterus and Eagle Earl Antares from Serana. Due to a recent incident, I am required to be attended by an escort of Eagles everywhere while I am on Venus.

With four little girls in white dresses preceding me, I am escorted up the aisle by my former co-worker and cousin Commander Bashar Kadish and come to a halt at the foot of a dais where Lady Venus and Father Zadkiel are standing one step up.  From the side, I am joined by my tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed handsome betrothed, Lord and Commander Aiden Mathdis, Lord of Jolf.  Lord Aiden is wearing his silvery white dress uniform, with a turquoise sash wrapped around his slender waist, signifying the color of his House.  Upon his breast is a large medallion denoting his inherited lordship of the township of Jolf.  His long dark hair is gathered up into five braids, held together by an intricate Morovian beaded hair ring.  Over his uniform, he is wearing a light silk robe in the nomadic Medinian style, cut loosely with flowing sleeves.  On his strong wrists are several beaded Morovian bracelets, gifts from my Grandmother, Lady Chokama.

As I stand there beside my new mate, I am wearing a dress cut in the Maian style, with a fitted bodice and high waist (similar to an Empire dress from Napoleonic France).  The bodice is embroidered and decorated with seed pearls.  The dress is a light apple green silk, softly gathered at the high waist with a longer hem in the back.  On my feet are soft sandals.  My knee-length wavy chocolate brown hair is braided and wrapped in an intricate bun, held together by diamond hair pins given to me from Lord Chananda Gia.  A light silver circlet wrapped with tiny white roses is upon my head and I am holding a simple bouquet made of white amaryllis lilies and violet lilac. The light pastel colors are a vivid contrast to my medium dark complexion, violet-blue eyes naturally lined with darker violet.  I am also wearing dangling earrings made from silver and Maian seed pearls, a gift from my new mate.

Above, on the main portion of the dais stands the tall, beautiful and statuesque Lady Amethyst dressed in Her elegant embroidered violet silk Priestess robes, with a glistening white damask silk gown beneath.  The Lady, who reigns as the High Priestess of Terra and is the Divine Complement of my Father Lord Zadkiel, is going to present the prayers and blessings.  She stands in front of a large beautiful intricately carved crystalline altar filled today with bouquets of white roses and lilies.  There is music, harp and flute softly playing in the background, accompanied by a choir of young boy sopranos and altos.

Yes… The energies are so extremely high frequency from immensely concentrated Joy and Love for both you and Aiden. 💜💜💜

The soft fragrance from the white roses and lilies is quite lovely and represents your sacred union and the coming together of both sacred orders as ONE (the Order of the Lily and the Order of the Rose). Lady Amethyst is including something about this as She speaks of this and shares Her powerful blessing. 💜💜💜

The ceremony is completely telepathic except for the musical background.  The audience is quiet, listening closely to the long and beautiful blessings delivered by Lady Amethyst. Grasping the strong hands of Commander Aiden as we stand face to face at the foot of the dais, I feel the words and energies flowing over me like a silver river.  I close my eyes and see the glowing Presence of many unseen Beings, some of them souls with whom I have spent many lifetimes together as soul mates.  Some are the souls of potential children of Aiden and I. Others are visitors from Arcturus, who are not quite ready to reincarnate, including my beloved former mother, Lady Katrina Morena-Brown Kantor.  She was my mother when I was incarnated as Raphael DeAires Kantor.  Her presence is marked by glowing golden light, her beautiful thick wavy golden hair, and golden tan complexion.  I am touched to feel and see her presence here today.

I open my large eyes and look into Lord Aiden’s deep blue eyes.  He smiles, sensing my nervousness and gives my hand a squeeze.  He is older than I, some 200 years in age to my 32 years (young for an Angelic Pleiadian) and will be my first mate as a female, even though this is my third female incarnation.  The first two lives were spent completely dedicated to performing shamanic work in healing the Pleiadian isles after the war and other tasks assigned me by my Morovian mentor and Grandmother, Lady Chokama, Morovian Goddess of Life and Ancient of Days.

I can feel the radiation of Lord Aiden’s heart flame echoed within my breast.  Apparently, this great lord and commander fell in love with me on the very day I first entered the Line Communications Station abroad the Pleiadian flagship, The White Winds. Lord Aiden felt a quiver of soul recognition as he first saw me standing there dressed in my new uniform and long cadet cloak, as I was escorted into the station by my VaCoupe cousin, Lord Jychondria VaCoupe. I gave Lord Aiden a very precise salute as he was introduced to me as my new (and first) commanding officer.  Lord Aiden was then the 2nd Level Commander in charge of the Line Communications Department and I was a new technician straight off the Medinian University Ship.  We worked together along with the rest of our teams for over a decade.  It was only very recently that a long-term understanding that I would mate one of my distant cousins fell apart and suddenly my future was no longer claimed.  When Lord Aiden found out the news, he suddenly began to hope there existed a possibility that we might share a life together after all.  Within two weeks of whirlwind negotiations between my Uncle Adrigon (as Head of the VaCoupe Family), my parents, and some input from me, Lord Aiden made the arrangements to formalize a new betrothal contract with me.  And today, that pledge is coming to fruition as we stand together, in a very big room filled with quite a few amazing people.

After the blessings are received and the intense high frequency energies descend upon the room, Aiden and I repeat our vows, taking turns:

Aiden holds his hand up to his chest and then holds this hand out to me; I touch his hand and hold it to my chest and repeat the gesture.  This symbolizes the sharing of our heart energies as we join together as One, in the sacred union of man and woman.  Then he recites his joy to be sharing this moment with me, a moment that he has imagined in his great heart for many years.  In his deep baritone he declares: “My beloved Sundeelia, long have I awaited these moments where I can freely look you into your beautiful violet-blue eyes and declare, “I AM yours and you are mine!  I have watched you grow in confidence and skill as we worked together, never daring to step outside our professional relationship… and yet, by some miracle, we now stand here together, in front of family, kin, and friends, about to become life-long mates.  My greatest dreams are coming true and I anticipate spending time with you through all the blessed and joy-filled days ahead, with the golden ships, and our beloved crowd of children.  Oh, my dearest Love, let me proclaim to the Heavens, my soulful devotion to our love and life together.”

Then he gently lifted one of my hands to his lips and kissed it, while gazing deep into my eyes.  This man, with whom I have worked for over a decade, is revealing more of his true sensitive nature than I could have ever guessed.  A dam of propriety has been swept away and now we are being joined together in the eyes and sight of the gathered audience.  He is willing to completely and fully open his great heart and I take a deep breath and return the radiant heart energies until they completely fill up my chest.  I feel I am becoming Light, dancing on the high frequency of the grand room, no longer a physical creature but one of Light and Love, soaring on a cloud of tender and intimate emotion and consciousness.  For a breathless moment, it seems as if our very molecules, cells, sinew and muscles have blended into one another and then, just as quickly, we again stand facing and gazing into each other’s eyes with great tenderness.

Again, I smile, discerning the sweet vulnerability of my love standing before me, baring his beautiful soul to me as our energetic light bodies combine.  He steps closer and bends over lightly kissing me on the forehead.  As he is much taller than me, I reach out and touch him affectionately on the nose. [Dear Readers: Pleiadians do not kiss each other on the lips].  Together, we exchange vows of fidelity, devotion, and mutual respect.  At the end of our vows, Lord Aiden gathers me up in a hug, as a few people in the audience give audible cheers (Commander Strabo Diaz and my Eagles!).  We laugh and turn towards the first step leading to the dais as Lord Zadkiel and Lady Venus approach and give us their blessings.  Lord Adrigon then gives a blessing on behalf of Lord Aiden (his parents are deceased; Lord Adrigon is Aiden’s overlord on the Isle of Medina).  Then, Lady Amethyst instructs us to turn to the audience as She announces: “May I present Lord Aiden and Lady Sundeelia Mathdis!  May your days together be long, happy, and fruitful!”

More cheers ring out as we walk up the aisle to the grand exit of the audience room.  We are walking hand in hand, me with a permanent blush on my face, and Aiden with a wonderful radiant smile.

The next portion of this ceremony is the reception.  My older ‘nephew’ Lord Rananda Kumara has claimed my hand for the first dance, but first I must eat some of those delectables I see arrayed on long heavy carved wooden tables, piled up with fruits, smoothies, fruit puddings, cold/hot drinks, light crackers and tiny cookies, light soups and heavier fare for the Sirians and Felines present, fish/shrimp, vegetables and bowls of fluffy rice and lightly steamed grains.  The hours go by lightened by conversation, dancing, and good company in this joy-filled gathering, my first ever matetation as a woman.

At the end of a long day, we will be flown to the Isle of Pla, a moon of Venus, to spend a couple of weeks relaxing on the beach.  After the honeymoon, the two of us will be transferring back to the Isle of Medina to live in Jolf, a town I loved long ago as Raphael.  Aiden is being promoted to Head Commander, Special Projects, and I am being promoted to 2nd Level Commander, Consultant, Special Projects.  It is our mutual intent to re-start the Starship Project (see Remembrances) this time backed up by Lord Adrigon VaCoupe in his capacity as Lord of the Pleiades and Supreme Top Commander of the Pleiadian Fleets.

Lord Aiden and I will reside in Jolf, a beautiful little town filled with amazing towers, 18 chapels, and abundant flowers.  Besides our continuing work for the Command, we will pursue our mutual interests of gardening, cooking, and enjoying the company of good friends and visitors.  It is our intention to bring several children into the world.  It is a new and very different life I enter now, my beloved Family and I do so with an open and joy-filled heart knowing that I have been united with a man who I respect and honor.  He is an intelligent, sensitive, intuitive man, different than I was as Raphael, but very compatible with the present “me”.  I am very pleased and happy that everything has worked out for both of us in Divine order.

I AM Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe Mathdis, Lady of Jolf, Lady of Light

Arianna: Thank you dear Sister for sharing your exquisite love-filled ceremony! I could easily add to your lists of family and friends in attendance. Yet instead, I share that this ceremony ushers in new beginnings within this great Quadrant of Eden. 💜 Due the importance of the symbology of the great House from the Pleiades, the Sirian Nation, the Isle of Ashtar and the Isle of Love, Venus joining as ONE, this grand ceremony was broadcast throughout the entire Command and instantaneously back to all isles of the Star Nations listed above. I have awareness that those in Jolf and all isles joined their hearts in cheers with all blessed to be present.

Sunny:  I’m sure the whole population of little Jolf stuffed themselves into the council chambers so they might view the ceremony on the giant comm screen there… It’s a big room where once Commander Raphael VaCoupe stood after landing a little golden ship in the town square outside.  We will have a town-wide celebration and reception when Lord Aiden and I return to dear little Jolf, a town that truly captured my heart thousands of years ago.  And now, I have captured the loving heart of its handsome lord, my new mate, Aiden Mathdis.

With our arrival in Jolf, I will have come full circle in at least a part of this great soul journey.  I will be back in a town that I love, with a man whom I respect, honor and now am free to love.  I am back to live on the medium-sized isle with the giant yellow diamond Heart Star, the ancient Feline Founder outpost and a rumor of sentient crystalline golden ships in the winds that blow off the freshwater seas…

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