May – June 2021: Eclipse Season & Mercury Retrograde by Sarah Varcas


No More Saviours


Sarah Varcas


26th May: Lunar Eclipse & full Supermoon in 6th degree of Sagittarius

29th May: Mercury stations retrograde in 25th degree of Gemini

10th June: Solar Eclipse in 20th degree of Gemini

14th June: Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus for the 2nd time

19th June: Eclipse season ends

22nd June: Mercury stations direct in 17th degree of Gemini

All dates are UT

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A lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on 26th May begins a sequence of key astrological events, making June 2021 rich with opportunities to rethink our perspective and deepen our perceptions. In these coming weeks our relationship to facts, information, perception and expertise – the domains of Sagittarius and Gemini – can shift exponentially. We were primed for this time by the supermoon on 27th April, with events that occurred back then setting the scene for predominant issues in the weeks to come.

But whilst that supermoon was all about emotion, this eclipse season lifts us out of the emotional realm into the relational world of the mind. It is time to examine without guile our thought processes, beliefs and assumptions which forever shape our experience of life and the world around us. Whilst doing so may unavoidably trigger emotional responses, these emotions are not to become the focus of our process. Instead, we are tasked with renewing our mind to clear the way for more incisive perceptions and an ever-expanding world view. It is time to rise out of emotion, into wise discernment.

Reclaiming our mind from the tyranny of fear

Falling in the signs of Sagittarius (fire) and Gemini (air), these eclipses, together with Mercury retrograde, invite us to reclaim our mind from the occupying forces that tell us what to believe, who to trust and who or what to fear. The modern age which deifies a single perspective and drowns out, bans and cancels anyone with a differing view is not conducive to listening to our inner voice that knows far better what’s best for us! It’s hard to trust your intuition when everything around you is telling you it’s wrong and that some ‘expert’ knows your best interests better than you. It’s difficult to stand firm when those who question prevailing narratives and expose far reaching lies are deplatformed, silenced and vilified. It’s tough to speak your truth when even those people you love and respect refuse to engage until you say what they want to hear.

But for many months now this world has been saturated and shaped by fear: the most pervasive force in the human psyche. It erodes our sovereignty and makes us vulnerable to the dictates of whoever conjures it the most. Beware those who engender fear and then conveniently present a solution to it! This has been the way of dictators for many a long year. The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on 26th May can be used by just such individuals to further their agenda. An agenda which will never be in our interests. No one who truly has our well-being at heart wants us disempowered by fear – helpless and vulnerable, terrified of each other and the world at large. When we relinquish our power, that power doesn’t disappear. It passes to the person we turn to for protection. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to ask what are you doing with your innate power? Who are you expecting to protect you and why?

As such, this is an excellent time to reflect on where these many months of fear have gotten us, and how trustworthy its peddlers have proven to be. It’s also an opportunity to detach from that fear and think objectively about the many conflicting stories we’ve been asked to believe. How often official narratives have sought to divide and rule, polarising different sectors of our local and global family. But we don’t have to fall for any of this. We’re not robots who hate at the flick of a switch or fear at the press of a button. We can think for ourselves. Research for ourselves. Ask questions. Seek answers. Intuit for ourselves. We have instinct and insight, personal experience to draw upon and innate wisdom that no one can take away from us.

If ever there was a time to reclaim all of these things it is now. Before it’s too late. We can’t politely sit this one out, telling ourselves ‘it’ll all be okay in the end’. There are no guarantees and it is we who decide the outcome. We are players in life, not pawns. And if we don’t act, you can rest assured those invested with our power will. No doubt about that whatsoever!

Towers struck down

In these coming weeks, truths long hidden will rise to the surface and revelations may fill the air. If you’ve been peering through some cracks in your understanding, or gazing at a growing chasm of incomprehension, this time could be revelatory beyond measure as towers of belief begin to crumble. And whilst we may well see this dynamic played out on the national and international stage, it’s just as likely to occur in the theatre of our everyday lives, as it becomes unavoidably apparent that what we thought to be true is anything but and who we thought we could trust is cast in a shadier light.

Whilst the Sagittarius lunar eclipse on 26th May will cast a spotlight on those who seek to control us with their narrative, the Gemini solar eclipse on 10th June, while Mercury is retrograde, will help us discern our own perspective. Refuse to be herded into belief systems serving only those who propagate them. We don’t have to play the game of divide and rule in which fear has become a virtue, independent thought a crime and one perspective is set against another. We can unite instead and forge a different path, strengthened by our shared humanity.

But be warned! A prevailing square between Neptune and Mercury alerts us to the manipulation of information between mid-May and mid-July 2021. So listen to these revelations with a questioning mind. Refuse to swallow wholesale what doesn’t feel right. Resist the pressure to toe the line and nod along with things that don’t ring true. Do your own research. Stand in your own truth. Notice who consolidates power from the prevailing narrative, and what they choose to do with it. Watch. Listen. Question. Reflect. Affirm your right to freedom of thought and draw your own conclusions. Truth speaks to those who will listen. Don’t let it be drowned out by shame or fear.

The turn of the ages

Uranus and Saturn form the second of three squares on 14th June 2021. As we straddle the border between the receding Piscean Age and the burgeoning Aquarian one, the temptation to retreat into the Piscean shadow of victim consciousness is still strong and our self-appointed saviours and gurus are many. But this victim consciousness must end. It has to stop now. We’ve been brainwashed across decades into believing we are vulnerable and powerless, that we need the special experts who know what’s best for us. That we must bow to their superior knowledge and be grateful for the scraps of freedom that fall from their table. This is a lie. We are not vulnerable nor powerless. We are power beyond measure and more radiant than the sun. We are perfectly capable of assessing risk, making decisions, looking after ourselves and each other without doing so out of paralysing fear. Instead we can do it out of love and wisdom, instinct and intuition. We can do it with courage and insight. Like an animal who smells threat on the air and knows when and where to seek safety, we can spot our predators and neutralise their threat by the simple reclamation of our sovereign right to live free.

Our humanity will save us

When all is said and done, our humanity will save us. Not a further decline into separation, vilification and blame. To love we must live from the inside out, drawing from the source of well-being and wisdom that resides at our core. Not be played like a puppet by those who demand our submission. Cliché though it may be, love is the answer. Not yielding and placating love but wild, vibrant, unrelenting love which knows no bounds and believes no lies. This love speaks hard truths and holds us to account. It holds up a mirror and insists we stare into it unflinching. An on-going square between Pluto and Eris demands we see ourselves as we are. Forces of nature. Spirit embodied. Sovereign, resplendent and free. If we don’t, we diminish ourselves and embolden the tyrants of this world. So cherish yourself, think for yourself. Put two and two together, stand tall and speak your truth, bold as bold can be.

It really is time to choose…. love or fear… courage or surrender… sovereignty or tyranny. Rarely have we been faced with such a far-reaching and urgent decision. I can’t stress this enough! We are midwives of the Aquarian Age, right here, right now, in every choice we make, each minute of every single day. We must all play our part in the great awakening. The new age is drawing near.

Sarah Varcas


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