Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



We’d like to further yesterday’s message about meeting people where they are and navigating the vibrational layers between you and others.

Imagine a two story house with a basement. The basement could be considered 3D. There is not a lot of light on this layer. It is quite an uncomfortable space to try to thrive in. Many on this layer are in survival mode. The main floor is 4D. It has much more light and provides more comfort, discovery, and sustenance. The upstairs is 5D. This is the layer that is far more comfortable, supportive, and holds the energy of rejuvenation. It is where you can just be. The attic is where the angels, masters, and higher guides reside.

Most people who have not begun their enlightenment journey would be in resonance with the basement. Others who are firmly on their enlightenment journey are spending more and more of their time upstairs.

The people in the basement have some idea that there’s a floor above them. They may even occasionally go up the stairs and explore it a little before the go back to the basement. But they really don’t have much of an awareness of the upstairs or attic because there is too much space between them and that area.

You, on the other hand, remember the basement because that is where you started and you have awareness of both the main floor and the attic from where you are. To meet people in the middle you would go to the main floor and encourage people in the basement to meet you there.

Do you see? It is a layer that you can both access with relative ease and a place where you can see and acknowledge each other. And while there may be some people who aren’t quite ready to come up the stairs to the higher floors of the house, you are all occupying the same building and are equally valued and loved no matter where you are choosing to spend the majority of your time. And rest assured that all beings, no matter how stubborn or stoic, will eventually tire of the lack of support in the basement and will seek out the light. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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