Sundeelia: Shamanism in the PleiadesPosted on May 19, 2021 by Eliza Ayres


Sundeelia:  Shamanism in the Pleiades

Here’s another suggestion for a topic coming from a reader:

Sharon: You made an interesting comment towards the end that you would rather be a shaman than a priestess. I know about shaman here on Terra but I would like to hear from you about shaman in the Pleiades. What do they do there? To show you just how little we understand about your culture and society I was surprised to learn that there are shaman in the Pleiades. I am hoping that you will want to write an article on this topic. Thanks again!

I suppose from an Earth perspective… or at least from a modern ‘Western’ perspective, shamanism is regarded as very primitive and questionable spiritual practice.  The image of the tribal witch doctor chanting while holding some sort of branch, plant or object above his subject dominates the Western idea of what constitutes a shaman.  This is, as most notions of shamanism here and elsewhere, far from encompassing the truth about what duties the shaman is meant to perform.

Again, this is not a subject that I am an authority on.  I am writing from impressions obtained from afar, as only a small percentage of my consciousness resides here on Earth in my present ‘borrowed’ physical vehicle. Still I will do my best to give a short introduction to shamanism as it is practiced in the Pleiades.  In short, I am not here to practice shamanism.

Firstly, Pleiadian shamans work with the elementals, non-physical beings of the air, earth, fire, and water.  There is, of course, yet another element which is called ‘ether’ or ‘aether’ which consists of the unseen binding forces which unites all physical life and manifestations.

In the Pleiades, there is one person who is the Teacher of all shamans, the Lady Chokama, regarded by the people of the tribal Isle of Morova to be the Goddess of Life.  As to how that relates to the shaman of North America, the being called White Buffalo Woman is one of the Daughters of Lady Chokama, sent to Earth long ago to work with the indigenous tribes.  Yes, the Pleiadians have long worked with the generations of Earth humans as many are our cousins, descendants of tribal people (black hair, reddish-brown complexions) who came to Earth during the time of Lemuria and later still, settled in Northern Europe, the blonde or red-haired/blue-eyed ‘Aryan’ stock of Germany, Scandinavian countries, Great Britain, France, and so on.

Although I have not yet written about these lifetimes, I have a faint memory of spending at least three lifetimes as a shaman in the Pleiades.  In the first life, I was still a male, known as Twelfth Owl.  I was born into the Morovian family of Lady Chokama and knew her as ‘Grandmother’, a title by which I still address Her.  Lady Chokama is an Ancient of Days and has outlived generations of Pleiadians.

In appearance, Lady Chokama probably would surprise one.  She is tiny in build, delicate, with the black hair of the Morovian people caught up into many braids, decorated with beads of different sizes and feathers.  She typically wears a simple cotton or linen gown, open at the sides for ease of walking, under which she has leggings and soft boots.  While she is small in stature, the power of the woman is vast and can be felt by those who are sensitive.  Her eyes are a dark blue and can pierce one’s soul with a brief glance.  Her complexion is the same rich reddish-brown of Her Morovian tribal people.  She often lives in a tent as She wishes to be at all times close to the earth and other elementals.  Despite her seemingly exotic appearance, Lady Chokama is highly regarded by the rulers and people of the Pleiades.  She often attends Councils and travels frequently via star ships throughout the vast regions of the Federation.  As she travels, she will also stop at the various spiritually-oriented schools and universities looking for potential students, as She teaches all the shamans in the Pleiades.

Now, what does a Shaman do in the Pleiades?  The particular focus of the individual shaman would depend on their innate gifts and abilities with which they were born into any one lifetime.  When I was Raphael DeAires Kantor, I first came to the notice of Lady Chokama when I connected with Alcyone during a meditation.  If you know what Alcyone is, a huge star that is the largest star within the Pleiadian cluster consisting of at least 500 stars, you will begin to understand what a feat that would be considered.  Yet, I was an untrained 14-year-old boy, just freed from a decade of slavery and abuse… Still, Lady Chokama would have been delighted to take me on as one of her students so she could train or rather direct my talents into specific ways.  Still, it was not to be in that lifetime, so Lady Chokama and I were compelled to wait; my talents as an intuitive tactician and visionary came under demand by the Pleiadian Command as at the time we were deeply engrossed in defending our people from a series of attacks coming from a dangerous and extremely aggressive enemy.

Well after the end of the Pleiadian phase of the Orion Wars (aka ‘Star Wars’) when next I incarnated, I chose to be born into a Morovian family.  Pleiadian children come in any one family through a conscious effort between the potential parents and the soul of the child.  Pleiadians regard motherhood as a career, a sacred calling, and all children are cherished.  It wasn’t always so, but that was due to inference by enemy agents who infiltrated some of the tribal families and even aristocratic families on some of the Isles during the course of the Orion Wars, which went on for over 500 years Pleiadian ‘time’.

After the wars were finished in the Pleiades, my particular talents as a warrior or commander were no longer needed and I could use other innate abilities, one of which was the ability to speak or communicate telepathically with crystals and other elementals, but primarily crystals.

In the Pleiades, we utilize crystal technology to run our ships.  The crystals act as huge storage devices, with all information garnered downloaded into huge mother crystals that also serve to store solar energy coming from our suns.  The solar energy is then used to propel our ships, great and small, through space, whether between our Isles or by making great jumps from one galaxy to another.  The Earth may be 440 light years from the Pleiadian Federation, but our ships can span the distance in a couple of hours.

So, back to shamans.  The primary function of a Shaman in the Pleiades would be to work as an intermediary between the consciousness of the elemental world and the human collective of any one isle (planet).  Universally, Pleiadians have an awareness that all physical manifestation contains its own innate intelligence.  This means that every crystal, plant, stone, body of water, wind, animals, and humans, contain their own unique energetic signature, resonance or frequency.

We have in the Pleiades, beings who are known as humanoid elementals.  They are similar in appearance to what Tolkien imagined the hobbits, short, jolly, round-faced individuals with brown or blue eyes, dark hair.  Lady Chokama could be considered an embodied elemental, yet Her appearance is slightly different from other human elementals.  With Her great power, She is considered an Elohim, a goddess who commands the elements.

Lady Chokama trains her students and apprentices to work with the elementals.  There some shamans that work with other elements than the crystals, but I primarily was focused on crystals, perhaps due to some early training in another lifetime or two.  Crystals are used as physical record-keepers, on our ships, and in the great Temples.  During my lifetime as Raphael, I connected with several Mother Crystals, crystals of enormous dimensions, one being the crystal heart of the Isle of Medina, a huge yellow diamond.  Despite still being a commander in the Fleet, in that life, I became an untrained Crystal Master, able to activate a crystal and to teach it, receive and give downloads of information and so on.  I intuitively knew crystals were fully conscious and actively chose to consciously work with them well before many in our societies could even accept the concept that crystals were sentient Beings.

I continued this sort of work as Twelfth Owl, only my emphasis was on aligning the human consciousness of the indigenous inhabitants of any one Isle to that of its elemental kingdoms.  You see, in the Pleiades, the humans who live on a particular isle agree as a collective on the physical appearance, climate, and focus of the inhabitants.  This collective agreement is done in respect with the elementals who then bring into manifestation what has been agreed upon.

There were also evolutionary changes that the shamans and priestesses of the Pleiades worked upon.  We wanted to create a human being that was stronger physically, more flexible and longer lived than Earth humans.  The level of consciousness of the human collective determines or can determine such things.  So, we taught our people, depending on the focus of each individual Isle, how to go about consciously evolving form and function until our people, at the very least live 300 Earth years, and that is the conscious choice of the people living on that particular Isle, a small moon circling around the solar isle of Maia, another one of the great stars of the Pleiades.  Many Pleiadians, especially the physical Angelics, which are a part of my heritage, live for thousands of Earth years.

One of my concerns as a Shaman was to assist the women of the Pleiades to evolve to the point where childbirth no longer was painful.  I lost a well-loved mate to a difficult childbirth.  The child survived, but the mother did not.  I also knew of several of my adopted and blood kin who had lost mothers during childbirth.  Over many centuries, hundreds of thousands of Earth years, with the assistance of our priests, priestesses and shamans, our women developed a manner of birthing unique to the Pleiades, one that is etheric rather than physical.  The mates, man and woman, meditate with the soul of the incoming child, for a period of six months to three years depending on the complexity of the child, and then work on the formation of the body and life plan of the child.  When the child is born, it steps through the woman’s body in Light Body form, and within three days, the light body precipitates down into physical form, equivalent in appearance to a two or three-year-old Earth child.  These children are born fully conscious, remembering their relationships to the soul family into which they have been born.

Many of my fellow shamans and priestesses, worked upon this great task through several hundreds of thousands of years, to evolve our physical forms to a high degree, each working on advising, teaching, and instructing our people on soul evolution through meditation, good works, and service for the good of the collective, which included the Isles upon which we lived and worked.  From an Earth perspective, I guess you could regard most Pleiadians as being etheric beings, yet to our eyes and perceptions, we have physical forms that resonate at 5D and higher.  To those with clairvoyance, we would appear as Light Beings.  To each other, we are quite physical, but far more conscious than the current consciousness level of Earth humans (3D/4D).  Naturally resonating at 5D and higher, most of the extrasensory perceptions (the Clairs, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and so on) are quite common among our people.  We are all telepathic, although we do use on occasion our physical voices when communicating with other species of humans.  Some of us, especially our shamans can also communicate telepathically with other species, like our sentient dolphins and whales, and even plants, and crystals.

We are a people who work through love, harmony, peace, and abundance for all.  There are no privileged beings who lord over the common people on our worlds.  Those who are our lords and ladies have earned their titles and offices through soul evolution, not by an accident of birth or marriage.  We are also aware that humility and conscious alignment with Source energy is the nexus of our personal and collective power.  We gain our spiritual strength through our devotion to Life and to each other.

So, our shamans work with the elementals, with the Isles, and with the consciousness of our people.  We work, in effect, with the quantum levels of consciousness, the unseen, unfelt… at least by those who have not yet opened their inner eyes (pineal gland) and other non-physical senses.  We are quite aware that all physical and non-physical manifestations are sentient.  Our Isles have consciousness, our animals are sentient, our people are fully conscious… now.  It wasn’t always so, but we as a collective have concentrated on evolving and lifting up our collective consciousness as we knew that by doing so, we would free ourselves from ever again being subjected to attacks made by another low-frequency enemy force.  Our resonance, our determination and intent to become free and remain free, is what gave us the strength and focus to consciously evolve as a people.  And now, we assist other human collectives through the application of Love and Light energies.

The above text was channeled, more or less.  It is certainly not a full explanation of the work done by shamans in the Pleiades.  Just know that our work…is now well-accepted and honored among the Pleiadian people as it has brought benefits for all.

I AM Sundeelia

© All Rights Reserved; videos and recordings of this written material are not permitted.  Author: Eliza Ayres,


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