Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



There is a process for enlightening human beings which involves going inward for growth, discovery, and healing and then going outward to test what is possible now due to the work you had done. The changes always begin within, and then the results are seen in a tangible way outwardly. This is perfectly normal and part of the greater ebbs and forward movements that are the part of the entirety of the flow.

What this means is if you keep encountering a theme, it can very well be not because you haven’t healed it but rather as a chance to experience how much healing has occurred. This is a common misconception, that themes keep happening because you are not healed, when in fact your soul had simply very cleverly orchestrated many opportunities for you to gauge and experience your mastery over a certain theme.

A recurring theme doesn’t in any way indicate success or failure. It simply indicates an area of your life you wished to explore in a deeper way. How you handle that theme as it occurs will shift as you evolve until such time as there is no energetic charge at all to that area of study. At that point you can simply chuckle over how efficient your soul was at keeping the theme looping around in your awareness to give you plenty of opportunities for your own success.

Do you see? Themes come around to serve you, not punish you. This can help you be at ease with your journey because you will never miss what you intended to experience. In fact, you will be given many, many opportunities to see how far you have grown. This was done with love, for you, by you, based on what you wanted to experience and master for your continued evolution. And above all else, we wish for you to know that if you have chosen a theme it means you also hold the full potential to come to a space of peace with it. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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