Emmanuel Dagher – May 2021 Energy Forecast


Hi My Friend,

It’s always an honor for me to connect with you in this way.

On behalf of all humanity, thank you for choosing to be here at this time, to help elevate the consciousness of the planet by simply being you.

This brand new month of May has many positive shifts in store, so let’s get right to it!

Shifting Into Freedom

In recent weeks, a shift has been taking place in the collective experience, as a result of the inner healing work so many have been doing.

This internal and external shift is creating an awakening that is helping us create different paths for ourselves, and for humanity as a whole. Those paths will support a much freer way of living.

We may not have fully realized yet all of the answers needed to create a reality that allows us all to be equally free.

Yet we are being powerfully pulled in that direction, and before we know it, the answers will reveal themselves.

No amount of distraction being pushed at us now—whether through fear, control, or dysfunction—can stop this freedom shift from happening.

This quiet, peaceful, yet powerful shift will leave many of us feeling as if we have woken up from a dreamlike state. It will allow us to feel fully present, conscious, and more grounded than ever.

An important factor in our anchoring a reality where we are all equally free, is for us to put aside our differences, and to recognize the humanity in one another.

2020 highlighted the extreme polarity between us and our shadow selves. And it created a world that looked more divided than ever.

But as with any healing process, these deeply ingrained patterns needed to come to the surface to be addressed, healed, and resolved.

Now is the time for us to heal these extreme polarities within ourselves, so that we can begin healing our relationships with one another, and with the world.

By coming together and putting aside our differences, no matter what political, religious, or other affiliations we have attached ourselves to, we will prevail in transforming the old dense systems and structures that thrive on keeping us in a reality of fear, greed, and separation.

We have the power to free ourselves from that kind of reality. It begins by healing our relationship with ourselves first, then extending our hand to others, no matter how “different” they may seem.

We may see the power of this latest shift already active within us. For example:

Has your tolerance lessened for anything not coming from a kind, compassionate, respectful space?

Has your desire or need to please others, in order to receive their love and approval, taken a backseat lately?

Are you finding it easier to speak up for yourself and say what you really want to say, instead of what you think people want to hear? Meaning, are you finding you are censoring yourself less now?

If you answered “Yes” to at least two of those three questions, then you are aligned with the freedom shift taking place right now.

That can feel uncomfortable at times, especially when so many are still entranced by the distractions being pushed at us now.

You may be feeling as if you’re alone, or that no one understands. Just know that you are not alone, and that there are many who are experiencing the same.

Kindness and compassion are the threads that can help us reconnect with one another.

A Freedom Formula

With the number of big changes going on right now, it can be very helpful to create a road map for ourselves to help us navigate it all.

I’ve found that the following three things can greatly support us in anchoring greater freedom:

The first thing we can do to anchor greater freedom, is to get clear on what our authentic self desires more of.

Once we have that clarity, we can begin to speak to the Universe, ourselves, and the world around us, and ask for what we desire.

As empaths, many of us tend to shy away from asking for what we really want, because we just don’t like “rocking the boat” or placing any burdens on anyone.

This leaves many empaths settling for the bare necessities, so that they have just enough to get by.

This is us giving our power away.

It usually happens because we think people might judge us if we asked for what we truly want, or that having what we want makes us less spiritual in some way.

It is our birthright, and beyond OK to experience ALL of the blessings life has for us!

That includes myriad positive experiences, objects, people, and places, and many other blessings the Universe has to offer.

Being clear on what we desire and then asking for it, gives the Universe the opportunity to rise up and actually give it to us!

From this empowered space, the guessing, passive/aggressive behavior, and mixed signals that often delay our desired manifestations dissolve.

Another way to awaken to greater freedom in our lives is to get clear on what freedom means to us.

Authentic Freedom transcends linear (or “structured”) time, and instantly places us in eternal time, which is no-time.

Every time you feel truly free, it means you are living more in your heart, and less in your mind, operating fully in the present moment.

From this space, our only job each day is to align with the present moment—to be here now. To be completely present in every experience we are having, as often as we can remember to do so.

When we do this intentionally every day, all of the freedom and abundance of the Universe becomes accessible to us.

The third way we can anchor freedom is to take more risks.

Most of the people reading this now are probably highly empathic.

And because of how sensitive empaths are, due to the gift of being able to feel all the energies around us, taking risks isn’t always our first choice (though for some, that may be part of their personality makeup).

Though it can sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable to take risks, risk-taking has the gift of being able to help us expand beyond any old limitations we may have created.

A productive way to start taking risks is to invest in ourselves more—our well-being, our gifts, and our talents and contributions to the world.

We can do that by taking action that supports our health and well-being, spiritual development, and creative ventures.

These three processes—recognizing what our authentic self desires, and what freedom is to us, while taking more healthy risks—can help us expand into greater freedom in our lives.

They can also help us to be more prepared and flexible when it comes to embracing the epic inner and outer shifts happening now.

We are living in the times our ancient ancestors talked about for thousands of years! It’s happening all around us, here and now.

Befriending the Unknown

Our lives and our Spirits are always open to us living fully and joyfully, though so many hold back from living life to the fullest, out of fear of the unknown.

And yet our higher self—our Spirit—sees what is to come, and is at peace with that, and with everything in our lives.

Because it lives separately from the narrow survival mentality of the ego, our Spirit is always free to explore and welcome in more abundance, more love, more self-expression.

Our Spirit knows what we need, and is constantly seeking ways to support and encourage us in that. We don’t have to stress about what “might be coming next.”

All we have to do is listen to and honor the guidance our Spirit offers us every day.

Remember the movie where Indiana Jones steps out onto an invisible bridge that stretches across a deep chasm?

The bridge only appears once he begins to step onto it.

Imagine how amazing our lives would be, starting at the moment we released our fear of the unknown, and simply asked our Spirit, “What is the next wonderful thing for me to do, realize, give, or receive?”!

May is an excellent time for us to let go of our fear of the unknown—to release our tendency to be led by the survival-based mind. We are then able to open up to all of the magic the rest of the year holds.

These are not only opportunities for inner growth and realization. They are also moments that are there to enrich our lives with more joy, beauty, creativity, and fulfillment.

Now is the time to discover what feels wonderful to us, in other words!

It might be something in our work, our relationships, our living environment. Or it might be travel to new places, a new kind of creative expression, or greater health and well-being.

Think of an area where you would love to experience more joy, more peace of heart and mind, and more fulfillment, because now is the perfect time to open up to unexpected blessings in that area!

The key here is to be flexible, open, and adaptable to new ideas, new perspectives on old issues, and new ways of doing things.

Now is the time to allow our Spirit/Life to guide us on the journey It has always dreamt of taking us on.

It’s time to fly! It’s time to set ourselves free!

Let’s do that together.

Until next time,


©2009 – 2021 Emmanuel Dagher. All Rights Reserved www.emmanueldagher.com.

You are absolutely welcome to share and distribute these forecasts with others as you feel guided. Please make sure to keep the integrity of this article by including the name of the author and the source website link.Taking Care of Our Temple

For most of the month of May, we will also find ourselves desiring a deeper connection to our body, and with the physical aspects of our reality.

Even those who tend to concentrate more on their emotional or mental aspects will find themselves wanting to feel more physically present and aware.

If we’re feeling guided to be more present in our body by taking care of, loving, and rejuvenating it, now is the perfect time for that.

We may find ourselves craving a spa day, where we can pamper ourselves with a massage, an enriching hot springs bath, or a facial.

Another way to be more present and supportive of our body is through physical movement, such as dancing, speed-walking, swimming, or any other movement that feels good to us.

Stretching and elongating the body will also help to open and activate energy points in the body that may have felt stagnant.

These activities will help us take care of our current “home,” which is this sacred body we are living in. By taking care of our body, we are more easily able to connect with and feel our energetic, emotional, and mental aspects.

Taking care of ourselves physically is one of the most spiritual things we can do.

Another aspect of embracing the physical part of our experience is to open ourselves up to physical contact and intimacy. Many who walk a spiritual path tend to isolate themselves as a result of past experiences, or simply because they are dedicated to focusing on their own well-being and spiritual growth.

Yet a big part of experiencing optimal physical health is allowing ourselves to get close to another in an intimate way. This type of connection releases emotional energies and physical chemicals in the body that create a healthier physical experience.

Stability and Feeling Grounded

By mid-May, we have the opportunity to stabilize and feel more grounded within ourselves and our environment.

We feel most grounded when we are relaxed, at ease, and at peace, and this month, the energies will support us with moving in this direction.

Even those who tend to live a bit more on the edge—those who concentrate on high productivity, and who can be a bit compulsive about work and family responsibilities—will find themselves craving more ease and peace.

We will continue to be nudged to embrace and operate in the present moment.

When we are living in the present, we become far more grounded and aware.

This creates the kind of stability in our energies that so many go without every day. It is a portal to finding and being our most powerful self.

When we are caught up in the illusions of time, we tend to forget who we are, and what is really important on our path.

But in the space of no-time, we are able to experience the kind of detachment that powerfully supports the manifestation of our greatest intentions.



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