Sundeelia: Reincarnation


Sundeelia:  Reincarnation

Today’s topic is reincarnation. As always, my words are simply a stepping off point for your own studies, if you are interested in such things. I encourage you to pursue your own studies if you have the time and interest. Be careful to observe what kinds of world cultures attract your attention or curiosity. It may be that you spent a lifetime or two in an entirely different culture, religion, or gender. Knowing about reincarnation, can assist you to know yourself in greater depth. Self-mastery comes with self-knowledge and acceptance.

Now, onto the topic. The quote below is from Patricia Cota-Robles, a dignified lady who has been actively involved in teaching about ascension under the guidance of Master St. Germain. Patricia shares her wisdom garnered from her dedicated service to humanity:

‘It does not matter whether we believe in reincarnation or whether we understand that we have an accumulation of experiences from other time frames and dimensions that are influencing our present lives; it is happening anyway. If we stop resisting this Truth and just accept it as a possibility, it will certainly be to our advantage. We will experience a positive shift in our lives even if we just say to ourselves, “Maybe it is true. Maybe I can turn things around in my life by accepting the Law of the Circle and working with this principle instead of fighting against it.” When we are willing to take this first step and genuinely put forth the effort to transmute the past with the Violet Flame and correct our behavior by changing the way we think and feel, the floodgates of Heaven will open to assist us in accomplishing our goals.’ ~ Patricia Cota-Robles, Era of Peace,

Simple Violet Flame Invocation:

“I AM my Beloved I AM Presence, invoking the full power of the Violet Flame to transmute cause, core, effect, record and memory every thought, feeling, word or action Humanity has ever expressed in any time frame or dimension, both known and unknown, that reflects anything less than the limitless perfection of God.”

Wikipedia defines reincarnation as: Reincarnation, also known as rebirth or transmigration, is the philosophical or religious belief that the non-physical essence of a living being begins a new life in a different physical form or body after biological death[1][2] Resurrection is a similar process hypothesized by some religions, in which a soul comes back to life in the same body. In most beliefs involving reincarnation, the soul is seen as immortal and the only thing that becomes perishable is the body. Upon death, the soul becomes transmigrated into a new infant (or animal) to live again. The term transmigration means passing of soul from another body to another after-death.

The word reincarnation derives from a Latin term that literally means ‘entering the flesh again’. Reincarnation refers to the belief that an aspect of every human being (or all living beings in some cultures) continues to exist after death. This aspect may be the soul or mind or consciousness or something transcendent which is reborn in an interconnected cycle of existence; the transmigration belief varies by culture, and is envisioned to be in the form of a newly born human being, or animal, or plant, or spirit, or as a being in some other non-human realm of existence.[13][14][15]

Edgar Cayce, the famous 20th century prophet spoke of ‘past lives’ at least 2,000 times during his ‘readings’ or series of trance-channelings.  Mr. Cayce focused on the practical ways of dealing with life here and now – by living, growing, and being of service in the present.  He felt – or at least the being who was communicating through Mr. Cayce felt – that it was not important to know who we were or what we did other than to be able to identify those factors now affecting our current lives.  The teachings presented also emphasized that karma did not occur between two (or more) people but with oneself.  Therefore, one had the opportunity to learn the lessons presented in their current form, while knowing how one did not learn the lesson in the past.

Reincarnation is a basic tenet of many East Indian religions, which have been handed down from the original Sirian migrants to this planet. One of their ‘gods’ is a living being, Lord Krishna, the current spiritual leader of Sirius A. He reincarnates as Himself in each life. In the Pleiades, we have beings like Lord Aeolus, who incarnates the Holy Spirit in physical form. He, also, reincarnates as Himself, over and over, while he has extremely long lives as an Ancient of Days among our people. We know of these things and accept them as a part of our lives.

Apparently, reincarnation was a core belief in the early days of Christianity.  It is known that Empress Theodora, wife of Emperor Justinian, had a hand in seeing that this impediment to her own deification was removed from all Christian doctrine.  In latter years, the belief was stamped out with the destruction by the Catholic Church and its Inquisition of all Christian beliefs and sects considered heretical to the ultimate iron-fisted control of the Roman Church.

As a teenager, my sister first encountered the concept of reincarnation within the readings of Edgar Cayce.  Her well-traveled uncle who avidly studied metaphysics gave a book about Cayce to her father, who passed it onto to his daughter to read.  Tazjma had no issue in knowing that reincarnation was real.  She didn’t feel that she had to conform to the teachings presented in the church that she attended as a child.  In fact, she felt that some of the methods used to teach children about religion were silly and pedantic, designed to elicit fear.  She always questioned things and thus, she grew beyond the programming of her childhood.

If you understand that life, your physical life, is an opportunity to expand your consciousness, you will endeavor to correct your own misbehaviors and miscreations.  If you are aware that choices and actions taken in another life can affect your behavior in this one, you have an opportunity to change, but you have to be the one to make that choice.

In my culture at Home in the Pleiades, many of our children come into embodiment with full or nearly full memory of their soul relationships with their current family, friends, and associates.  Still, there can exist gaps in memory, especially of long-past events and circumstances, that now are affecting your current life.

I wonder whether my mentors deemed it appropriate for a portion of my consciousness to descend to this level so I could re-member those long ago events that were still preventing me from fully clearing my etheric body of extremely ancient trauma stemming from those lives.  I would have to answer in the affirmative.  While it might not be appropriate for just anyone to undertake a long writing assignment like I have done to act as a catalyst for the release of that ancient trauma and pain, it has certainly worked for me.  I can re-read the text of my writings and no longer feel triggered or upset by the story.  When I first started on writing about Lord Delos (The Orion Wars: Sirius) I probably cried for two straight weeks whenever I remembered the name of my former mate then, Anya.  I still tear up when I read about Sirius and my two (relatively) short lifetimes there and how I cannot return back since I completed my soul’s purpose in being there in the first place.  Still, knowing what I know about the culture of Sirius, I would rather not live there as a female.  Read the story about Lord Delos to discover the reason.

The ultimate purpose of reincarnation is for the evolution of the soul.  In each life, the soul learns and hopefully masters various lessons presented to it through the process of living their life.  If the lessons are not mastered, the soul comes into another body eventually and takes up, again, where they left off.

I would think just knowing that you live more than one life would be of comfort to those who feel they have wronged others or have been wronged and do not understand why that happened.

The soul that enlivens the body leaves when the body dies.  The physical body is of the earth, earth-earthy, and corruptible, that is, it returns to its origins.  Then, depending on the evolution of the soul essence, the soul returns and takes up another form and continues its journey.  In my case, I shifted my focus from one solar system (Sirius A) and moved to another ‘universe’, that of the Pleiadian Federation.  Before I reincarnated, I was given a choice of where I could incarnate.  I chose the Pleiades.  Today, I am half-Pleiadian, half-Venusian.  The people of Venus descended primarily from Sirius A and Sirius B, as Sanat Kumara is one of the Sons of Lord Krishna, spiritual leader of the Sirian Star Nation.  I am also aware that my particular lifetimes are guided by my spiritual mentors.  In short, every life, even the short one as a Morovian camel boy, had a purpose, although while in the midst of it, the purpose was somewhat difficult to discern.

Know that each of you has the opportunity to choose whether or not you wish to advance in your soul evolution.  As an incarnated being, you are a co-creator of your world.  You can change, you can take responsibility, or you can slack off and play, putting off for another ‘day’ or lifetime that which you refuse to confront here and now.

I will remind you that payment (balance of the energies) if not paid, will be due, energy is required to be balanced.  And ‘time’ moves in cycles, some of them quite vast in scope when compared to the current length of lives on Earth.  The great year encompasses 26,900 Earth years (rotation of the planet around Sol, its sun) as the solar system circles the Central Sun of this galaxy, Alcyone… which just happens to be one of the main solar isles of the Pleiades.  Our people are of high enough frequency that we live upon our ‘suns’, as do the people of Sirius A and B, and probably an assortment of various other galactic races and species.  Do you wish to linger upon another 3D planet when you now have an opportunity to advance your soul evolution so you might enjoy the higher, more refined energies of the New Earth, the fifth-dimensional world of your near future?  It is your choice.  It has always been your choice.  You just were not yet aware of having a choice because you have long been fed lies by those who are intent on humanity continuing to be subjected to their control… a topic for another essay, not this one.

I encourage you to investigate the concept of reincarnation and to put to yourself questions as to what kinds of lives you might have had in the past or are even are living in the Now, on another timeline, in another star system or dimension.  You, as a fractal of Source energy, are not limited by the outline of your physicality; you are only limited by the expansion of your human consciousness to Christ consciousness.  The universes are limitless, and ultimately, so are you, as soul, as Spirit.

Go in Peace and with my blessings,

I AM Sundeelia

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,


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