NorthPoint Journal April 26 to May 2, 2021

NorthPoint Astrology Journal
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April 26 to May 2, 2021
by Pam Younghans
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OUR FULL MOON this week promises to be spectacular, in more ways than one. Firstly, it is one of only a small number of Supermoon Full Moons that will grace our skies in 2021. “Supermoon” is a term coined by astrologer Richard Nolle, and refers to a lunation that occurs when the Moon is at its closest orbital proximity to the Earth.
Visually, this week’s Full Moon will appear “14% bigger and 30% brighter than lesser Full Moons of 2021” ( It will also appear big and bright for about three nights, from Sunday through Wednesday. Energetically, since the Moon will be so close to the Earth, we can assume that emotional reactivity will be heightened above and beyond the usual “lunacy” we experience with a Full Moon.
Adding to that intensity, Luna will be at 07°06´ Scorpio at the time of the lunation, which occurs on Monday, April 26, at 8:32 p.m. PDT. Scorpio is a very complex sign emotionally and psychologically, and is known for being passionate and perceptive. As the Moon opposes the Sun in Taurus, the sign known for its love of peace, beauty, and simplicity, we are asked to find the balance in our own lives between these two polarities.
OTHER PLANETS are also contributing to the impact of this Full Moon. Uranus is at 10°28´ Taurus, and thus is conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon. This represents a major plot twist, as we are always warned to “expect the unexpected” when Uranus is activated. These surprises may include seismic events or environmental changes, given that Uranus is in earthy Taurus.
And, although Venus and Mercury (at 15 and 16 degrees of Taurus) are not technically conjunct the Sun at the lunation, they are close enough to Uranus to be drawn into the mix. As such, we may see changes in relationship dynamics or fluctuations in financial markets (Venus), and surprising new information coming forward (Mercury) that radically alters our expected course (Uranus).
SATURN is also involved in the Full Moon picture. The Ringed Planet sits at 12°57´ Aquarius and is positioned at the apex of a fixed T-square configuration, squaring both the Moon in Scorpio and the stellium (group) of planets in Taurus.
At the core of this T-square (and this Full Moon) is the Saturn-Uranus square, the aspect we are working with throughout 2021. In this square, Saturn (established systems, authority, patience, self-discipline, responsibility) is in sharp conflict with Uranus (progressive visions, disruptive change, social liberties, freedom of expression, radicalism). Astrologically, this square is the energizing factor behind much of the social unrest that is expressing itself around the world.
Saturn is the rule-maker, while Uranus is the rule-breaker. When these two planets are in hard aspect to each other, both sides of an issue strongly resist seeing the other’s perspective. An impasse is quickly reached and can appear to be unresolvable. As we’ve seen this year, a “political divide” has seeped into virtually every area of our lives. Our personal choices – whether to mask or not, whether to receive a vaccine or not, even whether to watch the news or not – become hot topics and political statements, even if that is not our intention.
AS INDIVIDUALS, we are feeling the impact of the Saturn-Uranus square – and will sense the energies of this week’s Full Moon – on every level of our being. Our physical forms (Saturn) are becoming more sensitized to cosmic energies (Uranus). It is becoming more common to physically feel the effects of solar flares and other such events (“solar flare nausea”). Emotionally and mentally, we must continually do a reality check (Saturn) to ascertain whether what we are feeling is “ours” or if we’re taking on the energies that are being held so powerfully in mass consciousness (Uranus).
As with all concerns, it ultimately becomes a spiritual exercise. As challenges, fears, and negativity arise (Saturn), we are called to see them as energy (Uranus), and either to allow them to move through us without attachment or to transmute them in some way. This is one of the bottom-line lessons of the Saturn-Uranus square: understanding how our reality is created energetically before it becomes form, and learning how to work with it at that level.
PLUTO is also on the list of important influencers this week. The dwarf planet will station retrograde on Tuesday, April 27, at 1:01 p.m. PDT, less than 24 hours after the Full Moon perfects. It is also worthwhile to note that Pluto is known as the “ruler” of Scorpio, so its status during a Scorpio Full Moon has added impact.
When a planet comes to its “station” and appears to be standing still (from our perspective on Earth), its impact is heightened. My favorite analogy for this effect is that of standing on a platform in a station, feeling the vibration of an incoming train grow stronger and stronger until it is standing right in front of us, idling loudly. Like the train, as a planet holds its position before reversing direction and heading back in the direction from whence it came, we feel its vibration very powerfully.
Pluto is known as the Great Transformer, often taking us through a symbolic death and rebirth. I also think of it as the “Psychotherapist Planet,” because it can illuminate what has been hidden (unconscious) so that its influence can be transmuted and we can reclaim our power in some way. As Pluto stations this week, weaving its energies into the already-impactful Full Moon, we become aware of where and how we give our power away. In this revelatory light, we see how we have held ourselves back and are empowered to strive for a higher destiny.
THE FULL MOON is by far the strongest influence this week, and we will be feeling it for a day or more both before and after it occurs. Still, there is other planetary activity to consider this week; here is the day-by-day list (please note that there are no major aspects that perfect on Wednesday or Saturday):
Full Moon/SuperMoon 8:32 p.m. PDT: See above.
Sun semisquare Neptune: Confusion about how to meet personal needs while also being compassionate to others.
Mercury semisquare Mars: A lack of tact triggers defensiveness.
Pluto stations retrograde: See above.
Mercury sextile Neptune: Imagination and intuition are easier to access today.
Venus semisquare Mars: Conflicts can arise in relationships due to a difference in basic needs.
Pluto square Ceres: Emotions intense, possible power struggles, resulting in feelings of separation or loss.
Sun conjunct Uranus: The core energy of the Full Moon coming into fruition. Restlessness and rebelliousness are heightened. Surprising events are possible, perhaps related to nature or the environment.
Mercury trine Pluto: Feeling empowered to speak our truth.
Venus sextile Neptune: Having compassion and sensitivity for others.
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