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April 19 to 25, 2021
by Pam Younghans
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GREAT UNKNOWNS lie before us. We are aware that life as we once knew it has changed, based on what our physical eyes and minds observe. But there is also a deeper shift underway, one that we sense intuitively and recognize at a soul level, even if we can’t yet put it into words.
And yet those shifts register on other levels as we leave the past behind and open to the new. Emotionally, we may feel nervousness or excitement, extending sometimes into fear, or we may have episodes of unexplained sadness and depression, even a sense of deep loss.
Physically, we may experience symptoms such as upset stomach or digestive issues, a fluttering in the chest, sinus pressure or headaches, or a sense of being ungrounded, with wobbly legs and tripping feet. Mentally, it can be hard to focus our attention for long, the right words can elude us in conversation, and dreams and meditations can be vivid or profound.
ASTROLOGICALLY, the planet Uranus is a strong significator of change, often being active when we experience a major shift. This week and next, we are working with very strong Uranus energies. Time will feel like it’s moving even more quickly over the coming days, and we will need to be flexible in our approach to daily activities, since the advice with Uranus is always “to expect the unexpected.”
But Uranus is also the planet of Higher Consciousness, and thus facilitates the connection between our rational minds and the Higher Mind, also called Divine Mind. Over these next two weeks, we may have enhanced access to higher level information and to an expanded range of illuminations and insights. Those who bring through channeled information may find their connection enhanced and words flowing even more powerfully.
SATURN also plays a major role in our experience this week and next. Since Saturn and Uranus are in square aspect throughout 2021, every time another planet interacts with one, it will also interacts with the other. In short: Mercury and Venus will be both conjunct Uranus and square Saturn this week, and the Sun will be conjunct Uranus and square Saturn next week. We also have a very powerful Full SuperMoon that occurs on Monday of next week; at the time of the lunation, the Scorpio Moon will activate a fixed T-square, as Luna squares Saturn and opposes a Taurus stellium made up of the Sun, Uranus, Venus, and Mercury. Whew. (More on that Full Moon in next week’s Journal.)
Essentially, we will be seeing the core energies of the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square brought into manifestation over this two-week period. The strongest effects are likely to come into our awareness toward the end of this week and the beginning of next.
DISTILLING THE EFFECTS and meanings of the Saturn-Uranus square into a few short sentences is a challenge. It’s something like trying to succinctly describe a Picasso painting from his cubist period — there are so many angles to consider!
I have written about the Saturn-Uranus square as being “a grand scientific experiment laid out by the Cosmos.” The hypothesis in this experiment is that humanity has far greater potentials than those that we currently manifest. We do have the ability to work together (Saturn in Aquarius) to implement tangible and necessary change (Uranus in Taurus). But the square means that it will not be an easy transition as we shift from old ways of competition and divisiveness to new forms of collaboration.
Therefore, any time the Saturn-Uranus square is activated (as it will be this week and next), we expect to be very aware of that struggle between the past and the future, as we run into the obstacles that must be overcome if we as individuals – and all of humanity – are to evolve.
THIS WEEK’S DAILY ASPECTS follow here, with my brief interpretations of each. Please note that any aspects involving two slower moving planets will be effective for a day or more on either side of the exact aspect. (I will asterisk those longer-lasting aspects.)
Mercury enters Taurus: Mercury is moving very quickly right now, so will be in the sign of The Bull for only two weeks (until May 3). During this time, our minds may tend to focus more on practical concerns, our “common sense” is strong, and we’ll be most successful if we focus on only one thing at a time. The challenges of Mercury in Taurus include thinking too conservatively and not being open to new or more complex ideas. However, with Mercury being conjunct Uranus by the end of the week, any too-narrow perceptions could be cracked wide open.
*Mars sesquiquadrate Saturn: This aspect is like having one foot on the gas pedal while the other foot is hitting the brakes. The resulting stops and starts can bring up fears and insecurities, but they are meant to slow us down so that we more consciously consider our actions.
Sun enters Taurus: The Sun’s month-long transit of this sign draws us to immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature, in the arts, and in any experience that delights our physical senses. We may also express more of the Taurean qualities of determination, loyalty, possessiveness, and a resistance to change.
Venus semisquare Neptune: There may be some confusion about what we truly value, or perhaps a lack of clarity in the areas of relationship and finance today. Living too much in a fantasy world, or overidealizing a loved one, can bring about disillusionment.
No major aspects.
Mercury semisquare Neptune: Brain fog can be a problem. Today is more suited to daydreaming than putting our minds to a complicated task.
Venus conjunct Uranus: Restlessness and unexpected developments in relationships, based on each person’s need to express their own unique perspective and values. Some may feel a greater willingness and desire to become more socially involved. Changes in financial circumstances can send us in new directions.
Mars enters Cancer: While Mars is in the sign of The Crab (until June 11), actions tend to be more motivated by emotional needs, especially by the need for security. It can be easier than usual to take things personally, and to slip into “fight or flight” mode. Remember that crabs also can sidle (walk sideways) to remove themselves from a perceived threat, and to gain a more objective view of what has transpired. Once that perspective is integrated, we can re-enter the situation and address it from a more balanced place.
*Ceres conjunct Eris: Ceres represents the Mother archetype, while Eris (in her more evolved state) symbolizes feminine assertiveness and the courage to voice a truth. When these two dwarf planets conjoin, we have something of a “mother bear” energy that seeks to protect those who have been ignored or disenfranchised. Our attention is drawn to issues of injustice and the unnecessary use of force.
Mercury conjunct Uranus: Unexpected insights, novel ideas, and futuristic thinking are possible with this conjunction. Mercury represents the human mind, while Uranus represents the higher mind. When they align, there is a stronger link possible between lower and higher consciousness. However, we are also likely to be more scattered and forgetful, since part of us in accessing a higher mental plane, where reality is defined differently. This can also be highly nervous energy, which can be challenging for some to manage well.
Venus square Saturn: A reality check in the areas of relationship and finances. Is the excitement we felt earlier in the week sustainable, and are the choices we made reasonable? What limitations do we need to overcome to manifest what we desire?
Mercury square Saturn: This square represents a “coming down to earth” after feeling so inspired just a few days ago. We are challenged to inspect our innovative ideas using a more practical lens. This aspect can also mean that others who we respect are resistant to our insights, causing us to question but also refine our plans.
Mercury conjunct Venus: This conjunction supports conversations between friends and loved ones. We can also simply enjoy being together (Taurus), perhaps taking a walk in nature or enjoying music and a candlelight dinner.
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IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year, you are drawn to express yourself in new ways, perhaps through your writing or art. It’s something of a “brave new world” that opens up for you, should you choose to take the leap into the unknown. Stay alert to the insights and messages from your own higher self, and perhaps also from the Beings of Light and the Masters who are your guardians and companions in this lifetime. Relationships are important to you throughout the year, whether those manifest in physical reality or nonphysical realms. (Solar Return Sun conjunct Mercury, conjunct Venus, conjunct Uranus)
In peace and gratitude,
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After a brief look at general themes, we’ll walk together through the monthly calendars for May through August, to see the planetary dynamics that will be in effect on a day-by-day and week-by-week level. Here are just a few of the highlights of what we will encounter:
 In May: Jupiter enters Pisces, augmenting our spiritual awareness but also increasing escapism, while a Total Lunar Eclipse – also a SuperMoon! – takes humanity through another evolutionary shift.
 In June: An annular Solar Eclipse occurs and the second Saturn–Uranus square perfects, for more white-water rapids.
 In July: The fixed star Sirius rises with the Sun, with their precise alignment in early July. This yearly occurrence highlights the expansion of consciousness and the work that needs to be done to bring humanity into a more enlightened state.
 In August: An earthshaking New Moon in Leo. Uranus stations retrograde while trine both Mercury and Mars. A fateful Full Moon conjunct Jupiter and the contentious Pluto-Eris square perfects for the fourth time.
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Aspects of Note This Week
All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours. 
MON: Mercury enters Taurus, Mars sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun enters Taurus
TUE: Venus semisquare Neptune
THU: Mercury semisquare Neptune, Venus conjunct Uranus 
FRI: Mars enters Cancer, Ceres conjunct Eris, Mercury conjunct Uranus
SAT: Venus square Saturn
SUN: Mercury square Saturn, Mercury conjunct Venus
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