A Message to Lightworkers – April 9, 2021by Caroline Oceana Ryan


A Message to Lightworkers – April 9, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

Many are finding life to be difficult now, as so much, including your economic structures, shift powerfully in preparation for the great change that is unfolding now.

And so today we wish to share a chapter from our book, Abundance For All: The Lightworker’s Way to Creating Money and True Wealth, which our writer published a few years ago.

This excerpt is from Chapter 12, “On Keeping Money in Perspective: What True Wealth and Abundance Look Like.”

In that chapter, a reader asks:

What can we do to keep money in perspective? To not care too much or too little, and to think of it in the highest way—the way our higher self would see it?

What does a life of true wealth and true abundance look like?

THE COLLECTIVE: We are surprised that we are not asked this last question more often! But we shall take each of these questions in turn.

Keeping money in perspective is a fascinating topic, for you have been taught to do everything but keep it in perspective.

And so it has garnered a wide variety of reactions and obsessions, from greed to worry to skillful avoidance, to dogged determination based on the “hard work” ethic. None of these are “bad” or wrong, and we judge none of them.

But they are based on a far lower density of feeling and experience than any Lightworker in their right mind would wish to carry with them throughout life. For each of these perspectives is based upon beliefs in scarcity or loss, or the need for competition over finite “resources,” or the intrinsic uselessness of life.

There is joy in none of them.

And as you have suspected, none of these perceptions are necessary!

Money is kept in perspective when you respect it for its true and correct function and place in the world. Which is, that it is a tool used for the action of giving and receiving.


Photo by Jerry Moriarty

You have heard it described as an energy exchange, and indeed, it is.

Yet this would be true of every exchange—it is true of speech and written communication, of a friend’s hug, or a lover’s smile.

It is true of flowers left on a doorstep or a cooked meal placed before a guest in a home. There are many kinds of energy exchanges.

And so, What sort of energy gets exchanged when money changes hands? you ask. And we would say, that depends entirely upon you, dear ones.

The energy that is exchanged with money is several things, both of which you have powerful influence over.

The first energy is the energy of money on your planet. This has not been a light or joyful energy. It still holds the density of many deaths, many lives spent toiling in overwork for a bare subsistence, over thousands of years.

It is a vibration that holds the energy signature of the great banks and those who own and run them, and of the corrupt governments and self-appointed “royals” whose representatives oversee those banks and the financial markets they play their games in.

It is an energy of greed, aggression, and oppression, in other words—all of the things that NESARA law renders useless on the international economic level, as the big banks are dissolved, and with them, all the falsely created debt that billions live under each day.

Then how can you call money good? you will ask. Why would I even want to have anything to do with such a system?

Because, dear ones, you are the Light Bringers, the WayShowers, the Light Warriors.

It is your chosen role to help usher in a New Earth of fifth dimensional forms, and you cannot do that if you are hidden in a cave somewhere with no experience of third dimensional forms, including its many economic traps and corruptions. 

Your knowledge and experience of the old system (though it is quickly dissolving) is invaluable to the creation of the new money forms, including forms in business and banking—starting with the fact that they will no longer be called “banks.”

Another powerful reason why most of you are not here to live separate from money: In those moments when abundance energy is exchanged, whether in giving or receiving, there is the potential to experience the very magic of the Universe itself.

And what do we mean by magic—when we have just noted that humankind has long labored under the deceptions of the old order, and that your current money system is steeped in the very dense symbolism, intention, and despair of the powers-that-were?

Here is an idea, that almost no part of your education has ever allowed you to realize: You are powerful enough to revise and uplift nearly any situation, no matter how dense and low, or how fully steeped in another’s contempt for humankind it may be, purely by anchoring higher Light and Divine Love into that situation.

You are beyond powerful, in terms of your soul’s ability to raise the vibration of anything intended for pain or oppression, so that it becomes instead, a boon to all who use it. 

And you may understandably wonder how you could ever learn such Magic, and what amazing Alchemist would be kind enough to show you how to transmute the lowest and densest of intentions and Old Earth structures, raising the energies within them to a level of compassion, respect, honor, and even Love.

Photo by Jerry Moriarty

And we would say, that you know such a wise and learned Guide. They are your own soul and higher self. It is your own Divinity that has now taken you by the hand, to remind you of what you are capable of, to place the Light-saber in your hand, and to instruct you on how to use it.

Not to destroy life, but to cut through the deception and service-to-self orientation of the old system.

And this training begins now. Each time you have money in your hand, bless it and thank it for coming into your life. Send the energy of love, respect, and honor into those bills or coins, or check or digital transfer.

Place your hand over it in a moment of blessing. Thank that amount for coming to you, and bless it as it leaves you, saying, “Bless all you meet, friend! Be blessed, and multiply in the Light, to serve many!”

Numerous enlightened teachers have taught their pupils no less over the centuries. For they understood—in the ancient world, in the medieval world, and today—that a thing carries exactly the vibration that you send into it.

And that the intention of Light and healing that a blessing carries can transform even the most mundane or difficult transactions.

You are able to bless any object in your possession—a computer, a car, a musical instrument—with the attributes of prosperity, in whatever way that object can offer such to you. 

And blessing money with your own high-heart intention of Divine Love and Light is a beautiful way to begin to raise the vibration of money all over the planet.

For indeed, those bills or those digits whose energy you transmute will go into the system, and weave there a Light that is transformative. 

That Light speaks of freedom and abundance.

It speaks of NESARA, and the impetus behind NESARA, which is to restore human sovereignty and dignity to all on this planet, and to institute Divine government everywhere on Earth.

Photo by Sheila Fitzgerald

Bless your money as it comes to you, whether you release it or save it. As you give thanks both for the money and the use of it, in that moment you are putting money in the perfect perspective.

You are saying, “My money, you are a beautiful, helpful tool in my life! I have no need to judge or resent you, either for being in my life or not, or being in another’s life, or not. I behold you in Divine Light, and I imbue you with Divine Light.

May higher Light and Love be your essence. May Service to Others be your essence. I treat you with respect and wisdom, and I give thanks for your presence, always.”

In that moment, you are freed from feeling that money or lack of it has the power to determine how you feel about life. You are freed from feeling that money or lack of it has the power to make you do things you do not want to do, to trap you or others, or to free you or others.

For indeed, money does not really have that power, though you have been taught that it does.

You are in the process of freeing yourself from these old ideas. You are now free to quite correctly view money as a way to bless and aid your own life, and the lives of others.

You are not owned by it, or any structure that worships it. It is your friend and ally, never your lord and master.

In this way, you are freed from caring too much or too little. While you are imbuing money with your good intentions to be kind and supportive of your own and other people’s dreams and visions, you see it as a New Earth tool, not an Old Earth oppressive presence.

And so there are some old misconceptions, some old untruths to untie and release from your consciousness. And as you do so, you help to release and dissolve them from human consciousness.

There is no way to be owned or controlled by anything that you bless and release to its highest function, to the higher good of all.

You are in that moment detaching yourself from either “needing” or “wanting.” You no longer see this particular form of abundance as if it were perpetually separate from you.

You are seeing it as constantly flowing in and out of your life at perfect levels, in a perfect balance of generous giving and joyful, thankful receiving.

That is how your higher self views money, dear ones. And that is how, increasingly, your Earth self is viewing money . . .


Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

From Abundance For All available on Amazon

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