Sundeelia: MutationsPosted on April 1, 2021 by Eliza Ayres


Sundeelia:  Mutations

This morning I listened to the words of a doctor who has been attempting to inform the public about the dangers of the experimental vaccines designed to ‘fight’ the original Covid-19 infection.  I knew from the beginning of the lockdown hysteria that played out last year that all of the hype was a set-up designed to get people to want to be saved from the unseen ‘enemy’, as if viruses were somehow new and different.

Viruses mutate; that is a given and scientific fact.  Getting a vaccination against a pathogen that could be fought off by your own native immune system is going against Nature.  Vaccinations actually serve to weaken the immune system, making the vaccinated more susceptible to the mutated strains of the virus that will inevitably make their appearance especially during the next ‘flu season’ that occurs every autumn and winter.  Even authorities who encourage (or bully) people into taking the annual flu vaccination admit the vaccines are only 30% effective, but ‘it’s safer if you take it’, even as many people who do receive the vaccine actually do get the flu.  It is basically impossible to ever make a vaccine for a particular virus that would be 100% effective against all possible mutations and permutations of any particular virus, and that isn’t taking into consideration the ‘added’ ingredients found in most vaccinations, namely mercury, and other poisonous substances that should not be taken into the body.

Yet, all of this virus/vaccination controversy is a distraction from what should be the intent of every starseed and awakened person now… ascension.

Basically, all of the plots and propaganda of the dark are designed to put people into fear.  Witnessing the way people now carry themselves in public, flinching away from skin to skin contact, wearing masks, and the like, many people have fallen for the lies being perpetrated and recycled by 24/7 media coverage.  How does one strengthen your immunity against fear?  After all, fear is the opposite of Love… and is a very low frequency, indeed.

Given the reality of the current window of opportunity being given to the peoples of Terra as the planet and solar system moves gradually through the intense energies of the photon belt, there will be many more mutations of narratives designed to keep people in fear or an extremely low frequency resonance.  As Lorie Ladd has expressed it, things will become ‘louder’, more in your face as time goes on through this year and into 2022-24.

I understand there are many people who would like for everything to return to normal.  What is normal?  Being lied to by everyone in authority, manipulated and controlled by unelected governmental agencies?  Being mind-f**ked by media sources, censored if you dare tell the truth or question the ‘official’ narrative?  There has never been a truly ‘natural’ normal way of living on this planet… certainly not since before the fall of Atlantis and the fall in frequency of the inhabitants of this world.

The hand of the Cosmic clock or cycle can not be reversed.  The solar system has entered the photon belt; humanity is being given an opportunity to raise their frequency permanently, not just for the 1,000 years of the Golden Age as advertised even in metaphysical circles.

How can one ascend in frequency?  Application of various means, through meditation, intent, releasing what no longer serves, breaking old vows, contracts, and agreements that were never in your best interest, arriving at a place of self-acceptance… where you can be brutally honest about what you need to clear from your ‘space’, inner and outer, in order to arrive at a place (non-physical) where your ability to feel empathy and compassion expand.

Each individual will make this journey in their own way.  While teachers and coaches can give you tips and assist in releasing some of the negative programming, it is best to determine what is best for you.

I often give my sister’s inner journey as an example.  She underwent many permutations that sometimes did not appear to make sense to anyone around her, which often upset people, especially when they noticed she was slipping away from their control or direction.  Tazjma was often very hard on herself, but she understood from a deep intuitive level that she was being tested time and time again to see whether or not she would give her power away to another and become a follower of a particular discipline.  She would read books, online material, go to workshops, dabble in different areas of ‘spirituality’ and often discovered that her inner nudges would indicate when she needed to let go of a particular teaching.  It wasn’t that she didn’t benefit from all of the exposure to various perspectives on the spiritual journey; it was that those things discovered by others did not serve her well, since many required you to continue to align yourself to a particular method or approach.

Oddly enough, the best grounds for teaching Tazjma about human psychology and behavior was to work inside a state-run prison.  There she was faced with people whom she would not have normally come into contact.  Offenders as the inmates were called sometimes proved to be more genuine individuals than those who worked within the prison and went home at night.  Tazjma was able to develop a great deal of compassion for the human condition, noting that while some people are locked up physically for their offenses, many were locked in narrowly-defined belief systems and projected their fears out upon both inmates and fellow employees, alike.  It was a great test of Tazjma’s inner fortitude to endure the low frequency resonance of co-workers, and to observe the sheer laziness and sense of entitlement that some people fall into.  It was a place to develop the ability to detach and observe rather than to objectify and judge the people that passed through her daily life.

I have noted that there are many things about my ‘personality’ that could stand refinement while I am present here on this plane of existence.  I have certainly given myself a challenge to dip into and experience the human existence, to feel the emotions, thoughts, and to witness what goes on here… what people have had to put up with for centuries, often without realizing that little that goes on here is what you could call ‘natural’.

Now, back to the mutations… yes, there will be more chaos as the dealings of the negatively polarized minority continue to devise ways to take down the economy, affect the world climate by polluting the atmosphere with heavy metals, poison the food, create more and deadlier pathogens… basically in an attempt to depopulate the planet so they can take it over and control everything.

How does one combat this?  By learning to accept yourself, take back your power, utilize your ability to critically think about what is being presented, to make your own choices, to take responsibility for doing your inner work, to determine what means you will take that is effective in strengthening your body’s immune system, doing your meditations, journaling, creative projects, clearing your mind of worry, and allowing your intent and intuition to guide you.  Always keep in mind what works for someone else may not work for you.  Be willing to digress and change your methodologies, your mind, your way of thinking and approaching issues by listening to other people, weighing what they have to say, questioning, using your powers of reason, and moving into action when called upon to do so by circumstances.

Can you reach a place where you can look back upon duality and see both sides as being important to understand?  This degree of neutrality can be attained, but it takes great mastery and perseverance, a willingness to let go of preconceived notions or judgments.

The dark agenda is now acting as a catalyst for those who are in the process of waking up.  They don’t consider what they are doing as ‘evil’; that is a judgment.  Can you arrive at a place where you feel empathy for the future pain these individuals will face when they migrate to a darker world than this one in order to balance the karma, they have incurred by acting out against the Light?  Their outrageous and openly overt actions are enabling many to wake up who might not have been able to given that the darkness was formerly hidden from view by the vast majority of people. This is a challenge for all of us, even to have empathy for ourselves and what we judge as being mistakes, which may really be opportunities for learning more about ourselves.

In the coming months, there will be many who succumb to the effects (sometimes delayed) of the vaccinations, those who succumb to the new and more dangerous mutations of the viruses that have been unleashed against the world’s population.  Ironically enough, the very elite who set these plots against humanity into action may be among those who succumb to their own devices, as their frequency resonance will determine whether or not they can remain here on this planet.

In the end, our intent, our inner focus, our alignment with the Will of Source energy will carry us forth.  Even if the physical vessel dies, our consciousness will survive, for as energy, we are eternally a fractal of Creation, Source energy.  For myself, I will simply ‘go Home’; for others, they will reincarnate upon a world made lighter in vibration by the removal of much of the darkness that descended upon the planet long ago in the days before the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria.

I hope this essay makes sense to someone.  When I write, it tends to come out as if I am channeling the information.  Anyway, I am willing to accept some topics for future essays.  Ask me questions, not personal ones about whether or not you are Pleiadian, etc., but questions you and other people might have regarding spiritual growth, any insights I might give you from my own perspective as a Pleiadian walk-in, and so on.  Send your questions to:  I do not guarantee I know the answer or will address all questions received.  We’ll see what my readers come up with!

Thank you for your attention and support of this blog.

I AM Sundeelia Mathdis

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