Sundeelia: How to Communicate with Angels


Sundeelia:  How to Communicate with Angels

When one of my readers expressed a desire to learn about communicating with Angels, I had to blink in surprise.  You see, at Home I am considered a physical Angelic, so communicating with Angels is just a given.  There are at least three Archangels who are members of my extended Star Family.  They are Family; I simply ‘talk’ to them via telepathy whenever I feel the need which is quite often these days.

Still, I understand the hesitancy coming from an Earth human.  The programming that has been embedded within the various religions of this world have intentionally given humanity the impression that somehow humanity is far below the Angels.  It is far from truth.

The Angels are as close as your breath.  However, as naturally polite Beings who obey Cosmic Law, they will not interfere with anyone’s free will.  They will only assist if given permission to do so.

How do you know whether or not you are communicating with an Angel and not a demon or negative entity?  You will know them by their frequency and which part of your body responds to their communications, verbal or non-verbal.  If you feel a warmth in the heart region, it is a positive influence; if you feel slightly nauseated, uneasy, and have some tension in your mid-section or power center, the being is most likely a negative entity that wishes to control and manipulate.  If you feel the latter sensations, pay attention, then call on Archangel Michael’s Legions to remove the being, which they will do promptly.

Angels love to be of service.  As you gain confidence in yourself and in your innate ability to communicate with such beings, you will expand your connections, perhaps even further.

Humanity… at least a portion of the collective, is now in the process of taking back their power.  It is vital to do so, to renew your inner connections with the Divine, as in doing so, you will expand your capacity to aid your fellow humans and open your heart.

If you give them permission to assist you, the Angels can aid you as you progress on your inner journey to wholeness.  On Blue Dragon Journal, there is a page which holds the description of the Twelve Solar Rays as given forth by Patricia Cota-Robles a while back.  Hers is probably the most accurate that I have seen.  The descriptions of the qualities of each ray will give you an indication as to what Ray to call upon when requesting assistance.

Also remember, that each lighted member of humanity has what has been expressed as a Guardian Angel or Guide.  This guide is assigned to each incarnated child at birth or before when the soul is undergoing counseling before entering embodiment.  These guides or guardians can change during a lifetime especially if your life’s work changes focus.  Those who experience guidance, whether on a verbal or non-verbal level, grow in confidence in their own inner guidance.  The Angels respond well to those who work on themselves, diligently and with determination.  The higher degree of cooperation can eventually lead to an expansion of your own mission, depending on what you came to Earth to accomplish.

Remember, Angels communicate through your body, energetically.  Those who have clairaudience, ‘clear hearing’ can sometimes hear language.  Personally, I feel both the energies and sometimes hear via telepathy.  On the rare occasion, you may even hear a non-physical voice speak to you, as my sister experienced once during an emergency situation.  If you are hearing via telepathy, remember that your mind will automatically translate the communication into your own language and so will be somewhat filtered, depending on the level of programming still present in your Light Body.  The more trauma, pain, and fear you transmute, the clearer you will be able to hear the communications and feel the guidance, working through your own intuition and higher channels.  These expressions are NATURAL and a part of the divine essence that has been locked within every human being who carries a heart flame within.  It is time to take up the mantle of personal self-mastery, once again, Children of God.

Although there are primary Angels and Archangels who work on the various rays of creation, many unsung angels work alongside the better known Archangels such as Michael, Gabriel, or Raphael.  Many are the Legions of Angels available to assist.  They are eager to hear from you!  The link to the page noted above:

I send forth blessings, light and love,

I AM Sundeelia

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