Message from the Fatesby Jenny Schiltz | Mar 26, 2021


Message from the Fates

The equinox last week was so very powerful and it feels like a huge shift has taken place. Time feels to have sped up even more and with it the energy we are receiving.

It’s like the gloves are off. No more pulling punches. The energies are twisting and turning us every which way and inside out. So much is changing so quickly.

I decided to journey with the intent to understand what it is that we need to know to hopefully gain a greater understanding of the energies and where we are headed as an ascending group.

I turned on drumming music, relaxed my body and went. I was led under the water, deep into the ocean. I was swimming towards this shimmering light. When I reached the bottom there was a mirror that was shining like a beacon. I saw myself in the mirror and as I looked, the water left from around me and to my right was a cave. I entered the cave and was surprised to see the Fates, the 3 sisters


Me: Sisters, what is it you want me to know about this time?
(They then took turns speaking).
To return to the old ways
From which you come
There are many that will think them new
Innovative even
You will know that it is a return to truth
To honoring the gods, the old and new
See clearly that you stand among them
The Giants sleep no more
Do not mourn over their grave
For they are not there
They are reborn
Walk the path laid in front of you
Follow the stars to your home
The path is lighted
But not for the faint of heart
For you must let go of all you know
Forget who you are
None of it matters now
Once you begin the path of the ALL
Lose yourself
Then find yourself
On the spinning leaf
The babbling Brook
The planets that align
You become the ALL
As you become the nothing
As soon as the message was delivered, I found myself swimming to the top of the ocean, towards the light as I came out of the journey. The reference to the sleeping giants has a lot to do with the legend that as the waters rose on earth, the people (who were giants compared to us) fled to the higher ground. Eventually the waters even rose to the mountains and instead of seeing his people die, the chief turned them to stone. Since that time, these sleeping giants held the energies, the memories, the codes of a time when we more in tune with the earth and each other. The waters rising, covering the earth was prior to a drop in vibration, I feel that hearing that the giants are reborn tells me that the earth’s vibration has risen enough for them to return. When I heard those words, my heart leapt for joy and my body filled with such love.


We are in for an interesting ride. It’s all about what is going on within. As we let go of what we thought we knew and understood, we open ourselves to the ALL.  Sending us so much love, strength and compassion.


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