Humanity’s Healing Crisisby Jenny Schiltz | Feb 21, 2021

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I was working with my spirit team recently and they shared with me that many of us are in a healing crisis right now. A Healing crisis is a term used when someone begins to address their hurts and trauma and this attention brings about a triggering of more to be healed.

This is because the healing begins to expose what has long been hidden, not understood, or shoved away. It can feel quite brutal and at this point some back away from further healing. Others, however double down and see all that is arising as a gift. They understand that it signals that they are ready for lasting growth and change.

My spirit team shared that many, even those unaware are in a healing crisis. They showed me how the energy streaming into the planet is exposing everyone’s hidden wounds. Being aware of what is taking place does not change the intensity, but I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to experience all of this with no awareness. It then becomes understandable when we see people lashing out at each other or getting lost in distraction and duality. Without the reference that the way through is to go within, this time period would be even more challenging.

They showed that more and more of us are letting go of our layers while simultaneously downloading more of the entirety of our being. This too is creating a healing crisis. The more we hold our light, the more all that is not in alignment with the soul and the Divine Blueprint is then triggered so that it may rise to the surface and be healed.

This can be things that impact us on a mental, emotional, spiritual, astral, and physical level. It’s all coming up to be healed now.

Even things that are chronic are being highlighted right now. I recently had incredible back pain, the likes that I haven’t experienced in years. As I felt into it, I realized that there was still an aspect of me holding on to the injury. What I discovered is that at the time of the car accident, I was exhausted, completely burnt out from a life on the gerbil wheel. The accident allowed me to rest. It gave me an excuse to be still.

Feeling into the severe back pain, I realized that there was still a part of me that believed I had to be injured or sick in order to rest. This aspect had to be healed and shown that she can rest without being hurt. That she is entitled to not live a life of constant going and struggle. So many of us have an ingrained belief that we must struggle, hustle, or sacrifice ourselves in order to be successful or be worthy. This belief structure must go as it has kept us from really understanding and tapping into our entirety.

We have created a world where we must be continually busy and producing. This structure has kept many from tapping into their creative abilities because it is attached to a belief that what we create must produce something. This incorrect belief has made it so that many refuse to create because it’s laden with obligation instead of freedom and joy. It is limitations such as this, that must crumble now. As I acknowledged this aspect, the back pain was able to go.

Our challenge through this time is not to get lost in our mind, in the blame or the shame. We are being challenged not to go into the spiral of doubt or feeling that everything we had done prior to heal is worthless. Instead, can we see what arises as a part of us that is asking for love, true unconditional love. This time and energy is a giant flashlight that is so bright that it exposes all the nooks and crannies that we may have missed before. It’s like a deep clean that takes place once all the furniture and stuff has already been moved out. Through our inner work we have moved the couches and emptied closets, now it is time for the deep clean.

What is so amazing about all of this is that while this is a particularly intense time, it is necessary for us to download all that we are. It is in this download of the Divine blueprint that we will achieve the healing on all levels that we so desperately want. It is the returning to pure Source code and the unlimited potential it holds.

When I asked what can be done to assist us through this healing crisis, They responded with “listen to the body, let it guide you”. For some it may mean that the body needs rest, for others it needs movement. Some will find journaling, meditation, practices such as massage, acupuncture, and myofascial release very helpful. Others will find that a simple walk in nature will help them to balance. What we need not do is resist what we’re experiencing. We need to give ourselves time to feel it, be with it, without judgment or blame. Can you give yourself the space and grace to get through this time period? If you feel unable to, explore the programming that is running as it will show you conditioning and expectation that may be running within.

What this healing crisis can also feel like is bouncing between timelines. One moment you may feel deep connection, joy, purpose and ease. The next you may feel anxiety, depression, even hopelessness. When you are feeling the deep connection, joy and highest potential, that is when you are breathing into all that you are. It does feel absolutely wonderful, it also however, triggers anything that is not in alignment to be shown.

When you then drop into feeling worried, scared, depressed etc., it is important to take a step back and really shower yourself with self-love. Often when we drop in frequencies and go into the painful emotions we also go into shame and blame. It’s important to understand that you have not done anything wrong. You have not let your vibration slip, rather you are in deep healing and that isn’t always smooth or linear. I often see “dropping” into a lowered timeline or frequency as a rescue mission of the parts of me that can not stay in the higher frequencies. I then work with those parts. It does not matter if it is a soul aspect, a feeling, programing, or belief. I know that if it is dragging me into a lowered state of being it is actually crying out for love, understanding and healing.

Spirit continues to emphasize that by finding peace and joy within ourselves, that we will travel through this time with greater ease. Many of us are not sure what makes us happy anymore or what will bring us joy. That too is the challenge of this time. We are being asked to rediscover ourselves with child like wonder, even if it is for only 30 seconds at a time.

I am sending you lots of love as this isn’t an easy time and we have to be really gentle with ourselves and each other.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have supported and shared this work. It really means the world. If you have not already done so, please join the mailing list so you will receive this blog, offers, classes and other things via email. Social media has become quite unreliable for disseminating information. To join the mailing list, click Here


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P.S.  With all the turmoil of the world and the intensity of our own healing journey, it has become more important than ever to keep our aura clear. Healing with be send utilizing a holodeck transformer shown to me by the Arcturians and the Quantum SRC4U program. Your aura will be cleared of things that create imbalance from negative energies and environmental disruptors.  You will receive an email after each clearing to let you know the dominate theme that was worked on and any information that I receive. 

Many are signing up their families and pets as well. We all need the extra boost!

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