Message fromThe Council of Light Within

This Is Our Time!
Beautiful People,
This is our time of calling and our light is needed more than ever before! We are in the midst of the most expansive and transitional time in human history and this shift of the ages is happening WITHIN us…not outside of us.
It is of the utmost importance that we be aware of what we are projecting out into the world. It is very easy to get derailed and caught up in judgemental, angry and even hateful responses to those who have a different perspective than what we have and this is NOT the energy we want to project. Everyone is at a different level of awareness and understanding …and this is okay. The division which has been created within humanity has been a deliberate tactic to weaken us and unfortunately has been successful in turning us against each other.
There is no one faction to “blame” for this divide and conquer strategy…it has been orchestrated from both sides of the spectrum and it keeps us in a weakened state as a collective consciousness…but we can and must change that.
We always have opposing choices: love or fear, good or evil, light or darkness. If we are blaming, shaming, judging or attacking others, then we are contributing to fear and darkness and this doesn’t make for a better world. It is our Light that is most needed at this critical time in our history and this requires patience, compassion, acceptance, tolerance and allowing others to be where they are in their own evolutionary process. We all don’t have to agree, but it is in our best interest to be respectful and tolerant of others.
It’s not our job to awaken others now…this will only happen through the truth shining through for all to see, and this is still unfolding. The truth will not be pretty, but this is what will catch the attention of the masses for all to see what has been happening on this planet right under our noses.
Nothing can stop what is coming…your Light is needed now!
Sending much love and joy to you.
May peace prevail on Earth!
Dean & Rebecca
Message from
The Council of Light Within



Think of it not as your faith being tested, think of it as it being strengthened! This is the time of the great choosing. In the splitting of the worlds, which side, which one do you choose? It is a continual reaffirmation of your strength, your commitment, your resolve, your direction. Because you are a sovereign being governed by free will, you must clearly – unequivocally – choose. This is the great gift from Divine. There is a divide in the road – which path is yours? As the roads diverge, there is a clear split, an energetic pull, a severance from the other. At the moment of the bifurcation, there is a tearing away of all that is not of the path you chose. For those who have awakened to their greater truth by this juncture, the choice is clearer, but this has to be resolved in all aspects of your being. This process is radically transformative no matter how prepared you are in advance! If you had the gift of foresight, then your role is to process as much as you can before the division so that you may help others as they choose and assimilate. You will have great compassion for everyone because you know what courage and conviction it requires. You will have great compassion for those who chose otherwise or are doubtful, for you were once there yourself. You will have great compassion for yourself as you navigate new territory within your physical body for the first time in human evolution.

As you have come to know, this can be an extremely volatile process. But we want you to know that does not have to be so. Remember that it is your mind that causes suffering, so be kind, especially to yourself. Do not harbor thoughts that cause you pain. Do not allow judgement to foster inside of you. Discernment is a vital resource to be used at all times now, but this is not the same as judgement. You are a truth seeker and radiator. Judgement fogs that and instils further pain to both the judger and the recipient and perpetuates injury. Seek pardon, for yourself and others. Absolve all causes of harm and become the Earth Angel that is your core essence. (Hint: Angels are light and joy-filled; angels emanate unconditional love and all attributes of this miraculous elixir; Angels are patient and kind and have fun; Angels are great protectors and teachers; Angels are beautiful in every way; Angels gently and lovingly guide us to our truth; Angels heal and are miracle workers; Angels are direct divine agents of God who respond when called and do whatever they can within Divine Law to assist the upliftment of each one of us and all of humanity.) You are an Earth Angel by your true nature and each moment that you remember this and know, feel, see and act as this truth, you will be advancing on your true path. Understand? All have the free will choice to be Earth Angels in training…

And so if you choose, the antidote to any pain (and to keep it from arising at all) is to make your clear choice, be unwavering in every moment about it, and know that any of the old density programs and ways of being will not support your Earthangelship. No fear, judgement, impatience, anger, victimhood, attachment or limiting beliefs will aid in this outcome, for they will only cause further pain (but aren’t they the most miraculous teachers?). Just know that you do not have to be whipped by them in order to ‘get it’ anymore…use them as an immediate guidepost and choose otherwise. When you know in the depth of your heart that you ARE the light of the world as a radiant Earth Angel, then there will be no further pain, for you will  become that which you seek.

Do you see how miraculous you are? Choose first and all else will be shown to you. (“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”…)

What an incredible time to be alive on Planet Earth! (“Rejoice and be glad, for great is your reward”…)

We are always here to cheer you on.

The Council of Light Within

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