ECETI: The End of Tyrants 2021

by Eliza Ayres

The End of Tyrants 2021

James Gilliland, ECETI

(Text from an email received from the Ranch with added commentary and emphasis on some words by the Editor in Chief of this blog)

We have spoken of an alliance as far back as three years ago, a master plan which is unfolding as we speak. There was much resistance to this message yet now the time has come to reveal what you will not hear in the mainstream news, social media as well as many alternative media. This plan is multidimensional and we will address all dimensions to this plan. There was an alliance created years ago between Trump (The Republic For the United States), Putin (Christian Russia), Xi Jinping (Republic of China), and Modi (India). Many leaders are involved we are just naming the main players.  There are others backing them with wealth beyond imagination which shall go unnamed that have not allowed that power and wealth to corrupt their souls. They have a code of honor, it is ancestral and they live according to that code. The code is aligned with Universal Law, The Law of One, the basic tenants in all religions aligned with service to others. There is a force that aligns with these codes of honor which is the ultimate power, the well spring from which all life, all sound all vibration originates. There are God/Goddess beings that have become one with that force, a host of multidimensional beings, civilizations often referred to as the Greater Family of man, Spiritually and Technologically Advanced off-worlders, Star Nations, etc. pressing in on Humanity and the Earth assisting in what is best referred to as planetary liberation. One can also refer to them as Angelic Beings, Masters, Saints and Sages, yet that is a limited vision of what is unfolding.

There are other codes of dishonor that are self-serving, (Service to Self) they align with darker forces, the main focus of which is an insatiable lust for power and wealth at the expense of Humanity and Nature. In fact, the darker force is at war with creation, Humanity and Nature. The dark forces have nothing to do with color or belief they are a diminishing or absence of light, consciousness and energy. Because of their absence of light they have become parasitic, they feed off the energy of others rather than draw from Creator. Their realm needs the chaos, pain, suffering and division to exist. It is a multidimensional hierarchy yet does not go beyond the 4thdimension. Tyranny has a frequency and those who align with tyranny are no longer frequency specific to the evolution of Earth. Action/reaction, karma and time are accelerating. The tyrants are on the downward spiral, their kingdoms and their lives will end. Their unseen masters (non-physical Astral entities) are being taken out in the wars ‘not of the flesh’. The only way out for the physical tyrants and dark hearts is to align their consciousness, energy and assets with the awakening and healing process. Very few can release the past yet their past is what will be their undoing. They will not be allowed to reincarnate, the Earth will move beyond their frequency. Most will finish out their lessons on a very dark plane with those of like mind, in worst case scenarios, (where) they refuse to heal, they will be assimilated back into the origin losing all memories of self.

Note to reader: James is referring to what is known metaphysically as the Second Death. The energy of these dark beings will be recycled and returned by Creation in the form of unblemished new souls who will be required to undergo the cycle of evolution. Nature and Creation do not waste anything. The phrase ‘dark heart’ refers to one who has through personal choice to give up their soul light to a dark master and therefore must drink the blood of the innocent (mostly children) to continue in existence on the third dimensional plane. Thus, many of the powerful players in politics, international corporations, some negative military factions, religious leaders, scientists, media talking heads, movie and music stars… all of these ‘people’ have sold their souls to the Devil, quite literally and have partaken of human blood, eaten human flesh, and have participated in crimes against humanity, including but not limited to pedophilia. These ‘people’ do not resonate with the rising frequency of the planet so they are endeavoring to bring the frequency of the general population down to be closer to their own, through fear, control, domination, and media psychological warfare. It is a spiritual war, a war for your soul and the future of humanity, that is currently underway, folks. It ain’t no picnic for anyone, so breathe, and strive to keep YOUR frequency high so the Alliance can do its work on your behalf.

The 5thdimension (and above) is unity consciousness. There are beings coming in up to the 13thdimension as part of the awakening and healing or planetary liberation of Earth. Don’t sweat the small stuff attune to the bigger picture. Drop into the heart attune to these higher dimensions of love, joy and bliss. This will free you of falling into depression, fear, apathy all of which are designed to lower your frequencies and maintain control over you. The planetary liberation, the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth cannot be stopped. Your vibration which consists of your attitudes/emotions and beliefs determines what you experience and where you go after leaving this plane. It is all about frequency. Raise your frequency by releasing the past, forgiving yourself and others, keep an open mind, loving heart and pure intent. Align yourself with Universal Law. Universal Law is best exemplified as, Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all. That is what is coming. It is within the consciousness and energy of the beautiful many beings aligned with the Omnipresent Creator in all Creation. They are Here in numbers and power like never before to fulfill the prophecies.

Humanity and the Earth have been enslaved, suppressed, the pain and suffering inflicted throughout the ages by these dark hearts is unfathomable yet so is the force coming to end the age of darkness. (By imprisoning humanity and using them as a food source, the dark has violated Cosmic Law, thereby allowing the Galactic forces to enter ‘legally’ into the fray.)

For those who need a more grounded message to have faith in the future here it is. The global elite which often consist of Satanic/Luciferian child sacrificing and trafficking, this includes drug trafficking are being rounded up as we speak.  Historically, this all goes back to the Phoenicians who worship Baal and Baphomet, ultra-rich families deciding the destiny of humanity and the Earth for thousands of years. They are also referred to as the Khazarians, often change their names, many hide despicable deeds behind antisemitism and should not be referred to as the Jewish people. Know them by their actions. They are the war and disease profiteers, the banksters which have financed both sides of every war since Napoleon. They are behind the C.C.P., Communist China Party, they are the main powers behind the enslavement, pain and suffering that has gone on for thousands of years. They financed Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pol Pot and a host of other socialist and communist tyrants because those forms of government best suit their needs for total dominance. They use bribes and blackmail to meet their goals, sexual honey pot traps as exemplified by corrupt politicians, leaders of business and religious institutions to do their bidding. They have hijacked and taken over almost every industry and movement including women’s rights, racial movements, gender movements, even environmental movements. They own Hollywood and the Music Industry. Follow the money, know their symbols. They are the force behind the socialist movement today. History has proven whenever you centralize the power and wealth into the hands of a few those few are easily corrupted. There has never been a weapon powerful enough to enslave man/woman other than their own minds. This is why this war has often been referred to as a war in consciousness with our souls at stake.   This is in the process of being revealed and eliminated.

(These same dark players are behind all ‘isms’ including Socialism and Progressism, just another step towards Communism, a slippery slope of relaxed morality taking you into the Pit of darkness — gosh, do I sound like a Christian minister? I’m not even religious, although as a Pleiadian, I abide by the Law of One.)

We need to know the history of other countries as well to understand historically what has been unfolding. As the Chinese Civil War ended in 1949, the Chinese Communist People’s Republic of China led by Chairman Mao Zedong took control of Mainland China. This is not to be confused with the Republic of China led by President Chiang Kai-Shek, who retreated the government of the Republic of China to Taiwan. With the fall of the CCP, the communist side of oppression which is well underway, the Republic of China will return.

(Yeah! The Red Dragons of China are going to take back their magnificent country! I have spoken telepathically to these gentlemen from Taiwan).

“Taiwan and mainland China will reunite under a Republic just as America will return to a Republic.”

USA Inc. which took over America in 1871 by changing the constitution and the Communist China parties are the parties of enslavement and oppression. (These two countries) they will both become true Republics. A Republic is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  All leaders, including Russia will eventually choose a Republic, which is aligned with Universal Law. Their Constitutions will reflect Universal Law. Those who aligned with the Satanic/Luciferian global elite and the CCP will be held (karmically and legally) accountable. Their self-serving actions and decisions not in the highest and best good of their people will reveal them. This will all soon be public knowledge.

(These former world leaders who have voluntarily abused children and committed acts against humanity… like killing millions of babies or children… fomenting wars across the planet in a bid to control natural resources and manipulate and bribe governments…they ALL shall pay depending on their decisions to cooperate or resist the changes coming upon this planet. It is always about free will).

“See the latest executive orders and who they serve.”

(ALL of the EOs signed by the alleged president Biden are fake and hold no legal authority; he is NOT the real President… the one recognized by the positive MILITARY and FEMA who are currently running the Country.)

Don’t worry they have no foundation, USA Inc has been dissolved. They will be rendered null and void. All will be revealed between now and April.

Imagine a world where the threat of communism, the enslavement and oppression of the Satanic/Luciferian global elite, the war and disease profiteers all disappear. Can you imagine the quantum leap in evolution that would occur? Fuelless energy, anti/counter gravity, suppressed healing modalities and cures, this includes forms of energetic healing, Rife and Tesla technologies, med beds, increased longevity a clean environment would all come forward. How about replicators? Most of these patents have already been released.  Peace, The Awakening, Healing and Restoration of Earth would be first and foremost.

We have to let go of the past, the false images of leaders created by the global elites mainstream press and social media. They discredit, demonize and character assassinate anyone who stands against them. They are the sowers of hate and division if unchecked lead to war. What those in the know are seeing on the physical level originated from decisions made on higher unseen levels. Those who are educated in the real history of tyranny and have a spiritual connection are the ones who understand and have the best grasp on what is unfolding. You will eventually see all the leaders come together in some form of a Republic aligned with Universal Law, it is the only governing form that is sustainable. We are entering a new age. The consciousness and energies are changing. The people are awakening. The forces behind this, the cause is known to only a few. The effect, however, will be seen by everyone. Expect miracles, yet remember; some may take a little longer than expected.

(All will be made apparent, but in GOD’s time. Patience, people. Keep YOUR frequency high and you will live to see a brand new amazing world unfold… and you will be a participant using your own creative powers to make it so!)

Keep an open mind, loving heart and pure intent.

James Gilliland


Note to Readers: I added my own commentary to that of James. If you don’t like it, sign up at http://www.eceti.org to receive your very own emails with updates from the Ranch.


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