Occult Forces & Entities – Subtle Interferences


Occult Forces & Entities – Subtle Interferences

by Eliza Ayres

Archangel Michael


by Bernhard Guenther

Most of the interferences and influences of occult hostile forces/entities occur on more subtle levels via temptations, distractions and ego hooks (sex, power, money, fame) or via triggers, trying to get a mechanical reaction out of you. The intention is to vector you off your (soul) path to keep you plugged into the Matrix frequency.

While more violent attacks can and do happen, occult interferences are not always that obvious, nor is a “full-on attack” always necessary from their occult strategy perspective.

The hostiles know our weaknesses, wounds, triggers and blindspots (our entire “psychological make-up”) “better” than we do, especially if one is not engaged in sincere self-work and embodiment practices. It is imperative to establish the “inner witness” (the foundation of self-work via meditative self-observation), being able to observe our (most often conflicting and very reactive) emotions, feelings, desires, thoughts (which we believe to be our “own”) – what we “think” we “want”, “need”, and “desire” – without acting on them nor identifying with them to discern the true self from the false conditioned/wounded/programmed personality.

This also requires great sensitivity beyond the five senses in order to spot these external suggestions/influences and not mistake them for our own.

Spotting these more subtle interference and suggestions is easier said than done, of course, and the mind is the big trickster. It can easily rationalize and justify any behavior, indulgence or action (many of them are normalized pathologies in our society/official cult-ure).

But if you are very sensitive (embodied) and have the inner awareness (connected to your soul essence/the Divine) that doesn’t arise from thought/intellect but from “6th sensory intuitive cognition” (established via esoteric self-work), you can spot and see/sense how the subtle suggestions and temptations come in from the “outside”, most often via a thought, which then triggers a corresponding emotion/feeling/desire and pushes you to act on it and accept the suggestion, making you believe it’s your own thought/desire.

It’s like a little “seed” is being planted. When you accept it (identify with it) and act on it, a “chain reaction” ensues and it “needs to play itself out”. This acceptance is a form of a trap of agreement [key concept!], granting occult adverse forces to manipulate you further.

If you become aware of that while it happens you realize how mechanical it is and how little or no control “you” actually have in it. It’s literally like “something else” is pulling your strings like a puppet and it takes tremendous resistance and self-awareness to stop it once the suggestion is accepted.

What is the remedy and protection? Close the entry points via sincere self-work and bring forth the true Self hidden behind the ego personality. Your essence/true self cannot be touched by the adverse occult forces. It is not easy work and it’s called the Great Work for a reason.

  • Author: Bernhard Guenther
  • From Time of Transition channel on Telegram

Note from Editor: What Bernard is touching upon here is very real. As a walk-in, since my ‘arrival’, I have witnessed several well-known former lightworkers caught up by various ego-traps. As Pleiadians, we encountered negatively polarized entities that would take over men compromised by artificial intelligence, devices that were implanted into the soldiers of the opposing non-Pleiadian forces. These implants allow negative entities to literally feed off of their hosts, draining their bodies of Light and creating automatons who could then be controlled by the leaders of the Dark Forces (Orion Empire) as soldiers against the Pleiadian and Allied forces (the earliest beginnings of the Galactic Federation of Light. Entities are very real and entity-possession often is the real reason behind sudden personality changes in certain people, especially if they are drinkers, abuse drugs, or smoke. Addictions will create holes in the auric field which allow negative entities to take up residence and then begin to siphon off a person’s Light. Without Light in the body (soul essence) there is no connection to the Divine. Thus, such a person will become reactive and resistant to guidance. It is possible to recover from such an experience; I did so myself many years ago, but it takes personal effort and self-awareness. Plus, I had the assistance of a fine spiritual healer who did the initial clearing of the entity from my auric field. It was quite a lesson to learn as I lost my job during the whole experience and spent two weeks in a psych ward. No joke.

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