Finding Peace and Joy in 2021by Deborah | Feb 11, 2021


Dear Reader,

How are you doing? I thought I would share the message below with you because they may bring encouragement or help you in some way to find inner peace and a sense of contentment.

The Question

These words floated into my consciousness in answer to my questions: “What if I cannot control my thoughts / mind long enough to instil within me a sense of joy and peace? How will I ever be able to find the tranquility I crave without being able to sit in meditation for hours on end?? Am I doomed to failure in my hope to ascend/transcend this level of physicality?

The Answers

“I’m not saying that we have to go camp out in the forest or wilderness and become yogis and gurus in the practice of meditation. ….and master all the woo woo stuff lol!

I’m saying we have to stop living in fear.

Live in joy, appreciation for life, for the experience of life at this level of physicality.

Go into the Stillness of your Being often. This is the greatest gift you can offer yourself now.

Cultivate awareness. If your mind offers up a thought that is not in alignment with your Being, smile and let it go on its merry way. Don’t entertain it, if you choose you can say to it: It’s okay, I’m okay. In that way you’re accepting what is showing up rather than rejecting, and this is key to staying in that peaceful state of being where you are no longer choosing the role of victim, rather you’re becoming the creator of your beingness.

So don’t take your thoughts too seriously. Thoughts that are given your energy – attention/focus – are responsible for 99.9% of your suffering in the form of anxiety, uncertainty, depressive behavior, feelings of constriction, helplessness and powerlessness to create the reality of your choosing.”

Ironically (or not) I chose today to do a random reading on my other blog at and  I chose of course the 7 Energies cards. It’s such a beautiful deck, and I love the images. The message is also in alignment with the message received above.

Energy Update ~ What is happening now.

At this time of great change – enormous change – we are experiencing so much vulnerability because there is so much coming to the surface for clearance now. You may also be feeling great physical discomforts as well as emotional turmoil.

Some of you may find that suddenly in the past couple months your flow of abundance has been blocked.

Health issues are cropping up and it is easy to look on the downside and allow your mind to lead you astray into further encounters with fear.

So it is important to see beyond and stretch or expand your consciousness / awareness outside of the physical and into the Cosmic You – the Real You.

Simply by going within and having the intention to find inner Stillness you can expand your awareness outside of all of the chaos. Ironically it is not “outside” at all, but INSIDE that you will find that expanded Self.

Work on cultivating this expanded vision, it will help tremendously in establishing a peaceful state of being. The last card urges us to look for the magic. I tell you it is there! But you cannot see it when you are focused in your thoughts. Step into the magic of Life and live the life you were meant to live.

I urge you to do this and to give time to yourself to BE in the Stillness where all becomes clear and the veil of illusion becomes nothing more than that which it is.

I love you beyond measure!


~ Deborah Faith

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