A Message from Your Guides February 6, 2021 Beloveds, We ask that you recognize that all that is in your experience is a co-creation that you are partly responsible for creating. Those of you who know and own that can allow that awareness to help you navigate through troubled waters and flow easily and effortlessly through smooth waters. When you take responsibility for your part and are accountable for any erroneous choices, you pave the way for smoother sailing going forward. When you do not own your part and blame others or blame circumstances, you keep yourself small. Humanity is on the cusp of great changes and the more of you that are awake and aware that your choices effect the whole, the more conscious you will be of your choices and therefore, the more likely you will be to make higher and better choices. The more of you that are able to navigate well through troubled times, the more likely you are to achieve better outcomes. When all hands are on deck, doing their part, you will see and know how limitless you truly are individually and collectively. There will quickly come a time when people will break records more and more in many different ways. Technology will advance rapidly as suppression of new and not so new technologies by big industry and in some cases by government will cease. The open market will be more open than it has been for decades and fair trade will become the norm rather than the exceptional. There will be vast improvements in government oversight of industries and the government will become more transparent and accountable, acknowledging what does and does not work. There will be a great deal of improvement in local, county, state, and federal government due to exposure of wasteful spending, inefficiency, corruption, and systems in place that simply do not work. So much inefficiency in the workplace is due to lack of training. Someone who is trained how to do their job and how to do it specific to whatever company, agency, or industry they are working in is much more likely to do a good job, have a good attitude, feel confident in their work, get along well with others they work with, please customers, and for all these reasons increase profitability. That is the sustainable way to do things. This is true regardless of how skilled or unskilled the job is. Adequate training will become much more the norm partly due to assessments of new employees to meet them where they are rather than send them to new employee training regardless of how much experience they may have gained at another company. Employees who know more than those they work with through experience but are made to attend beginner training anyway start out disgruntled and unappreciated. Those who are acknowledged and appreciated for their know how feel it and know it and respond accordingly. Getting a business degree has become big industry when there is no substitute for experience. If you put someone in charge of a department or group of people and they have no real life work experience in that field, it is unlikely they will shine in that position. If someone works their way up, earning that leadership position through merit, they will be much more likely to be well liked and respected by all they work with at every level, and therefore a greater asset to whomever they work for. What we are saying is that the pendulum will swing back towards common sense which has been lacking in certain sectors. As people move back towards common sense, that will have a ripple effect throughout society. Employees will be more likely to be their own authority rather than carry out orders that don’t make sense. People will become more discerning which will lead to much less waste and inefficiency. As people feel empowered to do what makes sense, they will feel better in general and treat one another better. This will lead to greater kindness, empathy, compassion, mentorship, leadership, and good will – not only in the workplace but throughout society. As people feel better about themselves, their jobs, their relationships, their place in the world, they will have more energy and be able to accomplish more. As more gets done in less time due to greater efficiency, the work week will be shorter and there will be more time for leisure activities. Leisure time will be used more efficiently as well. This will increase inspiration, innovation, and expertise. There will be a renaissance such that arts, music, and all kinds of innovations will flourish. Beloveds, we highly recommend you begin thinking about the past-times that bring you joy. We encourage you to learn that language, pick up that instrument, allow yourself time in nature, take good care of yourself in all ways, move your body in whatever way pleases you, practice whatever pleases you. There is no time like the present. We are loving you powerfully Dear Ones. And so it is. The Collective of Guides Channeled by Salena Migeot


Message to the Truthseekers of Earth: Change is Upon YOU!

by Eliza Ayres

Message to the Truth-seekers of Earth: Change is Upon YOU!

Magenta Pixie

Walk forward with open eyes. Merge truth-seeking with inner knowing and look to the ‘hidden’ as it reveals itself. Message to the truth-seekers of Earth… Change is upon you.

Three different streams of information to inform the Truth-seekers:

  • clairvoyants, channelers, empathic intuitives, conduits, psychics
  • Whistleblowers and informants who have left the Control, focused on takedown of the Cabal
  • Emergency channels, organic Matrix of Light, reserved only for leaders within political arena

Empaths and channels… your own intuitive abilities will lead you to the true ones. Some people are plants and unreliable.

Informant and whistleblowers can present information to best of their abilities… discernment is needed.

The third stream is highly unlikely to be compromised. Use your empathic intuitive abilities on ALL information.

Each stream should be open to collaborate with other streams.

Be the Channel, intuitive empath, and psychic for yourself to strengthen your own alignment to discern and you will be guided to the Truth wherever it comes. Critical thinkers and empathic intuitives will see through the lies.

Chaotic distractions are designed to hide cabal-controlled programming. The cabal reach of influence is shrinking. Distraction technique doesn’t work as it once did (namely, ‘false flags’)

Arenas to look at: UFO mysteries, bioplasma, the Moon and the planets, the Sun, the comings and goings around the Sun, the frozen winter world, the preserved lands within Antarctica, finance/wealth/money

What has been hidden will come to Light, piece by piece…

Lightworkers who live in unity consciousness, remember your Sisters and Brothers… treat them with compassion.


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