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NorthPoint Astrology Journal
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February 1 to 7, 2021
by Pam Younghans
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AS FEBRUARY BEGINS, five of the ten main planets – plus the asteroid Pallas Athene – are in the sign of Aquarius. This means that the qualities of this air sign are more accessible now. Intuition is heightened, and we have a stronger ability to envision a new future. We are encouraged to cooperate with others to advance humanitarian causes, while also taking advantage of new and inventive ideas.
But all zodiac signs also have a shadow side. With Aquarian energies strong throughout the first half of the month, we may be feeling especially restless or impetuous. Mental excitement can disintegrate into nervousness or anxiety. The need for freedom and unique self-expression can manifest as rebelliousness without concern for its impact.
Some might become overly reclusive as they ride this Aquarian wave, leading to feelings of estrangement. And, since Aquarius is a fixed sign, with the keywords “I Know,” it is possible to be so sure that we know the answers, that we are unwilling to consider other opinions.
RETROGRADE MERCURY is one of the five planets currently in Aquarius, adding a few twists and turns to our already complicated road. While moving backward over the next three weeks, Mercury calls us more to introspection than to implementation. Instead of having a green light to move forward with all our progressive ideas, we are cautioned to take our time, not to proceed without truly sensing internally the best course of action.
All of these Aquarian potentials, both the light and the shadow, will be especially strong around the time of the New Moon on February 11. At that time, the Moon will also be in Aquarius, bringing the total number of planetary bodies in that sign to seven. Most significantly, all seven will be in hard square aspect to Uranus, Black Moon Lilith, and Mars in Taurus. More on that powerful Aquarius New Moon in next week’s Journal.
A SUN-MARS SQUARE occurs on Monday this week, but since the aspect perfects at 2:33 a.m. PST, it’s an energy that we’re already feeling on this Sunday, the day before. This is an aspect of frustration and irritation, as we try to stay calm while dealing with circumstances that trigger dissatisfaction or anger.
Mars is currently in Taurus, a sign motivated by a desire for peace, comfort, and beauty. To fulfill those needs, Taurus typically chooses to be in surroundings and conditions that feel relaxed and familiar. This is why Taurus the Bull can be stubbornly resistant to change, since change is by nature unfamiliar and uncomfortable at first.
The new ideas or solutions being offered by the Sun in Aquarius – or even the change in routines being suggested – can feel upsetting to Mars in Taurus. Those who are feeling compelled to do something not of their own choosing are easily provoked into anger. To be successfully navigated, this Sun-Mars square will require both great flexibility and patience as we begin the coming week – flexibility in allowing change to occur, and patience with the part of us that wants to dig in its heels and keep everything as it used to be.
VENUS, the planet named for the goddess of Love and Beauty, is very active this week, drawing our attention to concerns of the heart, as well as to issues involving our core values and material needs. Venus begins its three-week transit through social Aquarius on Monday, reminding us of our innate human need for friendship and community. During this transit, which lasts until Venus enters Pisces on February 25, we may also be more impulsive, original, or erratic in our choices of how we express love or spend our resources.
Venus has a few quiet days to begin the week, but soon encounters a string of challenges, starting on Thursday with a Venus-Neptune semisquare. The main caution with this minor hard aspect is to be aware of where we may either idealize another person or overestimate the value of something we want purchase. In other words, if you feel you may be wearing rose-colored glasses as you consider what you “love,” take a few minutes to ground and gain clarity before making an important decision.
OBJECTIVITY is much easier to access on Friday, when Venus conjoins Saturn late in the day (early Saturday in some parts of the world). This is an aspect that encourages us to realistically appraise that which we love, a process can feel a little cold and clinical in its ability to detach from emotional concerns.
A Venus-Saturn conjunction occurs once a year, and is the start of a new synodic cycle between the two planets. It represents an opportunity to set new intentions in the areas ruled by Venus – a time to make “New Year’s resolutions” in our relationships or in our money management. For some, it may be a time to deepen a commitment or to make a new investment. For others, it may be a realization of a truth that closes the door on what has been.
THE LOVE STORY doesn’t end there, however. In actuality, Venus is stepping into the complex energies of the Saturn-Uranus square, which will perfect for the first time on February 17. When Venus is exactly square Uranus late Saturday, decisions we’ve just made are again up in the air. This could be a time of “buyer’s remorse” if we’ve made a decision that doesn’t take all needs into account. With this influence, we may also observe ourselves or others acting more erratically or selfishly, without consideration for the long term.
The good news is that Venus is also in harmonious sextile aspect with Chiron on Saturday. While this influence is not as strong as the other aspects just described, it can help us to be kinder in our interactions, to understand the wounds that are behind our own and others’ selfishness, and to not take misbehaviors too personally.
INSIGHTS AND INTROSPECTION are on the agenda for next weekend, and no doubt we’ll have plenty to ponder, given events earlier in the week. These themes are strongest on Sunday, when Mercury will be conjunct the asteroid Pallas Athene.
Pallas Athene, as you may know, is one of my “favorites” of the solar system. This asteroid represents our capacity for great wisdom, insight, and healing, and seems able to bestow gifts in these areas, if we are open to receive. With this alignment occurring in Aquarius, we may be more than usually sensitive to energies while working with vibrational healing modalities.
There is also a very future-oriented theme to this Mercury-Athene conjunction, helping us receive ideas that will benefit humanity going forward. And, since Mercury is retrograde, the energies next Sunday are especially conducive to extra time spent in meditation or journaling, or perhaps channeling Higher Consciousness.
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IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: It’s something of a “brave new world” for you this year. A Jupiter transit of your Sun helps you take new risks based on an enhanced desire for new experiences and for a deeper understanding of your life’s meaning. You are more able this year to see life as a grand adventure, and to trust the search for wisdom as  your guide. Along the way, you will need to overcome a bit of resistance, both internally and externally, from parts of yourself and from people in your life who wish for you to be consistent or reliable. (Solar Return Sun square Mars, conjunct Pallas Athene, conjunct Jupiter)
In Gratitude and Light,
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Aspects of Note This Week
All times listed are Pacific Standard Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 8 hours. 
MON: Sun square Mars, Venus enters Aquarius
THU: Venus semiquare Neptune
FRI: Venus conjunct Saturn
SAT: Venus sextile Chiron, Venus square Uranus
SAT: Mercury conjunct Pallas Athene
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