The first invitation


The first invitation

by Love’s Beginning

“Turn that frown upside down.” You might hear this as encouragement to seek a relative opposite from a negative state. We invite you out of the bouncing back and forth between worldly opposites.

When we speak of upside down frowns, we are not speaking of a relative opposite to a worldly frown. We are speaking of the inversion of an entire frame of reference. It is generally thought that frowns are caused by worldly events and conditions. We invite you to think of frowns as choices. It is a choice for experience. The frown is just an aspect of a worldly drama–a drama that you chose. Recognizing the choice is very important for the inversion.

The inversion is this: World can’t cause world. Thought causes world. Thought causes experience. There are only two kinds of thoughts to hear. Thought from Spirit causes perception of reflections of peace. Thought from ego causes perception of reflections of strife and unease. The world follows the thoughts you accept. Time is for learning this, but you do not need a lot of time to learn this.

Words can point you away from the sight of a relative opposite to the unspeakable joy that is the shared identity of every being. Thoughts and words and images provided by Spirit can take you right past a worldly smile of satisfaction straight to the radiant and shared identity of all.

From your primary address, the radiant and shared identity of all, you can allow that unspeakable joy to radiate into the world you experience. Any thought of ego that you bring to this joy–it disappears into it, seen for the nothingness it is. No thought from ego can stop this joy from shining.

The first invitation is to allow that joy we Are to flow through you. The second invitation is to allow our Joy to flow through everyone you meet or think of. This is why we assist you in seeing all you call other as innocent conduits. If you all share one innocent mind, there is no taking over the mind of another. There is no going against the will of anyone called “else” if the will you all share is the same will. You simply become willing to see reflections of what truly Is in the world that seems to surround you, past all ego’s stories, which have become meaningless and irrelevant.

We give you a song that will help you see:

Thank you for allowing us (and that us includes all of you) to shine in reflections.

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash

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